Do you have what it takes to be successful. As a matter of fact there can not be one or two qualities that are required to make a person successful, neither the scope of success could be limited to either of career, finance or relations only, rather success is a mindset where the individual is at peace with the various facets of his or her life. Success is the journey it is not a destination. Following are some of the most important requirements for one to be successful

1. Persistence

One of the most important requisites for a successful life is the quality of persistence. It requires that one remain on course in spite of difficulties or opposition with complete dedication. Never give up is an old and wise saying. Keep pushing on the door and it will open.

2. Passion

“Follow your bliss and the universe will open doors for you where there were only walls.” – Joseph Campbell. It is said that if you really do what you like you will never require to go to work again, rather you will enjoy and produce best quality results. A man with great enthusiasm and deep striving emotions will produce only master pieces.

3. Don’t listen to little-man

We are all surrounded by people who silently discourage us and deprive us of the confidence, hope and spirit. They are always ready to deter you with all the objections in the world and would kill your dreams in the nascent stage. Successful people listen more to their own calling than to listen to the naysayers.

4. Risk taking

Risk by definition is potential of gaining or losing something of value. If you don’t take risks you won’t lose but also there won’t be any chance of gains. Come to think of it life itself is risky. In the twilight of your life you will be more sorry for the chances you didn’t take rather than the failures. Failures are the biggest teachers for any individual. It is said that if you have not failed then you are not dong anything worthwhile.

5. Focus on signal over noise

As famous Elon Musk once said “you must focus on signal over noise”, if you realize that doing something does not add value to the product or the job then drop that thing. Don’t follow the trend and have herd mentality but look for greater purpose and do something which will add value to people. If something is important then it must be done.

6. Be problem solver

Let’s be honest with ourselves, we inherently look for the problems rather than the solutions. A great leader will always face the problem rather than running away from it. An unattended problem will become a bigger ghost tomorrow.

7. Attract Great people

Remember none of us is smarter than all of us. Always attract great people for your work and if you are working for others than work for some one whom you honestly respect. People with greater intellect and better habits will force you to rise up to their level thus growing you as an individual.

8. Work super hard

There is simply no substitute for super hard work. As Tim Notke said “hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard.” Most of the time people excuse themselves from the rigors of the job and avoid the discipline of consistent hard work.

In the end I will say that work so hard that one day your signature become an autograph.

Wishing all of you a successful and blessed life.

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