How To Maintain Positive Attitude


For achieving any worthwhile success, maintaining a positive mental attitude is the most critical requirement. Positive attitude will let you do everything better than you could do with a negative attitude. Positive attitude will make you more resilient and happy. Even various medical studies have proven that the quality and duration of life is better for positive… continue reading »

Zero Calorie Foods For Great Health

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Well technically speaking there is nothing like zero calorie food in real world but we do have certain foods that have very low calories. These foods are often called zero calorie foods because the amount of energy required to metabolize them is more than the calories they provide. In effect these foods will provide very low caloric load… continue reading »

Aerobic Exercises For Weight Loss

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Most of us have been there, we want to lose weight and those few inches that we have accumulated on our waist over the years. We grab our shoes, go running, exercise furiously for a week or two, get all tired up and see no change on the weighing scale and rather than losing weight,… continue reading »

Best Slimming Foods


Looking to shed some weight? The only magic formula for this is to burn more calories than you consume. You have two options either to exercise and burn calories or watch your diet and consume less. A rational option would be to combine the both, but a basic guideline is that it is easy to… continue reading »

Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast


Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper is an old saying, and how true. Our body has gone without food for 10 to 12 hours during our sleep. To kick start our system and provide for depleting reserves of energy our breakfast is the most important meal of the… continue reading »

10 Best Super Foods


When it comes to healthy eating it is best to consume a wholesome diet consisting of wide variety of fruits and vegetables. One should not expect some kind of miracle food but still there are some items in our diet that are better eating options than the rest. These fruits and vegetables, many a time… continue reading »

Steps to Easy Weight Loss


Weight gain or loss is a complicated mix of various factors like your genetic makeup, hormonal controls, dietary habits and the environmental factors like sleep, physical activity and stress. Any imbalance, these factors cause in energy equation will be finally reflected in your weight loss or gain. For weight loss primary requirement is to create an… continue reading »