10 Ways To Make Employees Productive

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In order to succeed, productivity remains the lifeblood of any company. If you could figure out how to make your employees more productive and efficient then you can significantly increase the profits of your company and may well become a major player in your category. It is very difficult to make employees productive and efficient… continue reading »

How To Make Employees Accountable

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One of the most important aspect of management is to hold its employees accountable. If you are unable to hold employees accountable then be prepared to have a stagnancy in your business. For higher productivity in any organization responsibility has to be shared between all employees. Employees who are accountable will deliver on the commitments… continue reading »

6 Pillars of Successful Business

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All successful businesses are based on the solid foundations of age old principles. New ideas, commitment, attitude and perseverance are all very important for the success and growth of the organizations. In the context of the challenges faced today, we need to shun the easy steps and short cuts. Today is the time for us… continue reading »

The Power of Persistence

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Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently – Henry Ford Successful people are usually blessed with many qualities but the most important among them is the quality of persistence. It requires that one remain on course even in the face of all adversities and opposition, not to be demoralized by any difficulties or hurdles…. continue reading »

Master The Art Of Listening

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“We have two ears and one mouth so that we can listen twice as much as we speak.”   Greek philosopher Epictetus The master skill and the foundation of all interpersonal relations is the skill of effective communication. We are always communicating with the people around us, not only verbally but also with our body language. If we… continue reading »

4 Quadrants Of Time Management 

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Time management is the planning and allocation of time to various activities one does to increase the efficiency and productivity. Time management encompasses the personal as well as professional works. It is basically the skill of managing yourself to the best of your capabilities within the 24 hours that have been provided daily to each of… continue reading »

Effective Delegation For Success

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Many people specially those involved in running their own businesses find themselves responsible for everything their business involves and multitasking most of the times. From purchasing to marketing, from financing to billing, every aspect of their work is controlled by them. But it is a known fact that there is a limit to your time… continue reading »

How To Motivate Your Employees


Motivating your employees can be one of the biggest input you can provide in your company to increase productivity. It is a well known fact that the work force that is motivated and driven is more productive than those who go around doing their jobs in a routine manner. Every day people are exposed to… continue reading »

How To Maintain Positive Attitude


For achieving any worthwhile success, maintaining a positive mental attitude is the most critical requirement. Positive attitude will let you do everything better than you could do with a negative attitude. Positive attitude will make you more resilient and happy. Even various medical studies have proven that the quality and duration of life is better for positive… continue reading »