9 Tips for Good Health

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Health is not only absence of disease but a state of complete physical, mental and social well being. As much as it depends on the individual genetic makeup, the lifestyle choices you make also affects your health quite a bit. There may be environmental factors also, over which we have little or no control. Mentioned below are few factors controlling your health

1. Avoid Empty Calories or Junk Food

Empty calories means calories that our body get from food which otherwise offers little or no nutritional values. These are usually food with lots of sugar or solid fats. Food like soda, carbonated drinks or food full of trans fats are main culprit of these empty calories. Avoiding empty calories can go a big way in keeping us healthy. Try to replace the junk food with food which is more rich in nutrients and fiber.

2. Exercise

Benefits of exercising on our health is no secret. It is a great way to feel better and improve health.  A simple walk for half an hour a day can be beneficial for heart. Aerobic exercises and weight training help prevent any excess weight gain and a quick session in a gym can make us even more energetic. Another advantage will be in form of better sleep quality.  Exercise also helps us to get a quick mood lift and make us happy. Also see benefit of exercise in 8 Ways to improve your Mood

3. Water

A great health tip is to maintain your fluid balance. Our body is majorly composed of water, which serves many important functions like maintenance of body temperature, transportation of nutrients among others. Water balance in body is maintained by kidneys by absorbing back or excreting in form of urine, so if your intake is adequate, it will be beneficial for your kidneys also. If you want to lose some weight, water intake can be helpful in doing so. Refer Steps to Easy Weight Loss and the role of water in it. Water will also greatly benefit your bowel movements and keep your skin young and healthy.

4. Green Tea

Green tea is practically calorie free but very rich in antioxidants. Green tea consumption is said to be associated with reduced risk of stroke and cardiovascular diseases. It also increases the metabolic rate and can be helpful for weight loss. Caffeine contents in green tea act as stimulant. Some studies have also related it with inhibition of virus and bacteria thereby lowering the risk of infections. A cup of green tea daily will go a long way in improving your health and immunity.

5. Mental Break

Beside physical health your mental health is also of paramount importance. In your daily routine take some time out for yourself and the activities you like. Keep in mind the age old wisdom ‘all work and no play makes jack a dull boy’. Not getting mental breaks during your days will be a big reason for stress and if you don’t control stress in your life, it can make you ill. Include consciously some time for relaxation in your daily schedule.

6. Gratitude

We humans are emotional creatures and one of most powerful emotion is gratitude. Thanking God for all what you have can have a magical effect on your physical and emotional health. Studies have shown gratitude reduces stress and help overcome trauma. Practicing gratitude is also highly motivating and fills you with positivity and energy. Being thankful to your relations or co-workers makes you more social and improves inter-personal relations.

7. Laughter

As is said laughter is best medicine. A hearty laugh relaxes your body and relieves stress immediately. Body experiences ‘endorphin rush’ when we have a good laugh, and endorphins are feel-good chemicals having natural pain and stress fighting capability. Laughter boosts immunity and improves your resistance to diseases. Besides physical benefits, laughing also has mental health benefits like lowering tension and improving mood.

8. Meditation

Best practice for our mental health and feeling of peace is meditation. Even when we are resting, our mind is always preoccupied with one thing or other. Meditation is taking back control of our mind and thoughts. Meditation makes the mind calm and provide inner strength. It gives a sense of comfort and stability.

9. Sleep

Adequate sleep is of paramount importance for healthy lifestyle. Healthy brain function and emotional well being are closely related to proper sleep. Sleep deficiency makes decision making and problem solving very difficult and is linked to depression. Sleep is responsible for healthy immune system. As far as physical health is concerned sleep deficiency may cause hormonal imbalance, increases risk of obesity and heart diseases.

Achieving and maintaining health is an ongoing process and there could be various other means to stay healthy and fit. Follow these few practices or find some others, those which serve you better. Keep in mind, no amount of money or possessions will be able to make you happy but only your health and fitness.

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