Success Rules By Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan

Amitabh Bachchan was born on October 11, 1942 in Allahabad, Uttar Pradesh, India. His father Harivansh Rai Srivastava (Bachchan) was a well known Hindi poet and mother Teji Bachchan was a Punjabi Sikh. One of the most influential actors in the history of Indian cinema, Amitabh started his career in 1969 as a voice narrator. His acting debut was with the film Saat Hindustani

Amitabh got famous after he was cast in leading role in film Zanjeer in 1973. Thereafter he never looked back and at the peak of his career was called as one man industry. He entered politics in 1984 when he contested and won with highest margin from Allahabad. However he found politics not his cup of tea and retired from it within three years. He later launched a media company ‘ABCL’ which failed and almost made him bankrupt.

But with his persistence and hard work, Amitabh revived his career when he gave some remarkable performances in box office hit movies that won him many awards and critical acclaims. In 200 he single handedly changed the face of Indian television industry when he hosted the first season of ‘Kaun Banega Crorepati’, the indian adaptation of British TV game show, ‘Who Wants To Be A Millionaire’. The show was instant hit and Amitabh has never looked back again. He is said to be most successful Indian film star of all time. We give below some of the success rules as given by him:

1. Be Proud Of Your Work

For achieving any amount of success it is necessary that you love your work. When you work there will times when you make mistakes but right approach is when you take full responsibility of it, learn from it and move ahead. To keep thinking about the bad result will not take you anywhere, keep in mind why you started and remind you about your love for work that you do.

2. Move forward

Life is a constant battle between wins and losses; accomplishments and missed chances. During all this, many a time you will face failures. It is important to keep your spirits high at such times by asking yourself, if you lose everything what will be bottom line. How will you feel and how can you fight from there. Always be prepared for the worse. It is important to move forward daily no matter how small your steps may be. Keep pushing forward with all your spirits only this will give you growth and satisfaction.

3. Do Great Work

Results are not always in your hands but to give your best is totally dependent on you. For success you need to keep your focus right where it is required, that is at your work.

4. Be Humble

One of the great quality of all successful people is that they are humble. They understand that it is ‘WE’ not ‘I’ that is important. Always keep in mind that you are not alone, there are many people who have contributed to your success. It is important that we give credit to all the deserving people.

5. Seize The Opportunities

You need to be vigilant and open to any opportunity that comes your way, nobody knows which ones will make you successful. Amitabh seems to believe this totally as he gives his own example how he started acting on television against everybody’s advise that he is lowering his stature by shifting from big screen to the smaller screen. He went all out, with full conviction, not fearing what ‘they’ will say. This single move not only wiped off all the fiscal and other troubles that he was facing in his career instead catapulted him into a league that very few people had reached during their lifespan. So keep looking and seize the opportunities because there may be only few of them.

6. Accept The Struggle

Amitabh is a firm believer that if things happen according to your wish, it is better but if not then it is even better. He says that it is better to believe that if some things that you want to happen are not going as per your wishes, then they are going as per the wishes of a bigger force, a higher intelligence, which always know what is better for you. You need to accept the fact that life is a struggle. It is not easy but keep faith and avoid any kind of despondency. Think of these struggles and problems as another challenge that you have to face.

7. Love What You Do

For long term success it is required that you love what you do. Only passion for your work will take you through the difficult times because if you are passionate then your focus will be your work and not the results. In life competition will always be there. New people will keep coming and some of them will be equally or even more competent then you, but if you love your work, you will always be able to make through.

8. Keep Challenging Yourself

Life is the name of change. If you want to succeed then you should always look for growth, you can not be stagnant. Look for any new opportunity that may be able to take you to next level. They may be the new door to take you to even better places. Amitabh gives his own example where he say that the fear of the old troubled time drives him to keep looking for something better, more new challenges that will help him grow and eliminate any possibility of going down again.

9. Be A Good Team Player

He is a firm believer that success is all about collective efforts. You need to be around like minded people and work as a team. In your team encourage discussions but once a decision is reached then the word of captain is final. Listen to the captain of the ship. For effective work you may have disagreements before but after a consensus has been reached then you need to be a team player and follow what is good for all.

10. Have No Regrets

Successful people take full responsibility of their life. They don’t have regrets for the tasks or the things that they have done or missed in their past because they they are of the view that failures as well as success are never permanent and it is better to take them as learning lessons to adjust your approach towards life for a more fulfilling experience.

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How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

Millionmaire Mindset

Everybody wants to be rich with tons of money and live a life of complete financial independence, but not many are able to reach their goals. So what actually affects the final outcome and how one can create a rich life for themselves and their loved ones? Fact is that you can control your financial destiny if you could develop a right mindset, a millionaire mindset as I would say.

First you need to understand that financial independence is your ability to live on the income of your own personal resources. You are independent when you are in a position where you can choose what you want to do rather than what you have to do in order to pay your bills and other expenses. Just think about how much money you will require to live in this manner and then write it down. Now think what value you will bring in the job to get such amount of money because in life there is nothing for free, you always need to pay the cost.

To train your mind and develop the rich mindset try to inculcate these positive habits:

1. Positive and Growth Attitude

Develop a long term vision and time perspective. People who succeed are the people who don’t think short term. They are ready to spend years to develop skills that will make them more competent and help them make wonderful living and move rapidly up. They always delay gratification in short term. If you ever want to become a millionaire, first you have to think like them. Have a growth mentality and always do things with a long term time perspective.

2. Read More Books

We can not always control various negative thoughts that inadvertently come to our mind but we can always control with what to saturate our mind. Positive and inspirational books can help do it with the positive things and can overpower any negative thoughts. Books will help to solve our problems. Libraries are the gold mines where you can get the wealth of information that can make you leader in your chosen field, remember leaders are readers. Take care not to study miscellaneous things, but only the things that give you specialized knowledge and edge. Reading books for just 30 minutes each day will change you in most positive manner imaginable.

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3. Information

This is the age when you have access to all the information in the world at the touch of a button. Access to information gives a tremendous advantage in your pursuit to success but keep in mind that knowledge in itself is not power but a potential power. The information that is applied in a disciplined manner can make a huge impact in your life.

4. Network

It is said that if you are the smartest in person in your group then it is time to change your group. You are no better than your five closest friends, look at them and think where they are leading you. Are they helping you grow? Be with people who can stretch your limits and grow you. Have a network of friends who have achieved what you are working for, because that is so inspiring and by some strange way their success rubs on to you. Get along with best individuals so that you can learn and grow.

5. Dedication

For any worthwhile success one of the most important requirement is that of dedication to your work. Never be casual because you will not achieve what you want. Develop the attitude to do whatever is required, as they say, ‘work till you faint.’

6. Learn The System

Learn the system to succeed. Keep in mind that success is not something you achieve doing random things but it require you to be methodical and systematic. As in all other fields creating wealth also requires a system, but thankfully that is learnable. Get along with the people who have been there, learn from the people who have achieved.

7. Be Energetic

Have you ever seen a successful person who is dull and lethargic? If you want to be an achiever, get fired up, always remain hungry. Hungry for what you want to have, hungry for what you want to be. If you want to have what others don’t have, you have to be willing to do what others don’t do. Have a strategy and the energy to do what is required.

8. Manage Your Time

Managing time means managing yourself. One of the most important quality of the successful people is to prioritize things, to clearly identify what is important. Develop a habit to write a list of important things required to be done everyday, then start with them and don’t do anything else before completing the list. Everybody has same 24 hours in a day but what you do with those hours is more important.

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9. Set Goals

Even the most accomplished archer will not be able to do anything if the target is not defined. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have the direction to go to. Develop a habit to set goals and then more importantly create a plan of actions to achieve those goals. Don’t give too much time, maintain an element of stretch. Always write down your goals and plan of action because a dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.

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10. Invest Before Spending

To invest before spending is the philosophy of wealthy people while most people can not resist the temptation of the immediate gratification and spend their money for the things they need today than saving for the rainy day. Develop the habit to invest before spending for the financial independence that you so desire.

If you want to be rich start thinking like wealthy people. We all know that economy is a major thing in anybody’s life and for actual peace of mind and prosperity we shall endeavor to make money work for us. People say that money is root of all evil, but actually it’s not the money but the love for money which is the root of all evil. Surely money can work for you and provide for all the opportunities for success but for that to happen you need to develop these habits and have a millionaire mindset.

How To Conduct Effective Meeting


A vital organizational function for high productivity and cohesive working in any team is to conduct effective meetings. Meetings are responsible for building relationship between team members, motivating them, for giving an open forum for discussions of new ideas and so much more. But not all meetings are equal, there are meetings that will make participants feeling energized while others will be downright boring and waste of time. Running an effective meeting is a skill that every leader must develop.


Why Have A Meeting

You should hold meeting only to discuss certain ideas or performances with a clear and well defined agenda. Don’t have a meeting only for the sake of it. Avoid the meeting if you can share the same information in a memo or an e-mail. There is no use of meetings where most of the people feel bored and consider it as waste of their time. Give the call for meeting only after you have a clear objective and have drawn a specific and defined agenda. Start with the end in mind, what is the outcome you desire to have from this meeting. Decide according to this whether you want to generate new ideas or you want a report on the existing project or if you want to communicate something to your team. Remember meetings are most essential when you require two-way exchange of ideas rather then giving a one-way information.

Benefits Of Good Meeting

A good meeting is an excellent opportunity to network with your team members. It makes the team bonding more effective. The decisions and policies are given a concrete shape and it ensures that all the team members make focused efforts in same direction. If conducted properly meeting will make your team members more excited and involved about their jobs.

Preparing For Good Meeting

1. Make Attendee List

Always consider who is invited for the meeting, whether all the invitees are needed and at the same time you have not missed out the names of the people who are genuinely needed. As a rule always invite people who are affected by your decisions as well as those who can solve the problem and make the meeting more relevant.

2. Prepare Written Agenda

Prepare beforehand in writing what needs to be communicated. Take care that your agenda is provided to attendees well in advance so that they come prepared. Think and make notes about where, when, and what needs to be discussed with team members. This will help you to get quick and prompt response.

3. Manage The Timings

Always be punctual and disciplined when it comes to conducting a meeting. Make it a point to start and end the meeting on time. Make other’s time also equally valuable as your own. Ideally for maximum energy and participation a meeting should last about an hour. Anything above this will drag the meeting towards unproductive zone as people will start losing their concentration and focus.

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4. Remove Distractions

If possible discourage participants bringing their gadgets in the meeting room if the same are not required in context of the meeting. The smart phones or other gadgets will distract the attendees from the discussions and individual contribution will decrease. For meeting to be highly effective all the members need to focus on it.

5. Give Time To All

There is no point if you do not give all the participants enough time to contribute their ideas. Inviting somebody and then not giving a chance to speak up will make the concerned person feel frustrated and annoyed.

6. Make Notes

A very important part of an effective meeting is taking notes. This will help you to record the questions raised, suggestions given and decisions reached during the meeting. If you are meeting organizer this will come handy when you prepare minutes, if you are an attendee then also notes will be beneficial to focus on the decisions made and the action required on your part.

After Meeting

A very vital part of the meeting is to send an email or a written communication to all the participants in order to register what happened in the meeting. It is suggested that this communication records all the tasks delegated, responsibilities given and decisions reached. Try to complete the same within 24 hours of the meeting.

A leader who learn these skills will make the meetings more productive and valuable. As you gain the reputation for conducting effective meetings you will be amazed how the contribution from various participants increase and you get the desired outcome.


How To Stay At The Top Of Your Game

Stay at top

A leader who stand apart from the others is the one who works hard to acquire the skills necessary to stay at the top of his game. He understand the basic that it is hard to get to the top but it is even more difficult to stay there. To avoid his downfall and to remain a role model he has to act very carefully in both public as well as in his private life. Here are some of the desired factors that affects success and keep you at the top:

Have Clear Goals – Be Organized

As you rise up the ladder the most scarce resource you have is time and to best utilize your time, you need to have clear goals. Remember the mantra: Be productive rather than busy. Plan in advance and learn how to prioritize so that you don’t miss out on the important tasks. Learn the art of delegation of responsibilities to free up your time, that may be better utilized in more productive tasks. Your team will repose more confidence in you when they see you organised and in full control.

Take Responsibility

A true leader stands in the front when team faces challenges and gives the credit of accomplishment of the tasks to others. He understand that it is always the team effort that brings success. In the face of challenges he takes the initiative and is the one who guides his team through, but when met with failure he owns up the responsibility himself. This increases the team’s confidence and trust in their leader.

Train Other People

A successful leader do not feel insecure to raise other leaders rather he want to grow from being a leader to a mentor. The biggest investment you can make is, if you work to increase the skills of your people, that is where all the multiplication comes in and your company gains momentum.

Read A Lot

To stay at the top, your best bet would be continuous learning. In today’s fast changing and competitive environment those who think that they know all, are surely doomed for downfall. Only an inquisitive mind can grow constantly to higher levels. Books have a wealth of information and can be your own personal mentors. Whether in trouble or to stay motivated good books will be your best companion.

Listen Well

Some people when given responsibility tend to become bossy and try to push everyone to work as per their own style of doing the things. To build trust among your employees and to improve productivity be a patient listener to your colleagues. You will be doing yourself a great favor if you listen to their suggestions and needs. When your employees feel they are heard, they become motivated and do their best in their jobs.

Be Reliable

Be a person on whom everybody can depend. Develop a habit that you commit only when you are very sure about your ability to complete that task. Always plan keeping in mind the unforeseen difficulties that may crop up and have a safe buffer or margin while deciding deadlines or targets. Be a kind of person who will always do more than promised rather than the other way round.

Demand High Standard From Employees

In the path to success there are no shortcuts and those who compromise on quality are doomed for failure. A true leader will demand high standard of work from his employees and will subject himself also to the same standards. This ensure that the company remain totally dedicated to quality benchmarks.

Ask For Help

No matter the level you have reached there will always be times when situations gets tricky and there is absolutely no shame to ask for help from people who know how to handle such things. Rather this may save you a lot of time compared to learning yourself.

Take Care Of Yourself


Always take good care of your health. Success will become meaningless if you are unhealthy. Exercising is good not only for your health but it has a significant positive effect on your mood too. You will have enormous energy and enthusiasm if you are fit.

Take care of your personal grooming. Look good and smart, after all people first see you from outside.

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Control Your Thought

Anybody who has achieved even little success knows the importance of controlling their thoughts. What you think, gives shape to the destiny you will make. Control your mind and rest all will fall in it’s place.

Apart from the above mentioned qualities there are also few traits that you better avoid in your life:

Avoid Lust Of Power

To remain at the top of your game remember you need to have motivation but there should be no lust for power. If you devote yourself to constant and never ending improvement in yourself, you will keep moving up the ladder. Leave the greed for power and instead develop more leaders. Raise yourself from the level of a leader to mentor.

Avoid Anger

Successful people master the art of keeping their emotions in check. As you move to the top keeping a cool head should become your main priority. If you get angry easily people will see you as an unpredictable person and will not be open to you.

Avoid Ego

Remember it is always teamwork that matters. Individual brilliance can take you ahead only this much, but with collective efforts no mission is impossible. A leader who is egoistic will loose the trust of his employees.

Avoid Arrogance

You need to listen to other’s thoughts and needs if you want to be respected by your juniors. A good leader is not a credit taker but one who takes full responsibility. Keep in mind that ‘none of us is smarter than all of us.’

To master the art of leadership always keep in mind that there are no shortcuts. If you consciously develop these positive traits and desist from above mentioned shortcomings, not only you will always stay at top of your game but you will be able to raise the bar higher.


Commit To Growth

Growth commitment

We all have far greater potential in us then our current level of achievements. Everyone can grow into that person who they dream to be but very few take a step towards the path of growth. It is very unfortunate that most people will live the life of mediocrity by fearing pain of change rather than deciding to grow and leaving their mark on this world.

Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved by anyone without paying the price for it. If you are looking for pearls you need to dive into the depths of ocean, superficial efforts won’t yield results. Diamond is simply carbon that has endured the pressure over time. Some people though hope for miracles that they will achieve their goals and their desires will be fulfilled automatically. But they need to understand that miracles don’t happen, they are made by people who work continuously with discipline for their progress. You need to Embrace Discomfort for Growth

You get most fulfillment when you progress. The feeling you get on seeing yourself improving is the most satisfying one. To make your future better ‘now’ is the time when you need to invest in your growth plan. As John Maxwell says “growth is only guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better.”

Everybody hopes for a better future. It is one of the most positive feeling that gives you support in most difficult of situations, but you need to work on your plans to realize your goals. Everybody hopes but only those who work continuously for their dreams get results. So in order to reach your goals, to grow into a person who you desire to be, you need to start working on yourself because you will grow only when you decide, only when you take first steps toward it. Don’t assume that you will grow with time. Remember growth can not be accidental, it has to be deliberate, it has to be intentional. You need to resolve that you will grow into a better person by working for it.

John says that you need to ask yourself question that what are you doing to develop yourself. If you are not taking any intentional steps for making you a better version of yourself then nothing is going to happen on it’s own. You need to develop yourself first because that is vital for your own success, at the same time you will not be able to contribute to others because you can not give what you don’t have. By taking first steps toward growth you lay the foundation of your future. Another thing that you need to be conscious of is to see that you do something to develop others also. This will be your biggest contribution to others, that will give you feeling of fulfillment as there is multiplication of talent and good ideas.


To make your own personal growth plan start with clear cut defined goals. Mark out the areas that you want to grow in and write them in your journal. It is said that you get what you focus on. Once you are clear about your objectives and area of growth next step would be to start immediately. Having a role model can be of great help. To follow someone who has already achieved what you desire is one of the shortest and quickest way to get started. Study your role model deeply and analyze what has worked for them. But remain analytical also at the same time, as what has worked for them may not work equally well for you. Be consistent in moving towards your goal but at the same time remain flexible about your approach.

Make friends with books. Wealth of knowledge is at your disposal. People pour their lifetime wisdom when they write a book, you may be able to save years by just reading them. Books have the power to mold your mind. As William Faulkner said “Read, read, read. Read everything – trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! you’ll absorb it.” Develop the habit of reading daily for at least half an hour on the topics where you want to develop your skill and within two years you can be a master in it.

Share your growth plan with someone close to you. It is said that when we declare something to others, we become more conscious about it and do not deviate easily from decided path. At the same time they will be able to analyze our progress and give us their viewpoint. Even better would be if you get along with someone who is also striving for growth in same areas as you. This way healthy competition will keep you on your toes.

Starting immediately is of vital importance. Don’t wait for some perfect plan, you will improve your plan en-route if you keep reviewing your progress and have a flexibility of approach. To reflect on how you are moving ahead is also very significant. Develop the habit of writing a journal about your plan and progress. See the weaker areas where you need to do more and adjust accordingly. This will be a big help to prevent you from going off-track.


Finally it is not enough to learn something, action is of even greater importance. World belong to those who are ‘doers.’ Keep in mind an imperfect plan acted upon efficiently is far superior to a perfect plan on which no action is taken. Practice daily what you have learned and modify to suit your plan.

In summary, your personal growth plan should be:

  • Decide that you want to grow, have a firm resolve.
  • Have clear defined goals.
  • Follow a role model.
  • Study about skill you want to develop.
  • Share your plan.
  • Start immediately, don’t procrastinate.
  • Review your performance.
  • Keep acting in continuous disciplined manner.

In the end your elevation from a mediocre level or from being a commoner to a higher level justifying your full potential is very much possible and it starts the moment YOU decide to grow.

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9 Success Factors For Growth


Achieving the objectives or goals in your career can be extremely difficult if proper attention is not paid to some of the factors that are critical for success. These factors are to be carefully cultivated for accomplishing our missions in life:

1. Knowledge

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

For success in life make a priority to increase your intellectual capital. You will be able to increase your value with the habit of continuous education and pursuit of knowledge. Think of education as an investment that will increase your ability to contribute and in return that will increase your earning chances. With a penchant of learning you make your way up the business ladder. As it is said, ‘To earn more, learn more’.

2. Aquire New Skills

Another name for success is skills. For increasing your value at your job concentrate on developing and acquiring new skills. One single skill that you master may take you to the heights of success. In these competitive times the half life of your business is only 2-3 years. The whole pattern of doing business changes within this short a period, so to remain ahead of others you need to sharpen your saw or acquire new and better skills. In the words of Jim Rohn “Don’t wish for less problems, wish for more skills”.

3. Networking

Networking skills are one of the biggest requirement for success. Always work to develop and increase your circle of contacts. Many people get this wrong, to make long term contacts rather than focusing on what you can get, think what you can give. Whenever you meet someone new, try to do something for them first without expecting anything in return and you will be able to develop some of the best all season contacts. Remember networking is not about contacts but developing relations.

4. Money

One of the best rule for success is to save money. Money gives you freedom to pursue what you desire and when opportunities present them you will be able to take advantage of them. Though this is true that money rarely leads to success but without money also you will loose out on various opportunities. Consider money as an instrument for achieving your objectives.

5. Work Ethics

We are a final product of our habits. Good habits will do wonders for you whereas bad habits will hurt your success. They will grow into a lifestyle that will take you away from growth trajectory. Good working habits like setting goals, managing your time, taking control of emotions or writing your work reports seems very simple but they go a long way in creating a life you want to create. They will increase return on time you invest. Develop good habits to think before acting, setting priorities and always make your plans in advance. To reiterate the importance of good habits remember what Aristotle said, “We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.”

6. Mindset – Think Positive

Time and again we have heard ‘you become what you think or do.’ Importance to carry a positive mental attitude can never be under estimated. Always interpret situations positively and rather then finding problems look for solutions. Make a shift in making your beliefs more enabling and you will be able to find answers to most complex issues. Your optimism will motivate you towards success.

7. Positive Self Image

For success in business or personal life your positive self image in your own eyes as well as in the mind of others is vital. How you perceive yourself, what you think and feel about or how you evaluate yourself seems to have a direct connection with success. People with positive self image will have more career satisfaction and fulfilling life. In other’s eyes though not only your confidence  or efficiency, your appearance is also critical because people see you externally. So you need to take care of both your internal and external personality.

8. Innovation

Companies that do best in long term are those which always strive to innovate. Same hold true for individuals. For achieving your toughest goals, to come out of difficult situations you need to think out of the box. One good idea can transform your career. Phenomenal success can be yours if you combine hard work with creativity.

9. Character

In the end your career will be outward reflection of what you are on the inside. Your character traits of self discipline, honesty, integrity and trust are the foundation of any worthwhile success. As Theodore Roosevelt once wrote in The Outlook “Bodily vigor is good, and vigor of intellect is even better, but far above both is character.”

To give yourself a better chance at success take care to integrate these success factors in your life.


Best Ways To Retain Your Good Employees


Retention of good employees is very crucial for the success of any business. Companies put in considerable efforts and expenses to hire these employees, train and induct them so it become equally important that management also maintain good retention practices. We need to understand that people do business with people and when efficient employees leave, it may result in loss of business by way of customers shifting loyalty along with those employees.

Direct losses are caused in term of reduced customer satisfaction, sales and impact on other coworkers. Many studies show that exiting of a trained employee results in losses that may be equal to double their salaries. In today’s competitive environment it is already very difficult to find talented people and when old employee leave it creates a void and if they be senior employee then it disturbs the entire succession plan also.

There may be a variety of reasons that influence the decision of resigning employee. To plug these weaknesses in future it is very much advised that companies conduct extensive exit interviews. Here are some of the ways to increase the retention of key employees:

Pay Them Well

Monetary benefits most of the times rank on the top of the list of reasons why employees quit. Pay them well and at par with the industry standard. Remove the easiest of all the tangible reasons out of way to increase your company’s retention rate. Give them annual increments judiciously. If given a meager increase the employees get demoralized. Beside the salary part create other financial  benefits like annual bonuses and incentive for them and link those to performance. For senior employees you may also consider giving them stock options. Think it this way, exit of a good employee causes more financial losses than their salaries.

Mentor Them

A great company think more in terms of enabling it’s employees rather than managing them. Give your team best of tools and training at job. When you equip your people well it will have dual benefit of increased job satisfaction and lower instances of employees leaving the company. Arrange for training for a new job skill or for their further education. It creates a sense of responsibility in employees when they see that you are taking all measures to overcome their weaknesses and shortcomings. They feel their worth is increased when they get new skills.

Challenge Them

Always seek to use their talent and skills, it will benefit company as well as the employees will feel fulfilled at the job. If they are not given tasks that challenge them at intellectual level then they will get bored and apathy will set in. They will start exploring opportunities that are commensurate to their skill level. Give them the responsibilities that have the capacity to stimulate them. Communicate to them that there are ample growth opportunities within the company and they should keep pushing themselves.

Offer Promotions

Promotions and Career advancement are critical components of your efforts for employee retention. This motivates the employees as they see the clear growth chances in their own organisation. Wherever possible try that people are promoted from within the company. People selected from outside for higher responsibility are not aware of the company’s work culture and at the same time it may also frustrate your existing employees.

Make Them Feel Appreciated

Apart from monetary benefits, appreciation of their work and contribution towards the company remains most desirable by the employees. One of the most important quality of good leaders is to give the credit to the deserving people. A sure recipe for dissatisfaction among the employee is an unsecured leader who takes all the credit for accomplishments himself while giving little appreciation to the people involved at the ground level. Keep in mind that happy workers are productive workers

Develop Trust

Trust is the foundation over which all company relations are based. Leaders should ensure that the employees are trusted fully until there is some definite negative information. On the other side even employees should have complete confidence on the company’s management. When people have complete faith in their managers they will accept healthy criticism if they are wrong and go extra distance to achieve the goals set by company. High level of trust between managers and employees drives the overall company performance.

Clarity Is The Key

One essential requirement of the managers is that they should convey very clearly to the employees what is expected of them. Clear performance metrics should be used so that there is perception of equitable treatment and fairness. Clarity of roles within the team about work responsibility, support staff and benefits will go a long way in reducing wasted efforts in company. Clear communication of the company mission to the employees will ensure that they stay committed and work in line with the company expectation.

 Maintain High Quality Of Supervision

It is said that employees don’t leave company, they leave managers. Adequate care is to be taken by the leaders that their employees have complete freedom to express themselves. Communication channel between employees and company should always be open. They should be free to give their inputs or air their grievances in transparent manner. Lot many times misunderstandings are caused simply because the message or expectations are not clearly communicated.

The managers should never threaten job or income of their subordinates rather give them the support and help. A manager who makes his people feel undervalued will cause increased employee turnover. They should have faith on their leader that if there are some challenges, they will be first to face it or at least guide them to handle the situation.

In the end employee retention is as vital as hiring. If you follow these steps you will be able to increase the employee retention rate in your organisation. Keep the atmosphere engaging and stimulating for your employees and they will remain committed and loyal to the company. Employees are the strength of any company, take a careful look at your organisation and ensure that you are doing your best to retain your best talent.

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Setting Powerful Personal Goals

Goals Setting

Setting powerful personal goals gives direction to your life. They make your imagination and vision more tangible, gives you motivation to achieve the same and fills you with confidence. Goal setting is just a plan for future result or possible outcome that you visualize today but if properly done this can become a burning desire that can give whole new direction and meaning to what you do in life.

Most people don’t set goals because either they are scared to put in the labor required to fulfill it or they are very casual about it and underestimate the power of effective goal setting. Whatever be the case they are missing out on this ultimate power as they don’t know the direction to which they need to work. Our brains require clear instructions that are tangible and you can do this by converting your wishes into goals with well laid out plans.

Create A Big Picture

Pool all your thoughts into a journal about the things you want to do or achieve in your life. Remember you have to write down these in your own handwriting as writing gives shape to what is just a vision so far. You are converting intangible into tangible. You are going to create your destiny. Write all whatever comes to your mind. Don’t use generic terms like I want to earn more rather be specific like I want to earn ‘X’ amount per month. Don’t write I want to loose weight rather write I want to reduce 5 Kg in 3 months. Your goals should be clear, specific and measurable.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”– Tony robbins

Set Big Goals

While writing be very enthusiastic and don’t try to rationalize what you can achieve or not. Plan will come later. It is required that you set really big goals because if you set small puny goals, they won’t have the power to motivate you. As David Schwartz said “Think little Goals and expect little achievements. Think big Goals and win big Success.” Your goals should have power to make you jump out of the bed in morning.

Write your goals for different categories like

Personal Goals: Where you want to be, what qualities you require in yourself as a person. It could be your health goals or some place you want to go. How you want to develop your relations, what you want to study or may be want to get rid of some vices you have.

Career Goals: Where you want to reach, what you want to achieve or may be a second career option. How much money you want to earn or whether you want to retire early.

Possessions Goals: Things that you want to possess. Write all the things you have ever wished for. It may be weird or seem out of reach at present but if it is in your heart write it down.

Spiritual Goals: How you want to contribute to the society, what legacy you want to leave. To connect with your creator and know the real you. What mark you will leave on the planet before you leave.

Put A Timeline

Once you have written all these things put a timeline to it’s completion. Until you set a deadline to each task, your ‘goals list’ will remain a ‘wish list’. Mark various things as per time for completion like one year, three years, five years or twenty years from now.

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”– Harvey Mackay

Know Your ‘Why’

Next step will be the most crucial part of the whole goal setting exercise. Below every goal write your reasons. Your reasons or ‘why’ you want to achieve something will decide your drive and determination to complete that task. Write with passion because ultimately your emotions only will give power to these goals. If you don’t feel passionately and find that your reason to complete this goal are not strong enough then revisit the first step and set different and more powerful goals.

Write A Plan

Now for each goal set a plan, write it down even when you don’t understand clearly how you will do it. A broad guideline will be developed on which you start taking action immediately. The key word here is immediately. Don’t wait for some perfect time or situation to start working on the plan, that procrastination will kill the whole thing. Start in a way as it comes to your mind and thereafter remain committed to your goal but flexible in your approach.

Work Consistently With Discipline

Action is a magical thing once you start working your capacity and mental sphere grows and with the constant feedback and review you can tweak your approach and finally achieve what you wanted. As they say if your plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal. Work hard with consistency and discipline, and nothing will stop you from achieving your Goals.

Read Your Goals Daily

It is very important that you keep feeding your brain positively about your goals. Keep your goals list at a place where you can read them daily, may be in your journal on your work desk or on your pin-up board. It is vital that they remain visible and you read them daily as that will activate your subconscious mind and will always keep you on track. At night think what you have done today to move closer to your goal. Celebrate when you reach some milestones to get the feeling of achievement. This will motivate you further for your final goal.

Goal setting will make you realize what you really want in life. It will separate the important from insignificant and irrelevant things. Make it a point to keep reviewing your goals from time to time and always keep stretching yourself. Always set your long term goals prior to short term goals.

Goals have the power to transform your life. When you start on this path and even miss some of the goals you will still be a much advanced and improved version of yourself.

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Morning Rituals To Kick Start Your Day

Morning ritual

Well begun is half done, goes an old saying and it assumes great significance when we use it in context of beginning of a new day. Your energy levels and productivity is greatly affected by the kind of start you give to your day. Your morning routine has the power to make or break the complete day.

Many people begin their day in a very casual, unplanned and rushed manner. This lead to rollover of the previous day’s chaos and stress on to the new day. Instead you need to take it as a whole new opportunity to correct what didn’t went right the previous day. I have found that developing a morning ritual that we diligently follow daily, do wonders to our efficiency and mood through the day. Everybody will have their own routine but following are some of the common rituals that we can practice to give a kick start to our day:

Get Up Early

Develop the habit to get up early by 5 A.M. It is very calm at this time and you will be able to get much more done when there are no distractions. You will have ample time at your hand to plan your complete day in advance. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon to wake up your internal organs. You may also add honey to it for enhanced taste and additional benefit of weight loss.


Exercise first thing in the morning to keep your body in fit shape. If you are not inclined to strenuous exercises, start with some simple stretching to improve your circulation and get rid of morning rigidity. A simple walk or jog in the park even if it be for half an hour will be good for your heart. Beside the obvious physical benefits when you work out, there is a release of few neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in your brain which gives you feeling of elation and happiness. Take your spouse or a friend along with you. This will make you more disciplined for your routine and at the same time will be good time for personal bonding.


After the physical exercises give the nourishment to your soul. Meditate in the morning calm for sometime. Meditation for 15-20 minutes daily will be a very fulfilling experience that prepare you for the coming challenges of the day. While you meditate try to focus on your breathing. If your thoughts go astray, don’t worry and just remain aware of your breathing. Pray for a short while and see your stress dissolve.

Good Breakfast

A good healthy breakfast goes a long way in making your day great. You may be in a rush for your work but take time out for the first meal of the day and always keep in mind that there are many reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast. Your body is low on energy as it has gone without food for 10-12 hours and the physical exertion of work out in the morning. Breakfast provide for depleting reserves of energy and increases alertness and metabolism.

Having a healthy breakfast is beneficial in fighting against obesity, diabetes and heart disease prevention as well as improving memory functions.

Revisit Your Goals

Before you step out take time out to revisit your both short term term and long term goals list. Your goals provide for the direction where you are headed. They are the light house to steer your ship in the coming storm of the day. Going through your To-Do list will allow you to plan your day to be best utilized in the most productive way. At the outset pick your must do items for the day and start from them only. Long term goals will keep you motivated through the day.

Remind yourself of your wins and achievements. As New York Times bestselling author of Having it All and mindset expert, John Assaraf says that he along with list of his goals, also keep a list of his past achievements that serves the purpose of reinforcing his belief in himself and his capabilities. It gives a boost to your confidence.

Start With Why

Remind yourself about the purpose behind what you are targeting. Start your day by reaffirming your ‘why’. Be creative in the morning when you are fresh, look for some fresh ideas and visualize other ways to achieve your goals.


Morning is the best time if you do some reading. Read some positive, inspirational books that will add to your knowledge as well as inspire you to do something valuable. If you read for only 20 minutes in the morning, it is equivalent to reading 20 pages of 200 books in an year. Just imagine what change this may bring in you. Develop a habit of writing a journal about your thoughts and ideas in the morning when you are inspired and creative juices are flowing.

Dress Smart

Most people get to know you first by your external appearance. For great confidence and increased appreciation by others take good care of yourself. Look sharp and good by grooming and wearing smart clothes and accessories. Keep in mind that it is not just about making some fashion statement but also how you view yourself.

Stay Away From Social Media

Social media today has become a big distraction for people and causes loss of most productive hours. If you want to make your mornings efficient then stay away from social media or unproductive works like checking emails. These should be done only after the most important tasks of the day have been completed.

Listen To Audio Books

While travelling to work make it a habit to listen to audio books in your car. This will be quite informative and nourishing for your mind. On an average if you travel 2 hours in your car then this habit alone will provide you an over 550 hours of learning in an year.

Listed above are some of the habits and rituals that I follow daily to make my mornings positive and inspiring. A good start to the day causes a surge of energy and resultant productivity at work. At the same time I feel more calm and healthy due to my morning rituals.

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8 Things You Must Give Up


To be successful in life we make so much of efforts in our own personal development. But most of the time we keep our focus on the qualities and skills that we need to acquire and ignore that a very important self improvement philosophy is to cut down on our negative qualities that we might not even notice. The baggage of these negative traits or experiences prevents us from reaching the pinnacle of success that each of us can achieve.

With very little efforts we can remove these things from our life but the first step towards this is to take note of these negative baggage of ours. Once we thoroughly learn these, getting rid of them will not be very difficult.

1. Give Up Excuses

Biggest gift that you can give yourself is to eliminate the excuses from your life. Cut them out and move towards success, always take full responsibility of every aspect of your life. Most people fall back on excuses may be of difficult circumstances, their upbringing or other hardships that they faced. But the crux of the matter is that they don’t have any significance. Life is not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. Your challenges that you may view as excuses can turn into your strongest motivation, just by changing the way you see them. Take responsibility, work hard and design your destiny.

2. Give Up Self-Doubt

Self doubt is one of the biggest enemy you may be carrying inside you. Your fear of failure, that you are not cut out for the upcoming challenge will render you impotent even before you start your journey. Nobody is perfect and the biggest learning comes when you get involved to do the task at hand. Does the small child, who is taking his first steps, thinks in his head, whether he can learn walking or not. The capabilities you have will reveal them to you only when you start on the task. Remember in a foggy night keep walking and the road will emerge.

3. Give Up Fear Of Failure / Success

Let’s accept the fact that fear is only an illusion. We create fear in our mind and it can get converted into a very big obstacle in our path to glory. Failure as such may turn into your greatest teacher and make you try even harder next time. Most often people think there is fear of failure, I will say people fear success also. Some people fear that success will create a divide between them and their people. But if someone is close to you and really thinks well of you then he or she will never feel insecure with your success and rather motivate you to reach greater heights.

4. Give Up Procrastination

As they say journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. Learn this philosophy, this is extremely powerful and will take you long way ahead. Most of the people keep waiting for a perfect opportunity to start, they will wait endlessly for that perfect business offer, or that day when they will start on their fitness regimen. Whereas the successful people have a very contrasting approach. They have a tendency to start and make the opportunities perfect. They will learn on the job and create more resources to help them complete the work. Always keep in mind that the most difficult part of doing something is to start, once you commence the task, you will get a number of ways to complete it.

5. Give Up People Pleasing

Most people want to get the other’s affirmation on their point of view so in general they try to please all. There is a always a possibility that people, being as diverse as they are, will have different opinions and you will not be able to please all of them every time. This is perfectly normal and you should not fret over it. Don’t waste your energy in pleasing everyone rather remain authentic and true to your vision and you will see most of them start  understanding you. At the end of the day there will always be some ‘haters’, just don’t give them too much of importance and carry on with your tasks.

6. Give Up Negative Thinking

We are only physical manifestation of our thoughts. Indulging in negative thinking can be the biggest roadblock in your journey of life. When you give importance to negative thoughts, you will make a mountain out of a hill mole. You start looking at the problems bigger than they are and loose your confidence in tackling them. Negative thinking will severely reduce your optimism and hope for the future and in that state of mind you will take very inappropriate decisions. This in turn impact your productivity negatively.

Another closely related thing to negative thinking is your indulging in negative self-talk where you start doubting your own capabilities. Stay away from these things if you want to be successful.

7. Give Up Judging Others

Another negative trait found in many people is the propensity to judge others. We don’t have any idea about the struggles others might be going through and still we judge them based on our own perspectives. Biggest problem about judging others is that we don’t give them the opportunity to explain their point and make up an opinion about them or their work solely based on our own stand point. When we judge people, we close our eyes not only to the wonderful gifts they might have been endowed with, but also to our own shortcomings.

8. Give Up On Negative People In Your Circle

We are most influenced by our peers and social circle. For success in life you need to be good at networking and making connections. But keep in mind that you also need to keep a close eye on the negative people who get into your circle. It is said that if you are the most successful person in your group, time is ripe that you change your group. The effect of qualities that your peers possess will rub on to you. Now it is up to you what you want to attract, positive and progressive qualities or the degrading ones.

With slight alteration in our views and by taking care to minimize or better still remove these few things we can grow into the individual, we have always desired, and to our complete potential.

Hope you liked the article.