About Me

Goal is to remain equal in both happiness and distress

  • We love to inspire for positive and beautiful life and belief in DESTINY
  • OUR MOTTO : Strength doesn’t come from winning, your struggles develop your strength. Stay MOTIVATED through your struggle.

Hello, I am Arun Sharma, founder of Wisdom Pearls. My passion in life is learning leadership skills and to share with others whatever little I know.

By education I am a Graduate in Pharmacy from a prestigious institution. I have worked 25 years in the pharma field and also own a business of pharmaceuticals promotion. In course of fulfilling my professional obligations I developed the flair of coaching my team members and Wisdom Pearls is an attempt to continue the same for bigger audience.

I am an avid reader and have diverse interests from astrology to psychology to spirituality. I have also written a book on Astrology highlighting various personality traits of the zodiac signs. If interested you can get it at:

I can be reached at:
: sharma.arun1970@gmail.com : @arunsharma1970 : https://www.facebook.com/wisdompearlss/ : @wisdompearlss