8 Ways to improve your Mood


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Mood by definition is a temporary state of mind or feeling. One can be in either positive or negative mood. Among the factors affecting mood, various brain chemicals like Dopamine, Serotonin, Oxytocin and Endorphin are responsible for your happiness. Good news is you can intentionally cause them to flow by any or all of the below mentioned factors:

1. Family

When you are feeling down, spend time with your family and surely your mood will brighten up. Your family members are the ones who are always there for you in the thick or thin of the things. Family members know us best and their company itself is very comforting. The affection and support that we get from family members is simply unmatched. The calm or experience of your parents, unconditional love of your spouse, caring of your siblings or reservoir of energy in your children could be great remedy to your bad mood.

2. Books

Books are your friends. Reading can transport you from from your stressed out reality to another world. Books which are spiritual or realistic in nature give you many other real life lessons and make you realize, how your problems are so insignificant. The good effect of the books on your mind lasts for a long period even after finishing reading.

3. Meditation and Gratitude

Bad mood, stress and anxiety in short term increases heart rate, blood pressure and induce release of hormone cortisol. Mindful meditation is a way that helps you to connect with your internal self and help the mind to quieten and lift your spirits.

Gratitude practices are reminders and mental pictures of all the good things you have experienced. Lot many times it is very common that one takes for granted what they have in life and don’t mindfully appreciate their blessings. Gratitude is thankful appreciation of what one has in his life. Gratitude helps people feel more positive emotions and good experiences, thus instantly uplifts the mood.

4. Exercise

Exercise is another sure remedy for your bad mood. Exercising releases several different chemicals like serotonin and endorphin in brain. Serotonin is a chemical that affects mood, sleep and appetite. At the same time meeting even small exercise goals can boost self confidence. Endorphins interact with the receptors in your brain that reduce perception of pain. More importantly exercise will divert your mind from negative thought to your present work out and lift your spirits in a very healthy way.

5. Friends

Friends are your strong backup in life. You become friends with like minded people so they will be able to relate more to your problems and bring you out of the trap. Spending time with friends will help you defeat unhappy thoughts. One can talk openly and candidly with friends on any issue and simple sharing of your problems will lower their burden. A simple reminder of all the happy time spent with friends is enough to bring a smile on the lips even on a bad day.

6. Community Service

Community Service or volunteering provides you with a sense of purpose in life. it is not only helpful to the people serviced but also immensely beneficial to you that it helps reduce stress and anxiety. With community service you connect with other people and bring fulfillment to your life. It has been scientifically proven that the more we give, the happier we feel. The sense of accomplishment, pride and identity we feel on doing good to others is simply unmatched and highly uplifting.

7. Music

Several studies have found that listening to music can relax you and boost your mood. Music has power to connect with your inner self and change your attitude. Music has a therapeutic effect on your mood.

8. Sleep

Sleep and mood are interconnected. Your mood is first thing to be affected when you don’t get adequate sleep. Long term sleep deficit increase the risk of mood disorder and anxiety. On the other hand if you are anxious, you will have difficulty falling sleep. One simple step could be to improve your sleep habits by improving the quality and quantity of sleep.

Given the complex link between our environment, mind and body relaxation can be very challenging but above factors influence your each moment and you can control them significantly by changing your lifestyle habits.

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