Personality Traits Of Taurus


Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. Their ruling planet is Venus, which make them sensual in nature and good at art. The second sign of zodiac, Taurus is the sign of patience, reliability and caring. It commences on April 20th and continues until May 20th. It remain under the cusp of the previous sign from April 20th to April 27th and comes in full strength after that.

Taurus has the curious power of dominating others and are often called stiff-necked and obstinate. They are very unyielding in determination and have a tremendous physical and mental power of endurance. The ‘Bull’ can pass through enormous strains of fatigue, working in the areas where they are enthusiastic. It’s a sign of earth and is very stable and rooted. Taurus is very reliable, practical, polite and down to earth.

Bulls have a penchant for acquiring materialistic things. They are generally well dressed, look good and are usually considered richer than they really are. They also make wonderful hosts and hostesses.


Because of their determination and patience they are the dependable ones in the office. They have good business intuition with which they rise up the ladder and make excellent directors. They are good with finances that make them good employee in banks and financial institutions. Taurus have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and color. They have an artistic streak in them and often gain success in music, poetry, literary works and art.

With there traits of persistence and hard work they make excellent public servants or heads in business, but they are governed by their sensation and because of their love for pleasure they are unable to make best use of their gifts. They are aggressive in nature and get angry quickly, this may affect there professional relations. A Taurus boss is no nonsense authority figure who at time is even feared by his employees. Another negative for them is that they tend to be lazy so they are best suited for the jobs which can keep them excited, in that case they will work with great determination and focus.


Taurus are generous to the last degree and will make any sacrifice for person they care for. They are very straight forward and honest with people. Playing games in relations is not their cup of tea. As a father they are quite traditionalist and give little space to their children. They want their children to imbibe values and see the world from their viewpoint. Taurus mother will be very possessive and could at time be imposing her thoughts and values on her children.

Their negative traits of being stubborn and lazy may adversely affect their relations to some extent. They can get angry quite quickly that may cause some concern among family members. But deep in the heart they will always be very loyal and caring.


Taurus have a conservative approach towards their relations, they don’t rush into things. For their own benefit they should not marry early. When choosing partner they remain rooted to traditions and want to form bond with someone from similar social backgrounds. Reliability is one of key concern for them in their partner because they themselves are very loyal and they want a rock solid relationship. When in love they are most yielding and pliable.

But Taurus can be easily misled by their emotions or sensations. They are jealous in disposition and can act violently if their values are ignored. They are not very good at dealing with stress, so when tense they can drive their partners crazy. It is advised that they should decide on any important thing when they are alone, as they may be swayed too easily by other’s opinions.


Taurus make most faithful loyal friends and their most lasting friendships are with Virgo and Aquarius people. They will be a pillar of strength for their friends in need. Due to their nature they take their own time to develop faith on someone and their circle of friends in whom they can confide will always be small, but for these people they will be prepared to do just about anything. Taurus is the one, you can count on no matter what the matter is.


These people have splendid constitution and are the real bulls with great stamina and endurance. Due to their love for everything materialistic and sensuous they love to have rich food and wine and may over indulge in it. This may lead to their gaining weight and getting associated problems. The bulls usually suffer from health problems related to the throat, nasal cavities and upper part of lungs. They need to be wary of skeletal system problems like rheumatism.

Taurus Overview

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: Bull

Lucky Colors: All shades of Blue, Earth Tones

Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky Stones: Emeralds, Turquoises

Some Famous Personalities: Harry S. Truman, Queen Victoria, Mark Zuckerberg, Bing Crosby, Leonardo Da Vinci, David Beckham, William Shakespeare

Positive Qualities: Generous, Dependable, Patient, Ambitious, Sensual

Negative Qualities: Stubborn, Self Indulgent, Lazy, Jealous, Materialistic

Taurus is one of the most practical sign of the zodiac. They are strong, powerful and determined. Being an earth sign they are highly rooted and always love to be on familiar grounds. They don’t like change and experimenting or innovation are not cut out for them. In relations they are conservative but dependable that is why people look up to them as they can take good care of relations. Their liking to go by the book and traditions make them stubborn and if anyone close to them do not follow that, they get angry.

Bulls by nature are materialistic and have a love for the riches but they are not lavish spenders. They will always save for the rainy day. Taurus will be able to rise high up the success ladder and do very well in relationships if they can control there emotions of aggression and anger.

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Personality Traits Of Aries


Aries by nature have a strong will power and a great obstinacy of purpose. They are born fighters who have upbeat and attractive personalities. They are energetic and adventurous. This is a sign of go getters and achievers. The zodiac sign of Aries is the first astrological sign. It commences on March 21st and remain in strength until April 19th. From March 21st till March 27th it remain overlapped by the cusp of the previous sign and comes in full strength after that.

Aries are dominating personalities and do not like to take orders from others. Though they are very enthusiastic and optimistic, they are also very impatient and impulsive so if they don’t like something they will leave it in between. They in fact are quite child like as they don’t see anything beyond them. They want the world to revolve around them. Ruling planet Mars give these people their aggressiveness and fighting abilities.



People born under Aries sign have greatest ability as organizers on a large scale. They have contagious energy and are always looking for speed and action. They will follow their dreams and goals with strong determination. They are intensely independent in work and like to do it in their own way. Aries don’t like interference in their jobs. Because they are almost self obsessed, they resent all criticism and would accept it only with great logic, reason and with proof of their shortcomings.

With their strong personality and abilities they can reach any height of material success and power, but are required to keep their head. Aries are inclined towards praise and flattery. They are also notorious for not finishing what they start because they have low tolerance of boredom and are impatient. They want to gain success immediately otherwise they loose interest and give up.

To them greatest happiness comes from work and overtaking obstacles. Aries are enormously ambitious. They generally succeed in business and amass money and position in their life.


Aries are frank, outspoken and dominant but underneath their strong personality lies their insecurities. They crave for affection and sympathy. Aries make a dominating father and impose their likes and dislikes on children. Still they give their children enough space to let their natural talent bloom. Same way an Aries mother is dominating in nature and will be very strict. In order to be protective she will spoon feed her children.

Aries are rarely wild and rebellious but they are aggressive to the point that they maintain their independence and find it difficult to adjust with others that’s why many a time they are unhappy in domestic life but deep inside they remain rooted.


Aries women is strong and independent. She look for long term relationship and is not flirtatious. She has from inside a great need for love and passion but won’t allow a man to be her master. She believes in equal relationship and encourages and give strength to her partner. As much as she wants her independence, she also like to give sufficient space and time to her partner.

Aries men on the other hand love strong paced adventure filled life. He has a dominant personality who likes to take control. But usually men suffer through their affection as they seldom adjust and find it difficult to understand women. Aries by nature are possessive and if they feel they are not getting proper attention from their partner they can be quite jealous. This is a sign which is faithful and loyal to their partner and in return always seek support and tenderness from them.


Aries make long lasting friendship with Aries or Leo as they look out for friends who are caring and generous in nature. Friendship with them will be warm. They like to help their friends and will encourage them to achieve greater heights. In problems they will stand along with their friends but again in friendship also they don’t want to be challenged. If confronted they may turn very childish and fight back. They are prone to throw temper tantrums at others.


Aries have a very strong constitution and if faced with health challenges they have an incredible power of recovery. As they are extremely focused for achievement of their goals, they usually overwork their brains. They will face maximum health problems associated with the head. Headache and trouble with eyes is common to them. They may also face eruption on face or head. Aries because of their aggressive nature, throw caution to winds and get into fights. They are liable to get cuts and wounds in head. Danger from fire is also presented to the Aries.

Aries Overview

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Mars

Symbol: Ram

Lucky Colors: Red, Crimson and Pink. When they are ill all shades of Blue or Violet will be soothing to them.

Lucky Numbers: 9,18,27,36

Lucky Day: Tuesday

Lucky Stones: Rubies, Garnets and Bloodstones

Some Famous Personalities: David Frost, Adolf Hitler, Shakespeare, Ravi Shankar, Charlie Chaplin, Al Gore

Positive Qualities: Independent, Optimistic, Enthusiastic, Self-confident and Courageous.

Negative Qualities: Moody, Impulsive, Impatient, Irritable and Short Tempered.

Aries, the first zodiac sign people want to live adventurous life and like to be center of attention. They always see themselves first, like to project their personality on others and can be very self oriented. They are very impulsive, usually they don’t think before acting or speaking. They will speaks whatever comes to their mind because of which they find themselves in difficult position.

Aries also lack caution. They want a fast paced life filled with adventures. Chase is what drives them whether that be in business goals or relationships. They don’t like monotony, if there is no excitement they will leave the task in between or get disinterested in the relation. They are impatient and desire to peek into the future. To keep them motivated and interested their should always be a higher goal for them to achieve. In that case they will love the game of business and life. They always like to be a leader and are never satisfied in subordinate roles.

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Personality Traits Of Pisces


Pisces by nature are generous and are great respecter of customs and traditions. They have a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study. Pisces absorb knowledge especially about history, travel and research quite easily. The zodiac sign of Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign. It commences on February 20th and remain in strength until March 20th. From February 20th till February 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of previous sign and comes into full strength only after that.

Pisces have a general dislike of dependence on others that is why they are usually cautious and at time over anxious about money matters and future. The ruling planet Neptune makes these people more intuitive then others and with artistic bend of mind.


People born under Pisces sign are very persistent and generally rise up to position of trust and responsibility. They are problem solver and make good researchers. But their primary traits make them more suitable and natural in creative fields. They are born performers. They become very good artists, musician or earn fame in literary world. Leadership positions though are not for them because they lack self discipline and self confidence. Pisces require encouragement for fulfilling their great potential and if they find purpose they can rise to occasion like no other sign.

Pisces have a dual element to their nature. Though they are extremely gifted in creative fields most of them will find easy way out and become lazy. In their heart they don’t give much importance to money but still quite often they will go back on promises. On one hand they could be inclined to gratify their sense of luxury and be self indulgent, on the other they could be very miserly. But they need to exercise caution to not let their negative side dominate otherwise they could be quite reckless with money and may be addicted to drugs or drinks.


This is a compassionate sign. Pisces in general are caring. Because of their creative nature they are very expressive and would want their family members to be the same. People close to them should take care about their sensitive nature otherwise they can turn moody and can get hurt easily by others. Most vital for them in all relationship is heart to heart communication.


Beside being very compassionate and caring, Pisces are also very faithful. They possess great fidelity and loyalty. They are usually very gentle but at some time may become quite obsessive. They don’t take kindly to rejection. When in a relation they will be deeply connected with their partner and the superficial flings are not for them. They will be caring and generous lover who like to shower their loved ones with gifts. A dominant partner will be better suited for them because that will keep them rooted and away from their habit of getting involved in vices.


Pisces have a great loyalty to friends. They are easy going and adapt easily to others. Due to their inherent quality of understanding they get to know what their friends need. At such times they will stand rock solid with their friends and will help them to best of their abilities. They feel so attached with the problems their friends are facing that at times they themselves get into troubles in the process of helping them. Pisces are socially popular, exciting and caring. They don’t get involved in arguments and friendship with them can be very fulfilling. Their most enduring friendship is with people of Cancer zodiac.


Pisces usually have delicate health. They may suffer from nerves problems, insomnia and despondency. Because of their dual nature of remaining dreamy and sensitive, they are prone to addictions and bad eating habits. Health problems of poor circulation and anemia are common to Pisces. Intestinal problems are also very common to them. They may take care of their health if they keep control on their emotions. They are inclined to brood over health matters and perceive the problems bigger than they actually are. For best health and spirit they should live in bright, sunny, dry climate and take their exercises seriously.

Pisces Overview

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Fish

Lucky Colours: Mauve, Violet and Purple

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Stones: Agates, Sapphires, Emeralds

Some Famous Personalities:  Joseph Jefferson, George Pullman, Michael Angelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Justin Bieber

Positive Qualities: Compassionate, Intuitive, Loyal, Artistic and Imaginative.

Negative Qualities: Emotional, Escapist, Unmotivated, Unreliable and Fearful.

Pisces are generally fond of sea and water and can make excellent sea captain and sailors. They may be good in dealing with shipping and trade with other countries. They also have a unique mystical side to their nature. They are superstitious and occult believers. One of the biggest limitation in Pisces is their sensitiveness. This may get them distracted from their path and make some grave errors and fall in the trap of self pity. They may get addicted to drinks or gambling. If they overcome this emotional side then there is no position in life that they could not achieve.

Friendly Pisces are very selfless and have a great strength of character. They need an anchor, a guiding person in their life who can keep them rooted and motivate to utilize their inherent intuitive nature and imagination in positive and productive manner.

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Personality Traits Of Aquarius


The eleventh house or the zodiac sign of Aquarius commences on January 21st and remain in strength until February 19th. From January 21st till  January 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of the previous sign and comes into full strength only after that. It is known as the house of dreamers and friendship. Aquarius born are shy and quiet but they are very energetic. People born under this sign are humanitarians and remain quite active for social cause. They readily give to relieve distress of others.

The ruling planet Uranus give these people great intuitive skills but may also give them some eccentric side. They love to socialize and are pretty good at networking. They love to be surrounded with people and are devoted friends. At the same time they read character instinctively and thereby can ‘see through’ people easily.


They are very good reasoners and have a scientific turn of mind. They have great vision and imagination. These qualities allow them to become great inventors, scientists, researchers or to be good in the field of business and finance. Because of intellectual bend of mind they are successful in debate and have great interest in public meetings.

Aquarius people require their freedom at work and they want their work atmosphere to be intellectually engaging where they could have satisfaction of application of their abilities. They typically are not suitable for a routine 9 to 5 job. If there is no mental stimulation they are not motivated at the job.

But because of their being oversensitive and temperamental nature they are inclined in normal circumstances to let opportunities slip by or realize when it is too late. In general they are more successful for others than they are for themselves.


Aquarius are free spirited and they get tremendous stress if they do not get adequate space and liberty. In family relations Aquarius person will be quite frank with their children and give them complete freedom. Same way with the older generation they will be quite sincere,  but will demand their fair share of freedom and equality. They are not very demonstrative in affection but from the inside they are very faithful.


Relation for Aquarius is as much a mental thing as much it is physical. Intellectual stimulation keep them interested. They are very honest and sincere in relation. If you are in love with an Aquarius person then it is important that you take interest in their pastimes and interests. Do not push the relation and allow it to mature over time. Aquarius develop trust slowly over time that is why till they don’t feel comfortable they may seem just cold and detached.


Aquarius have a unique social charm and have a lot of friends. In general they are amiable and cheery. Because of their nature to help others, they will always stand by their friends in the time of need. Aquarius friends are extremely faithful and compassionate. From the outside most of the times they seem quite frank and jovial but inside they are quite oversensitive and many a time they feel lonely in life. They get comfortable and compatible with people born under the sun signs of Gemini or Libra.


They many a time overlook health, remaining concerned with what the world requires of them. They should take time out to fulfill their emotional needs. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles. They are prone to have arthritis and have weak bone structure. They need to take care against fractures or other bone injuries. They suffer most from stomach, often through the nerves of the stomach. Aquarius may also suffer with bad circulation issues and the resultant problems like hypertension, peripheral artery diseases or heart diseases.


Aquarius Overview

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Symbol: Water glyph (The water bearer)

Lucky Colours: Light Blue and Grey

Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Stones: Saffires, Pink Topazes

Some Famous Personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin

Positive Qualities: Leadership skills, Scientific temperament, Cooperative, Faithful.

Negative Qualities: Inconsistent, Detached, Eccentric, Unemotional.

Aquarius see world as full of possibilities. They believe in innovation and intellect of people. They have pleasant personality and have a large social circle. They have good vision to see into the future and to do the deep thinking, so required, they relish there alone time. But Aquarius can also be very sensitive and thus rarely get attached to their relationships. They are rebellious in nature and remain uncompromising for their freedom and liberty. Frequent change is not to their liking and they prefer the company of people who are intelligent and witty just like them.

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Personality Traits Of Capricorn


January people belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn which is from December 21st to January 20th and cusp of incoming sign Aquarius. The power oriented constellation of Capricorn has planet of tough lessons and wisdom, Saturn as it’s ruling planet. The astrological symbol for them is Goat.

People born under this sign have a strong mental force and have great motivation to succeed. This is the most goal oriented sign of the zodiac and they take everything from career to personal relations as a serious business. Nothing comes to them easily but like the goat slowly and against all odds they climb towards the peak.


January people are great thinkers and make natural heads of business organisations. They are ambitious so either they will lead the group or not be it’s part at all. Capricorns are fiercely independent and normally shoulder the burden alone. They are workaholics and extremely focused on their professional goals. They could single handedly complete any job and because of their extreme capabilities find it difficult to trust others easily. Though they are quite bossy but because they have good understanding of interpersonal relations, they continue to remain quite popular in their circle.

Capricorn have a strong architectural or mathematical ability, because of this they are quite adept in investing. They have a strong affinity for material and financial stability.

Owing to their organizational skills, patience and hard working nature they are suitable for any career but ideal career choices for Capricorn could be either in computers, electronics, banking, finance or managerial consultant.


They have a very strong sense of responsibility right from their childhood. They are keen to own up their responsibilities and fulfill the aspirations of people. If you belong to this sign then you are the ‘rock’ that your family relies on. Capricorn person is extremely protective of his family and friends. They have a warm heart not only for own people but in general towards other’s sufferings. January people are inclined to give liberally to charities.


Love is very important to Capricorn and it is all about bonds, responsibility and stability. They have a soft and gentle side to them hidden inside a hard and stern outer look. They take their own time to open up and show their passion and charm. They are self made, highly ambitious, attracted to power and success and may marry into wealth. They rarely go into some flirtatious relationships.


Capricorn worship intellectual and clever people. They are person of action, not words and make compassionate friends who willingly tackle other’s problems. A Capricorn will remain very sympathetic, caring and helpful to his friends. They get along nicely with people under the signs of Cancer and Virgo.

January people love party and adventure. They crack jokes at the drop of a hat and their sense of humor is a class apart. Capricorn men are among the wittiest people around and they know how to make others happy.


January people tend towards longevity and they seem to defy old age. They retain remarkably youthful appearance and seems to get younger by the day. On health front Capricorn is linked to the skeleton and bones, the knees, joints, skin and scalp. They generally seem to suffer from indigestion, joints and bones problems, tooth decay. If you belong to this sun sign then consume a diet which is high in protein and calcium to keep your skin, bones and teeth in perfect condition.

Capricorn Overview

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: Goat

Lucky Colours: All tones of grey, violet and purple

Lucky Number: 2, 4 and 8

Lucky Day: Saturday

Some Famous Personalities: Rudyard Kipling, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Swami Vivekanand, Jim Carrey, Richard Nixon, Oprah Winfrey

Positive Qualities: Wise, Cautious, Positive, Ambitious, Resourceful

Negative Qualities and Traits: Jealous, Selfish, Dictatorial, Discontent, Prone to depression.

Capricorn are very ambitious people and they tend to get what they want because they are very patient and good planners. They like to remain in control of their surroundings as well as their relations. They are hesitant in showing their emotions and opens to others only after taking their time. If you are born under this sun sign then in a nutshell you are responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful and a loyal person.