7 Inspiring Books to Read


WE are only limited by what we could imagine and nothing helps us increase our vision and imagination as a good book. Books are the treasure troves where we can dive and bring out the gems of life. Reading books can benefit us in some unimaginable ways. Books are fun, books are knowledge, books are uplifting and what not. Though… continue reading »

Steps to Easy Weight Loss


Weight gain or loss is a complicated mix of various factors like your genetic makeup, hormonal controls, dietary habits and the environmental factors like sleep, physical activity and stress. Any imbalance, these factors cause in energy equation will be finally reflected in your weight loss or gain. For weight loss primary requirement is to create an… continue reading »

7 Essentials of a Happy Life


Who doesn’t want to be happy in life? Happiness is the most pursued goal in anybody’s life. But where to look for it, and what to do? We have many examples of people around us who might be very wealthy or with celebrity status but still aren’t happy. Because happiness is not in some material possessions, financial… continue reading »

3 Qualities of an Effective Manager


True leaders and great managers in today’s workplace must instill a high performance mindset and at the same time create a culture whose foundation promotes teamwork and competitiveness for the advancement of the whole organization. They must earn the trust of their colleagues and inspire team unity. Best managers are always proactive and motivate each member of their team…. continue reading »

7 Dangers to Human Virtue

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Seven Social Sins or Dangers to human Virtue is a list that was first published by Mahatma Gandhi in his weekly newspaper Young India on October 22, 1925. Later he gave the same list to his grandson Arun Gandhi written on a piece of paper on their final day together shortly before his assassination. Gandhi also wrote… continue reading »



Do you have what it takes to be successful. As a matter of fact there can not be one or two qualities that are required to make a person successful, neither the scope of success could be limited to either of career, finance or relations only, rather success is a mindset where the individual is at… continue reading »

Happiness and Distress


One should be equal in both happiness and distress, always remain tolerant, satisfied, self-controlled and engaged in purpose beyond self with determination having mind and intelligence fixed on almighty. A conscious and motivated person is never disturbed in any circumstances.  He should neither feel envy, nor animosity towards anyone. He should be calm, quite and patient despite the… continue reading »