How To Maintain Positive Attitude

Happy Kid

For achieving any worthwhile success, maintaining a positive mental attitude is the most critical requirement. Positive attitude will let you do everything better than you could do with a negative attitude. Positive attitude will make you more resilient and happy. Even various medical studies have proven that the quality and duration of life is better for positive thinkers than those who are hopeless and have gloomy view of life. Though it may be difficult at time to maintain positive attitude when you are facing life challenges, but following tips may be helpful in doing so:

1. Enjoy Pleasure

You will do yourself a great favor once you realize that the little things are the big things. You will find that the best things in life that gives happiness to you are most often the small things we take for granted like time spent with the family, a good laugh with the friends, hugs and kisses from a loved one, a good night’s sleep and so on. Enjoy these pleasure in small things and don’t let them slip by. If you focus on these you will immediately feel bright and get in a positive frame of mind.

2. Practice Gratitude

Make it a habit to carry a gratitude journal. Don’t take the blessings that you have in your life for granted. Always write them down and relive the positive sensation whenever you feel down by reading it. It is a common human tendency that we tend to overlook many positive things and crib about one negative thing or event. So just practice gratitude and thank your creator for all other wonderful things that you have in your life.

3. Cultivate Mindfulness

Mindfulness is the practice when you focus on the present and accept whatever comes your way. Once you become mindful you work on development of skills in order to improve yourself to face the adverse events coming your way. By focusing on the present you are able to relieve yourself of the anxiety associated with the unknown events in future.

4. Retain A Sense Of Purpose

When there are some adverse events or you have some sense of loss it is vital that you retain your sense of purpose. Train your brain to accept that life is a mix of ups and downs, that everything just doesn’t work as per our wishes. Instead of being bogged down by the event try to focus on what you can control. Maintain your health and have regular exercise, regular sleep and healthy meals. Spend more time with family and friends. It is important to view life change as a challenge or opportunity to do something new.

5. Emphasize The Positive

As we have already talked about the habit of many people of overlooking many positives for a single negative. To maintain a positive attitude it is required that you consciously focus on the positive aspect. Have the desire and ability to bounce back from bad time. Actually it is only you who have to determine your reality, how you react to the outside world. The mental state that you are in decide how you perceive a thing as positive or negative, whether it is end or a new beginning. Make it a habit to emphasize the positive and you will be able to lift yourself to a level of higher happiness and productivity.

6. Start Your Day On A Strong Note

Just when you get up from sleep, be aware about your thoughts. Your morning thoughts can make or break the day. If you start with some kind of positive rituals by which you reinforce the blessings in your life, be hopeful about the future, inevitably you will have a rocking day. Your morning ritual can be as small as of 10 minutes but it will give your mind a positive direction. As it is said “well begun is half done.”

7. Do Some Exercise

One of the most effective and natural method to lift up your mood is to engage in some physical exercises. Follow up your morning ritual with a routine of exercise that help release into blood some mood elevating chemicals like dopamine and serotonin. These are the natural chemicals that give you a feeling of well being and you gain an added advantage of healthy body.

8. Saturate Your Brain With Positive

Negative emotions are like weeds. They do not require planting, nor do they ask for fertilizers. Whereas sweet flowers are slow and require care, like the positive emotions. It is absolutely necessary that you saturate your mind with positive material on a regular basis. This will ensure that slowly and gradually you will develop such a strong positive attitude that you will not be worried about small difficulties or adverse events. Stand gaurd at the door of your mind and don’t allow any garbage inside.

9. Hang Out With Positive People

We as social beings are greatly impacted by the company we have. It is said that you are hugely impacted in life by the 5 people with whom you spend most of your time. This holds good in the matter of attitude also. Positive attitude is contagious, so if you hang out with others who are happy and have a positive outlook, it will rub on to you too. This can be a great advantage at the time you are feeling bit down. Be careful that this holds true other way round also. You will have a bleak view of life if you hand out with toxic people with gloomy outlook. Make a judicious move and choose your friends wisely.

10. Visualize Positive Future

One of the most positive emotion is the feeling of hope. If you visualize your future in a positive manner, it will lift your mood even in the face of difficulties. Train your brain by giving positive affirmation and a bright future for a happy life. Let the hope of success and achievement; love and affection; fulfillment and joy turn you into a person who radiates positivity all the times.

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11. Watch Your Words

Words have the power to make or break anyone and that includes yourself. Watch out the vocabulary that you use on a consistent basis. If you speak words that are toxic or negative, it is but natural to have a feeling of unhappiness. Speak in a manner and the words that are self assuring and positive. This also include that little self-talk that goes on inside you. Do positive self-talk to boost your morale and attitude.

12. Re-energize Yourself

When you are all stressed up with a hectic lifestyle or have a deficient sleep pattern, it is next to impossible to have a positive attitude. Give equal importance to your eating and sleeping habits. Your body is not a machine, it needs rest and to refuel. Taking a small break or a weekend away from usual routine can do wonders for you. Spend some leisure time doing things that you love to re-energize yourself on a regular basis.

Finally I would say that in life when you develop the habit of accepting your limitations and minimizing the negative thoughts, you will be able to accomplish much more. More importantly you will be able to lead a more fulfilling life. Try out some or all of these habits and find a difference in the quality of life you live.

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Eliminate Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

What drives you? Have you ever given a thought on this? I believe our emotions are the primary driving force behind our behavior. Our feelings decide how we conduct ourselves, because depending on the most dominant emotions we are experiencing, our energy surges or diminishes. The same person who is overflowing with abundant energy due to positive emotions can be devoid of energy and drive when under the influence of negative emotions.

We are what we think and with our thinking we make our world, so in order to make our life beautiful, it is imperative that we develop positive thinking. Though all kinds of thoughts can take birth, we can train our brains to let only positive thoughts and emotions to take root. For increasing the quality of your life make conscious efforts to nip in bud the following negative emotions:

1. Fear

Fear is a very common emotion and can range from a less intense feeling of panic to dread to very intense terror. Fear in itself is a survival technique employed by the brain to avoid anticipated unpleasant situations. This is very much required feeling to prevent people from getting into dangerous situations and potential harm. It gives an indication to us to be more cautious.

You don’t have to ignore fear but unreasonable amount of fear will also prevent you from taking up challenges that are required for growth. Accept this feeling and prepare for the steps you need to take to deal with this situation effectively. Have faith and remember as Tony Robbins says “Most fears in life rarely come to fruition”.

2. Anger

Anger is a completely normal human emotion of annoyance or displeasure that is used as a protective mechanism to cover up fear or sadness. From a lower intensity irritation it may be as intense as rage. If fear would make a danger seem bigger than it actually is, anger does the opposite. It will make danger smaller and actions less risky and may lead to reckless behaviors.

You get angry when you want to stop the threatening behavior from outside or feel that your rules or standards are not being followed by others. By being angry you want to communicate to others about this violation and this aggression may at times be helpful if others have knowingly done the wrongs.

But you need to remember uncontrolled anger negatively affects the personal and social equations. You need to understand that what is violation of your personal standards could be perfectly normal for the other person or they might not have done it deliberately. Try to convey your feelings calmly and may be many would understand your view.

3. Frustration

Frustration is the feeling of being upset due to various roadblocks and difficulties in life. When we are unable to change or achieve something, circumstances that keep us away from our success despite our continuous efforts tend to make us frustrated.

Frustration is simply a more intense negative emotion than dissatisfaction which is very much required for personal growth. If we are complacent and satisfied about our current position in life then it will be a deterrent to improvements and growth.

When frustrated realize that this feeling is indicating to you that you need to change your ways to get results. Brainstorm, change your approach and take help of others who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Many a time we just need to step back and see all the possibilities from a different perspective  and we will be able to find solution to our challenges.

4. Sadness

At some point of time in our lives, we all experience the feeling of sadness. Failures, pain, disappointments and losses, all make us sad. Feeling of sadness tells us that what we were really going after will probably be never achieved, and now it is a time that we changed our goals. In such situations you need to keep in mind that if something is delayed, it doesn’t mean that it is denied.

Sadness is an important emotion that reminds us what matters to us. We realize the value of our goal and the pain that is associated when it is not fulfilled. We need to learn from the situation, chart a new route to achieve our goal or may be set an all-together new and higher goal.

A very big warning bell that is needed to be sounded out here is to differentiate sadness and depression. Depression is the most severe stage of sadness with associated feeling of being helpless and with nothing to look forward in life.

5. Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the worst negative feelings. This is the feeling that makes you feel alone and separate from others. It indicates that nobody cares for you. Loneliness is worst than severe poverty. You probably are missing your friends and have no company to share your achievements with.

Just change your thought pattern and see that there are caring people all around. Think carefully whether you are alone or lonely. Simplest steps that you can take to change your status is that you need to open up, reach out and connect with others around you.

At last we need to remember that all emotions are normal, healthy and required. These negative emotions make us more alive and make all our relations, achievements and possessions valuable. To deal with such negative emotions, it is required that we lower their intensity. Start thinking, ‘it’s just that you are in a state of bad mood and that these feelings are temporary’. To correct bad mood see: 8 Ways to improve your Mood

Offer your brain empowering messages about your emotions and change yourself. Start accepting your emotions consciously and realize that it is not very desirable to contradict any feelings. Remember when you suppress your negative emotions you lose the appreciation of your emotions of love, passion or desire. You need to value these so called negative feelings and at the same time not to dwell on them and feel victimized.

Finally keep in mind that emotions are like waves, they come and go back. Keep a check on them and they will provide beauty and meaning to life but if left unchecked they can be destructive. In the end YOU ARE THE MASTER.

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How To Have A Winning Attitude


You are the only person who will determine the outcome of your life. Whether you carry on in your life with a positive attitude, with hope for the future or with a negative attitude of complain, self doubt or hopelessness, it is entirely up to you. See yourself at peace with yourself, visualize your success even when you are striving towards it. As Zig Ziglar said, “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”

For success in business or life one requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but for me a positive and winning attitude is the most important requirement. When temporary failures and obstacles comes our way only with a strong positive mental attitude we will be able to march forward towards success and the majority will succumb to the difficulties and loose site of their goals. To reach the pinnacle of success in you life, starting today develop these qualities and attitude of winners:

1. Ask Powerful Questions

When hard times comes many people start wondering and get in a downward spiral of self pity and start questioning, why it is happening to them, why after all efforts they are unable to get what they want. Winners on the other hand ask different questions, what are the short comings in my efforts, what more can I do to achieve my goals, how can I improve  it further and when they ask such constructive and powerful questions, they come across new ways to get what they desire.

2. Take Responsibility

You will agree that most of the times majority will point the reason of failure towards outside . They will blame everything from bad season to weak economy, from high competition to unethical practices. But the winners have the attitude of accepting failure. They will take it as their responsibility. Once you stop whining about the reasons about which you can not do anything, you start looking for solutions. That is the path to success.

3. Focus on long term goals

Let’s accept the fact that no business or for that matter, the conditions in life remain constant or move in single direction. There will be time when you will be facing difficult circumstances and go off track. An important point to remember here is that you need to focus on your long term goals even when facing short term hiccups. If you focus on long term and work on solutions according to the larger vision surely you will be able to make amends and will not be side tracked. Vince Lombardi once said,“It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you are not a winner.”

4. Be a life long learner

In today’s competitive world the half life of any profession is not more than 3-4 years, meaning it requires continuous learning and innovation in the way you perform your functions. Fact is that 80% of people stop learning anything new after they get into their profession. Learn from every opportunity. Learning even a single new skill will offer so much of advantage to you that you may not even imagine right now. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary chit-chats or social networks, join some related course or go to a seminar and sharpen your saw. Winners have a habit of continuous learning and will possess bigger libraries than bigger TVs.

5. Learn to take risks

Many people are so averse to taking risk that they forfeit their chance of growth. They fear failures without realizing that there is no bigger teacher in life than failures. Taking calculated risks is a winner’s attitude that can take you a long way.

6. Always be Enthusiastic

To have a great positive outlook for the future is definitely a winner’s attitude. Many people surround themselves with negativity because of their failures of the past. They lack optimism in their vision and once someone loose hope for the future, they will never be able to achieve anything of consequence. To do our tasks with great enthusiasm with a belief that we will achieve our goals, and looking at the future with optimism is an attitude that only winners possess.

7. Appreciate the intangible

In the daily grind of things people start relating success with money or position alone. It is very important for you to notice the intangibles like peace in life, your health and family. People with the winning attitude realize that life is not all about money making and they understand what their real assets are.

8. See the gain, not the pain

Winners will always have a strong laser like focus on their goals and the gains that they are after, and they will leave no stone un-turned to design their destiny. On the other hand majority will get frightened with the sheer amount of hard work they need to put up to reach the top and will slip into mediocrity. There simply is no substitute of hard work. To stand up to the challenges and discipline of consistent hard work is a winner’s attitude.

James Allen in his book ‘As a man thinketh’ has gone in detail how our thoughts affect us. It is said we become what we think. So to be a winner in life we require to think as a winner. With full faith in our capabilities, a laser like focus and determination we should continue on the path of progress and success.


Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast


Eat breakfast like a king, Lunch like a prince and Dinner like a pauper is an old saying, and how true. Our body has gone without food for 10 to 12 hours during our sleep. To kick start our system and provide for depleting reserves of energy our breakfast is the most important meal of the day. It increases our metabolism and improves the alertness levels.

It is advised that breakfast should be consumed within 2 hours of waking and should meet around 20 to 25% of our daily calorie needs. However care should be taken that our breakfast is healthy and does not contains empty or sweet calories. The nutritious first meal of the day restores glucose level and provide for energy for the day.

People who skip breakfast start their day in low BMR, high fat storing way. They feel deprived of energy and eat disproportionately high calories in lunch or worse at dinner. As most physical activities are during the day time, if they would have consumed breakfast, it could have been burnt properly. They feel unable to concentrate on vital tasks and are irritable.

Healthy breakfast offers many advantages like it improve memory, concentration and lifts the mood. In addition to these there are many other health benefits like weight control, diabetes risk reduction, improvement in performance and in heart diseases. Here is a brief look at some of the studies discussing the benefits of breakfast:

1. Weight Reduction

According to a 1992 study published in American Journal of Clinical Nutrition done on moderately obese women, it was found that after 12 weeks treatment the breakfast eaters lost 8.9 kg compared to the breakfast skippers who lost 6.2 kg. This suggests that eating breakfast helped reduce dietary fat and minimize impulsive snacking and therefore may be important part of a weight-reduction program.

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2. Diabetes

American Diabetes Association suggests eating the largest meal of the day at breakfast and the smallest at dinner may help people with type-2 diabetes to better control their blood glucose.

Research has shown that glucose levels rise in response to food differently at certain times of day. Blood glucose levels will rise higher and remain so for longer period than if the same meals are eaten in breakfast.

3. Heart Diseases

In a large study with 16 years follow up, published by National Institute of Health, it was found that men who skipped breakfast had a 27% higher risk of heart diseases as compared to men who did not. Thus concluding that eating breakfast was associated with lower risk of coronary heart disease.

4. Memory

A research by Department of Psychology, Tufts University examined the effects of breakfast on cognitive performance of school children. Results suggest that performance on most measures was enhanced by breakfast consumption and that the composition of breakfast also influenced cognitive performance in children, like short term memory and auditory attention. Results also suggest that breakfast composition may affect younger children more dramatically.

In addition to the above there are countless studies that indicate the benefits of healthy breakfast that is high on nutrient. It will give more strength and endurance for physical activity during the day. It has been observed that people who skip breakfast are most prone to snacking and usually eat more lunch.

Healthy breakfast should be low fat, balanced in carbohydrates, but rich in protein as it easily blunts hunger and keep you energized for long time. It may also contain both refined cereals and whole grains. Some of the good healthy breakfast ideas could be:

  • Oatmeal – Rich in fiber, omega-3 fatty acids.
  • Yogurt smoothies – Add some fruits. Loaded with calcium and proteins.
  • Bananas – Eat on the go. High protein, rich in potassium
  • Eggs – Boiled, scrambled, poached or omelet. Protein rich, low fat.
  • Watermelon – Good to hydrate in morning. Negative calorie food.
  • Whole-wheat bread – Rich in fiber.
  • Poha, Upma or Steamed Idlis – Rich in fiber and tasty to eat

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It’s understandable that in today’s fast pace life we don’t have time for lavish breakfasts and usually people are quite rushed in the morning so they skip the first meal of the day some times out of busy schedule. But these few breakfast ideas that we have listed above won’t take much time to prepare and will be highly nutritious.

Start your day with high energy, more ability to concentrate and with low stress by making a habit to never skip this most important meal of the day. Don’t make any excuses and jump start your day with a power packed breakfast.

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9 Most Powerful Positive Emotions


“Flowers are restful to look at. They have neither emotions nor conflicts.” – Sigmund Freud

Emotions are the chief driver of our reactions and relations with others as well as ourselves. They decide our behavior in general, how we conduct ourselves. Apart from causing the obvious psychological changes, emotions also have their physical component and we experience the surge in energy or loss of it in accordance to our emotional state. Emotions are both positive as well as negative. We discuss here some of the most powerful positive emotions which we humans express in our life:

1. Gratitude

Gratitude is the most powerful positive emotion for me. It is the emotion of thankfulness and appreciation for someone or something. The focus is on the positive of what we have rather than what is lacking. It has been proven that this attitude of appreciation is associated with higher level of well being in individuals. People who practice gratitude are usually happier, less stressed and much more satisfied in life. Grateful people are more compassionate, feel alive and sleep better as they think less of negatives.

2. Serenity

Calmness of mind and to be peaceful in all ways with your current situation is the biggest wisdom. Serenity is the emotion when one’s mind is completely tranquil and you are at peace with yourself. It is when you understand that everything will just turn out right, you have no cause of worry and relax. Having serenity in life is much more important than just seeking money. Serene clarity and peace of mind are our biggest blessings.

3. Joy

Joy is a common term used for various feelings of pleasure and happiness from mild to intense bliss. Because of delightful and cherished experiences, we have a feeling of contentment and well being. A joyous person feel light and vibrant. Emotion of joy dominate when we achieve our goals or look forward to something which has a desirable outcome. This powerful emotion fills us with boundless energy to continue making progress in life with a bigger purpose. Happiness is related more to the action part.

4. Interest

Interest is a feeling which is directly related to curiosity. We become interested in something or someone when we develop a fascination for it and want to have or feel new experiences. This is the emotion which makes people do what they do. In order to meet some of our needs or to achieve some goals we develop interest in uncovering or discovering some fascinating things. Knowledge seeking and learning are possible only because of interest.

5. Hope

Hope is the feeling of optimism where we look forward into future with great expectation that good things are in store for us. It is an emotion which makes us believe that whatever our current circumstances or problems are, they are not permanent and we enjoy anticipatory happiness. Hope is born out of our imagination often when we are troubled by some crisis. It makes us to expect new solutions and possibilities. Single emotion of hope is the perfect antidote to many negative emotions like fear, sadness and despair.

6. Pride

Pride is an emotion with a dual face to it. It can be negative or positive. Our responsibility is to control the feeling of pride with negative connotation like arrogance or unrealistic self esteem. Whereas pride in the positive sense means taking pleasure in one’s work or their team’s accomplishments. It is an important emotion that makes us feel dignified. To have a sense of purpose in achievements and success increases confidence. One should feel proud of himself on having an expression of competence but only after due self reflection.

7. Inspiration

Inspiration is usually an emotion which comes from witnessing moments of true human excellence. It motivates us to pursue something despite obstacles. Inspiration comes from experiencing something of extraordinary ability or competence and can lead to major life change. When we are inspired, we see possibilities beyond our imagined capabilities thereby developing interest, which is a starting point for creativity and learning.

8. Love

Love is a feeling of strong attachment and affection towards others. Love could be deep bonding between friends and family members or could be feeling of romance between couples. Another type of love is the one for the country but whatever type of love we are in, the purest is the unconditional love where one is totally committed towards other but do not desire anything in return. For some love is like a drive where the goal is to get the attention of others and to win them over but then that will be more of infatuation than love.

Love is the greatest virtue that encompasses all the above emotions with compassion, kindness and unselfish loyalty towards others as well as towards one’s self.

9. Altruism

It is the feeling of disinterested and selfless concern for the others. Altruism is to work for the welfare of others with whom one does not have any relation except for the common feeling of love for humanity. An altruist will be happy helping absolute strangers just like he will help anyone else who is known to him. The feeling of fulfillment and purpose is realized when one makes effort to do something for others without any expectation of reciprocity.

In addition to these we experience a wide range of positive emotions like amusement, awe, desire, empathy and euphoria everyday. Even the negative emotions have their own significance that they act as a survival mechanism for us. In the face of grave danger the feeling of fear makes it possible for one to see the light of another day. Our emotion of aggression has been instrumental in pushing us up the food chain and come up as a superior species.

Positive emotions on the other hand are the driving force that have shaped our world. The development of society and relations would not have been possible without these. Our state of mind dictates what we do. To reach our goals and connect to bigger self, we need to be open minded and try to be carrying the best of these positive emotions through our life.

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Steps to Easy Weight Loss


Weight gain or loss is a complicated mix of various factors like your genetic makeup, hormonal controls, dietary habits and the environmental factors like sleep, physical activity and stress. Any imbalance, these factors cause in energy equation will be finally reflected in your weight loss or gain.

For weight loss primary requirement is to create an energy deficit whereby you consume less calories than you can burn. Follow these few simple steps during your daily routine to achieve your goal of weight loss.

1. Active life

Have an active life. See how we are operating our life these days. We have a box life, where we start our day with travelling in a box car, to working in a box office and having entertainment in front of an idiot box. We have forgotten to incorporate in our life any activity. Travelling small distances on cycle or may be walking down the street for picking our groceries is no rocket science, but frankly how many of us do it. While working in our offices rather than messaging our colleagues on mail, we may just walk to their cubicle. Instead of elevator try to take stairs. These may be very easy things to do but also very easy not to do.

2. Sleep proper

Just have a look on your sleep patterns. If you are short on sleep, it can affect your weight. Experts agree that getting adequate sleep is important to health, well being and your weight. Research tells us that when people are sleeping less they tend to have increased late-night snacking and more often than not choose high-carb snacks. There are two hormones ghrelin, for food craving or emptiness and leptin, for satiety or fullness which control your eating patterns and hunger, and sleep deprivation adversely affects these two. In addition to these there is cortisol which is a stress hormone released on sleep deprivation and cause body to conserve energy and keep your weight high. Take at least 7-8 hours of sleep daily to heal from the stress of the day.

3. Hydrate

First point to remember is that you don’t require water only to remain hydrated, but it is one of the main source. Water as such is good for weight loss, as it is 100% calorie free and when you drink a glass before meals, it gives the feeling of satiated. Amount of water required will depend on various factors like weather, your physical activity levels and body size. Feeling of thirst and dry mouth may sometime be misinterpreted by body with other symptoms like urge to snack. Drinking water is also said to increase your body metabolism and thus may help in your goal of weight loss.

4. Exercise

Most simple requirement of weight loss is that you must burn more calories than you consume. After you keep a tab on what you eat to limit calories, for effective weight loss you need to exercise also. Exercising will increase your body metabolism, which is the process of body converting what you eat and drink into energy.

Include at least 30 minutes of physical activity during the day as anaerobic exercises like cycling, jogging etc. Strength training like weight lifting etc also will help as they increases the muscle mass of the body and thus the calorie consumption.

A point to consider here is that exercising induce release of cortisol but this reduces on regular exercises, at the same time release of adrenaline allow more fat to be burned from under the skin and exercising muscle.

5. Food

For weight loss the food should be high on fiber and protein rich. Fiber helps you feel full without adding much calories to your diet. Soluble fiber absorbs water and moves slowly through your gut and thus slows the absorption of sugar, meaning lower insulin levels and less fat storage. High fiber food also acts as prebiotic. Out of all the meals of the day the most important for weight loss is breakfast. See the reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast

High protein diet is ideal for weight loss. By replacing carbs and fats with proteins there is reduction in hunger hormone and increase in satiety hormones. this is the main reason why proteins make you lose more weight. Also it is known that body cannot effectively burn and use fat as energy without the presence of either carbohydrates or proteins. So continuing intake of proteins while burning fats is important.

One should avoid processes food to the maximum. Processed food are high on sugar, and sugar in itself can cause many harm. Sugar has empty calories and may have adverse effects on metabolism. Processed foods because of high salt level generally are more likable to taste buds and thus cause overeating. Refined carbohydrates in processed food are also bad for your health.

Get close to natural products like cinnamon tea, green tea, ginger, ginseng, honey and lemon. All these help in detoxifying your body and lose weight .

In the end keep in mind it is easier to cut 125 calories in a day than to burn 125 calories. And if you think how will a meager 125 calories cut will help, remember consistency is the key. If you cut 125 calories per day it will result an average weight loss of 7-8 Kg in a year.

So don’t go on any crash diet or heavy gym sessions or any other kind of overdrive for short burst of period rather loose weight by taking these small seemingly insignificant but consistent steps.