13 Things Mentally Strong People Do

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Habits have the power to make or break a person. We discuss here a few habits that mentally strong people possess:

1. They keep control

Mentally strong people always keep control on themselves. Life presents you with all kind of situations and only a mentally strong person can deal with them with a balanced approach. This doesn’t mean that one is a control freak rather the control is to be exercised by themselves on their emotions. If one doesn’t keep control on their emotions and is swayed by circumstances then they will never experience fulfillment and success.

2. They Embrace Change

Only thing that is constant in this world is change and only a strong person can be open to change. You must be ready to embrace change as and when it arises to have the life you always desired. Whether it is in your personal life or professional life, keep asking what’s next. Be ready and don’t fear change. Learn the new skills required to face new situations. Initially it may cause you difficulties but in long run it will make you grow as a person. As Bill Clinton said “the price of doing same old thing is far higher than the price of change.”

3. They Stay Happy

Life is the game of wins and losses, ups and down. A balanced person is one who has the ability to remain happy in all situations. Happiness is a choice and not a product of some situations. Happiness is contagious, if you remain happy then people around you will also be happy and that entire environment of happiness and positivity will make your life much more fulfilling and enriched.

4. They Take Calculated Risks

For innovation and enterprise one is required to take calculated risks. It is not being rash but taking a chance after careful estimation of probable outcomes. Only a mentally strong person can be willing to take risks. Those who don’t feel confident will want to remain in the comfort of familiarity but miss out the chances of growth and moving ahead in life.

5. They Live in Present

Life is happening now but many a time we find people living in their past or dreaming about future. They keep imagining how life would be if it had been different or how they will do in times to come. A mentally strong person realizes that he can’t change what has happened in past nor can he have full control of future. Living in present and adjusting ourselves as the time and situations change is the only way to move forward.

6. They Take Responsibility

People usually call themselves the product of their circumstances and put the blame on all things other than them. Whereas the mentally strong person will take full responsibility of their actions and behaviors. They believe in designing their life and never feel insecure.

7. They Celebrate Other’s Success

Some people are always reminded of their own shortcomings when they see the success of others. They become jealous of them because they are in habit of comparing, whereas if they decide to be inspired they can completely transform their life. Other’s success can make you aware of the possibilities that are presented to all.

8. They Are Willing To Fail

Are you willing to face your fear of failure. Failure is associated with fear, shame and rejection whereas failure is the stepping stone for innovation and achieving success. Nowhere in the history we find an example of a successful person who has not failed. Successful and strong people learn from their mistakes, change their approach and adapt accordingly. As renowned scientist Thomas Edison famously said “I have not failed but i have come up with 10000 things that do not work.”

9. They Enjoy Alone Time

Alone time with yourself is a very important element for your growth. You will recharge, get hold of your emotions and improve your productivity. Most of time we are caught up in daily grind of life and don’t think of various privileges we have enjoyed.

10. They Work Real Hard

Mentally strong people understand there is no substitute for sheer hard work. They burn the midnight oil when others are sleeping. They don’t believe in luck and rather make their luck by leaving no stone unturned. There are no shortcuts and there is no overnight success. Today people talk about smart work but any smart strategy requires a thorough action to be taken.

11. They are Persistent

To continue with your course of action in the face of all kind of adversity and opposition is the quality of persistence and tenacity. It is one quality of discipline that gives the people a distinct edge on their road to success.

12. They Tolerate Discomfort

On path of growth it is most likely to encounter problems that cause a great deal of discomfort to you. Many of us could not tolerate discomfort even for small amount of time. Whereas if we see successful people they always have their goals in mind and for fulfilling these they don’t hesitate to Embrace Discomfort for Growth. They understand that without facing discomfort they will not be able to grow to their limits.

13. They Focus On Productivity

Successful and mentally strong people know the difference between being busy and being productive. They always keep their focus on the outcomes and results of their tasks. They are capable to figure out the most important job at hand and avoid the distractions and then with single minded attention get on with it.

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