How to 10X Your Productivity

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Everybody has been provided 24 hours in a day by mother nature but still we find that some people manage to complete much more than most others. Mystery of this lies in being productive rather than remaining busy. To get more done at the end of each day gives a sense of accomplishment to the person…. continue reading »

10 Best Super Foods


When it comes to healthy eating it is best to consume a wholesome diet consisting of wide variety of fruits and vegetables. One should not expect some kind of miracle food but still there are some items in our diet that are better eating options than the rest. These fruits and vegetables, many a time… continue reading »

Decide Your Destiny

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A predetermined and inevitable course of events that is to happen in future or has happened to a person is Destiny. People say what is written in stars is your fate. The supreme power guides the events of our life. But if it is already decided can we do something about it? My view is yes. We may… continue reading »

13 Things Mentally Strong People Do

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Habits have the power to make or break a person. We discuss here a few habits that mentally strong people possess: 1. They keep control Mentally strong people always keep control on themselves. Life presents you with all kind of situations and only a mentally strong person can deal with them with a balanced approach. This doesn’t… continue reading »

How to make people like you

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Being likable is under your control and it can be cultivated by following some simple guidelines. To develop instant rapport and to be liked it requires that you develop some good conversation skills. Different people may have different approach towards this but there are a few common and general steps that you need to master to… continue reading »

7 Tips For A Bright Day

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Every morning marks the beginning of a new chapter of our life. Once we get to work in our busy life it is easy to get caught up with the routine and the stress it brings along with it. To fight this stress and make our day bright it’s important how we set tone for the… continue reading »

5 Keys for Effective Communication


One of the most essential and vital skills to possess is effective communication. All leaders and managers require to master this skill for success in their career. Communication is a two way process and you need to develop mastery in both speaking as well as listening to be a good communicator. As you go on to improve… continue reading »

9 Tips for Good Health

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Health is not only absence of disease but a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. As much as it depends on the individual genetic makeup, the lifestyle choices you make also affects your health quite a bit. There may be environmental factors also, over which we have little or no control. Mentioned below are few factors controlling… continue reading »

Golden rules by Warren Buffet

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Warren Buffet or Oracle of Omaha is an American investor, businessman and philanthropist. World over he is famous for his value investing principles and has ranked number two on the famous Forbe’s list for 15 continuous years. Despite having so much wealth he is famous for his frugal living and donating for charities. Even for his… continue reading »

8 Time Management Tips


Time is one of the most expensive assets that we have. All of us have been provided with 24 hours in a day and still we find that some people are able to do so much in a day while we struggle all through. The secret of this could be the difference in time management… continue reading »