How To Stay At The Top Of Your Game

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A leader who stand apart from the others is the one who works hard to acquire the skills necessary to stay at the top of his game. He understand the basic that it is hard to get to the top but it is even more difficult to stay there. To avoid his downfall and to remain a role model… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Gemini


Gemini is an air sign making these people extremely independent and energetic. They desire change and freedom more than anything else. Ruling planet Mercury makes them extremely intelligent and a reservoir of thoughts and ideas. Zodiac sign of Gemini commences on May 21st and continues until June 20th. It remains under the cusp of the… continue reading »

8 Things Happy Couples Do Daily

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There was a time when two of you were living in an altogether different world, a world which was painted red with love, a world of prince charming and princess beautiful. But after some time reality start taking it’s toll and you need to be conscious about cultivating a healthy and happy relation. Actually the real… continue reading »

Rags To Riches – Sam Walton

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Their life is the story of rise from streets to the corridors of power, from scarcity to abundance, from a nobody to height of fame, these are the people who have defied all odds to reach the pinnacle of success. We share today the inspiring story of rise from rags to riches of Wal-Mart founder Sam Walton. “Swim… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Taurus


Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. Their ruling planet is Venus, which make them sensual in nature and good at art. The second sign of zodiac, Taurus is the sign of patience, reliability and caring. It commences on April 20th and continues until May 20th. It remain under the… continue reading »

Commit To Growth

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We all have far greater potential in us then our current level of achievements. Everyone can grow into that person who they dream to be but very few take a step towards the path of growth. It is very unfortunate that most people will live the life of mediocrity by fearing pain of change rather than… continue reading »

9 Success Factors For Growth


Achieving the objectives or goals in your career can be extremely difficult if proper attention is not paid to some of the factors that are critical for success. These factors are to be carefully cultivated for accomplishing our missions in life: 1. Knowledge “An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin For success in life… continue reading »

Success Rules By Bill Gates


Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, US. He along with Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft which is the world’s largest software company. Gates has remained one of the largest shareholder of Microsoft until recently. He was included in Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world and has remained at the top… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Aries

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Aries by nature have a strong will power and a great obstinacy of purpose. They are born fighters who have upbeat and attractive personalities. They are energetic and adventurous. This is a sign of go getters and achievers. The zodiac sign of Aries is the first astrological sign. It commences on March 21st and remain in… continue reading »

Best Ways To Retain Your Good Employees


Retention of good employees is very crucial for the success of any business. Companies put in considerable efforts and expenses to hire these employees, train and induct them so it become equally important that management also maintain good retention practices. We need to understand that people do business with people and when efficient employees leave, it may result in… continue reading »