8 Things Happy Couples Do Daily

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There was a time when two of you were living in an altogether different world, a world which was painted red with love, a world of prince charming and princess beautiful. But after some time reality start taking it’s toll and you need to be conscious about cultivating a healthy and happy relation. Actually the real relationship begins once the honeymoon is over. After a time of fairy tales you need to develop the coping skills to make your relation a happily ever after thing.

As a gardener works hard to keep his garden beautiful and free from weeds, so are you required to work hard on your relation. If left untended your relation will be overgrown by the weeds of unhealthy feelings and thoughts. Keep in mind that happiness is not dependent on the circumstances rather it is a choice. Learn to choose to react to trying situations wisely, understand what are the valuable things in your life and focus on the positives of your partner. Always keep in mind the good things about each other that brought you closer in the first place.

Remember that usually it is not the big things, but the little gestures and things that we do everyday that affects the quality of our relation, the most. We list here some of the most important daily habits of happy couples:

1. Communicate Regularly

Any relationship that gets even a hint of misunderstanding will start getting unhealthy, regular communication between couples develop a unique bond between them. With a conversation going on between you two, there is no chance left for any kind of misunderstanding and remember that if you have any apprehension, a better approach is to straight forwardly ask your partner about it.

Discuss your daily activities to grow intimacy. Appreciate the positives of your partner while leaving the negatives behind. Having a real conversation is a big stress buster after a hectic day which washes out your anxiety and makes you happy.

2. Grow Common Interests

It is a very natural tendency that after the initial phase of relationship passion will settle down. To maintain your excitement for each other it is vital that you develop some common interests. It is true that you are two different individuals who have their own likes and dislikes and this diversity provide a strength of it’s own to the relation. But you will be very happy when you share between you some common interests.

Enjoy each other’s company. Simple daily activities like cooking together or gardening will give you bonding time. Go on relaxing walks that give you time to communicate while sharing your interests.

3. Spend Some Time Together

This one is a no-brainer. Spend maximum time together, but as that is not very practically possible in today’s hectic lifestyle, make it a point to spend at least an hour daily in each other’s company. Go to movies or may be long drives to spend some quality time together. Even when you don’t have enough time at hand you can convert small simple things like grocery buying into a kind of personal time. Go out for lunch or dinner and save your cooking time and convert it into a date.

4. Go Physical

Sex is a connection that you share with your partner and that sure makes bond strong, but to go physical does not always necessarily means to have sex. It also means simple things like to go to bed at same time; to give innocent non sexual hugs and kisses and to hold hands like it was the first time you met. When we hug each other, there is release of ‘feel good’ hormone dopamine and ‘happy’ hormones serotonin and oxytocin. These neurotransmitters deeply relaxes you and also increase your bonding. Another health benefit of these is their positive effect on sleep-wake cycle and lowering sensitivity to pain.

5. Express Yourself

There is no doubt that it is vital to have honesty and love in your relation, but it is equally important to express those feelings to your partner. Never be miser in saying those three magic words ‘I Love You’. Most couples after the initial phase start taking their relationship for granted and it may cause loss of warmth in the relation though in their heart they still feel same as before. Keep in mind that until you express yourself nobody will understand you.

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6. Have A Sense Of Humor

Nobody wants to live in a serious relation. To have a sense of humor, could go on to be a big asset in taking your relationship to another level of happiness. It is a proven fact that cracking jokes can have a positive impact on your physical as well as emotional health. Laughing together increases love and bonding.

7. Say No To Distractions

When you are together make that time count by avoiding any kind of distractions specially those caused by social media or TV. Make a habit that when together, you will switch off your devices and give each other undivided attention.

8. Plan Your Future Together

Happy couples have optimism working for them. They understand that planning together makes bonds stronger. Understand that your relationship is built when you are together as one. Plan all aspects of your life whether it be having children, your career or buying a new house together, get your team work going. More you plan for future, more you grow in togetherness, trust, love and happiness.


Happy couples understand the basic that small gestures make big impact. It is not the pricier things but the valuable ones that provide happiness. With good understanding of their differences, they know how to balance their relation for common good.

Keep in mind that life is like a river and you will be at it’s mercy if you don’t steer towards the direction you want. For fulfillment in life you need to have happy relations and those will not be automatic, you need to work on them, feed them daily with these practices and you will be good to write your own story.

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