10 Ways To Make Employees Productive

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In order to succeed, productivity remains the lifeblood of any company. If you could figure out how to make your employees more productive and efficient then you can significantly increase the profits of your company and may well become a major player in your category. It is very difficult to make employees productive and efficient but in today’s work environment when meeting deadlines and getting work done are extremely critical, it is very necessary and prudent to give enhanced attention to this area.

To keep your employees motivated, happy and at peak state for enhanced productivity and boosting performance take care of these few things:

1. Lead From The Front

People will follow you quite naturally if you have the personality that inspires them. For a motivated and inspired team, leader has to be charismatic. As a leader you should be able to show them a clear vision of where you want to go. Try to develop a culture that is collaborative and values each team member. It is vital that your team sees that you live the life you preach. Lead from the front and you will be amazed how the productivity can take a quantum jump. Be a visionary, show them the way and then quietly step aside and let them accomplish the tasks on their own.

2. Set Clear Goals

Most of the times employees are able to achieve remarkable things when they have clear goals to focus on. It is said, ‘you get what you focus on.’ Just take care that the goals for your employees are specific, measurable and with a timeline attached to it. The goals that you set for them should be realistic. They should not be too low that they don’t inspire them, at the same time they should not be too high that people think them to be too stiff and don’t find them attainable.

3. Make Them Feel Important

Take good care of your employees. As entrepreneur Richard Branson says, “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of clients.” When you take genuine interest in their interests and personal lives, they feel more like part of the big family and when employees are happy, they in turn will make all efforts to make company productive.

4. Make Them Feel Secure On The Job

Yes, it is one of the most neglected aspect of the corporate culture these days when profits for the shareholders are more important than the job security to own employees. But it is to be understood that the employees who feel secured and comfortable in their job; who know they have the back of their leaders are far more productive and innovative in their work. It is better to select candidates after due diligence rather than hiring and firing casually to the detriment of the company.

5. Acknowledge Good Efforts

The most productive employees are those who are happy and motivated. One of the most effective way to encourage your employees for their efforts is to acknowledge them and do it early. Once workers feel they are appreciated they will work with enhanced vigor. For rewarding people you may publicly recognize them or provide some financial incentive or a raise. Remember that deep down everyone wants to be appreciated and feel important and a true leader knows How To Motivate Your Employees. When you satisfy this need of the people, they develop a strong bond with the company and work with much more enthusiasm and conviction, which in turn leads to higher productivity and efficiency at the work place.

6. Focus On Ongoing Training

One of the strongest desire in all people is to grow and progress. Offer your employees the opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities by arranging coaching, courses, and workshops. This will also help the company as employees become more talented which brings more efficiency in working. Many organization tend to save on the expenses by not looking into this vital aspect of skill development, but this could backfire and make the workforce redundant over long period of time.

7. Give Feedback

For enhancing productivity it is important to give timely feedback. Develop a culture of periodic performance review, through which you can provide information to your employees about what they are doing right and what needs to be corrected. Keep the communication two way where you also ask your people about the areas where you can help. Show them that you are also open to critical feedback and value the opinion of your people.

8. Say No To Favoritism

Never ever let your employees think that they are not treated equally. A leader who has his favorites in the team will soon have a team which will be split on personal levels and soon it will reflect poorly on the productivity front.

9. Offer Them Life Balance

In today’s fast paced life everybody is stressed and if the office offers the employees an atmosphere or work conditions where they can find respite from such pressure, they are sure going to love it. Allow your employees some fixed number of days to work from home or flexible hours. Offer child care facilities and maternity benefits for the female staff. These steps have been proven to decrease absenteeism and improve productivity.

10. Equip Your Office Right

Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, correct supplies and decent everyday work equipment are some of the basic necessity that you need to take care of, to optimize the productivity of your office. Do not give your team any excuse to be inefficient. If the work atmosphere is airy, well lit and fresh, it creates a feeling of joy in the team. Output of such people is definitely going to be far better compared to others who work in some substandard office.

Only those employees go the extra mile for their customers and company who feel they are essential part of the team. When they are treated well, valued for their talents and given chances for growth, people get into an entirely different frame of positive mindset. This naturally helps to increase employee retention and increased efficiency in the company.

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