10 Ways To Make Employees Productive

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In order to succeed, productivity remains the lifeblood of any company. If you could figure out how to make your employees more productive and efficient then you can significantly increase the profits of your company and may well become a major player in your category. It is very difficult to make employees productive and efficient… continue reading »

How To Make Employees Accountable

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One of the most important aspect of management is to hold its employees accountable. If you are unable to hold employees accountable then be prepared to have a stagnancy in your business. For higher productivity in any organization responsibility has to be shared between all employees. Employees who are accountable will deliver on the commitments… continue reading »

6 Pillars of Successful Business

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All successful businesses are based on the solid foundations of age old principles. New ideas, commitment, attitude and perseverance are all very important for the success and growth of the organizations. In the context of the challenges faced today, we need to shun the easy steps and short cuts. Today is the time for us… continue reading »

Love Life Of Aquarius


Known as the house of dreamers and friendship, Aquarius born are shy and quiet but very energetic. They have deep feelings but are not very articulate and expressive about their emotions. They don’t rush into the relationship and tend to keep their lover at arm’s length. This may be their way to protect their feelings but it gives… continue reading »

Rags To Riches – Phil Knight

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“Play by the rules, but be ferocious” Born on February 24, 1938 in Portland, Oregon, Phil Knight is the founder of Nike. His success story is not exactly a typical rags to riches story. His father, Bill Knight was a publisher of Oregon journal and earned decent amount to raise his family providing all the… continue reading »

The Power of Persistence

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Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently – Henry Ford Successful people are usually blessed with many qualities but the most important among them is the quality of persistence. It requires that one remain on course even in the face of all adversities and opposition, not to be demoralized by any difficulties or hurdles…. continue reading »