Personality Traits Of Taurus


Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. Their ruling planet is Venus, which make them sensual in nature and good at art. The second sign of zodiac, Taurus is the sign of patience, reliability and caring. It commences on April 20th and continues until May 20th. It remain under the… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Aries

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Aries by nature have a strong will power and a great obstinacy of purpose. They are born fighters who have upbeat and attractive personalities. They are energetic and adventurous. This is a sign of go getters and achievers. The zodiac sign of Aries is the first astrological sign. It commences on March 21st and remain in… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Pisces


Pisces by nature are generous and are great respecter of customs and traditions. They have a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study. Pisces absorb knowledge especially about history, travel and research quite easily. The zodiac sign of Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign. It commences on February 20th and remain in strength… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Aquarius


The eleventh house or the zodiac sign of Aquarius commences on January 21st and remain in strength until February 19th. From January 21st till  January 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of the previous sign and comes into full strength only after that. It is known as the house of dreamers and friendship. Aquarius born are shy… continue reading »

Personality Traits Of Capricorn


January people belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn which is from December 21st to January 20th and cusp of incoming sign Aquarius. The power oriented constellation of Capricorn has planet of tough lessons and wisdom, Saturn as it’s ruling planet. The astrological symbol for them is Goat. People born under this sign have a strong… continue reading »