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One of the most essential and vital skills to possess is effective communication. All leaders and managers require to master this skill for success in their career. Communication is a two way process and you need to develop mastery in both speaking as well as listening to be a good communicator. As you go on to improve your communication skills, you will be able to improve your rapport with the other person. In this article we share some of the key communication skills:

1. Practice the Pause

Pauses in speech can add huge impact on your statement. It brings the attention of the person to the conversation and builds up anticipation. Before you give an answer pausing will give a short time gap that will ensure that you are not interrupting the other person in their speech. You don’t want to be speaking at the same time as the other.

Another advantage of pause is that it gives us a short time to consider what we are going to say. Speaking slowly and pausing in between will enable you to come up with best words and avoid the controversial topics or words.

As we know that communication is a two way process, a pause between the lines or before a reply will allow you to hear better, and not only better but also understand better.

2. Question for Clarity

Powerful and skillful communication is possible when you use many questions. If you question someone like what do you want or what is your opinion, the other person feel more important and valuable, and is encouraged to speak. Use of open ended questions opens up the other person and they are inclined to give longish answers or views or may be their stories. It brings out the secrets on which you can then build up your conversation.

When you ask open ended questions like ‘do you have a morning ritual’ or ‘what are you looking forward to this week’ the other person will not be able to give you short reply and will start talking. This allows you to connect with them at a much deeper level and your conversation is much more productive and effective.

But you need to bear in mind not to overdo questioning, otherwise people will see it as nagging and intrusion into their privacy.

3. Paraphrase Speaker’s Word

Another key communication skill is if you paraphrase the speaker’s words. Paraphrasing means to repeat the same thing that the other has said in your own words. It is not just repeating or parroting what the other person has said instead first listen to the basic message and understand the feeling behind it. It is a powerful tool to enhance your understanding and bonding with the speaker. It allow the speaker to hear their own thoughts and give them the confidence that you are serious in your attempt to understand them. When paraphrasing refrain from giving your own opinions or ideas.

4. Listen Well

Careful and attentive listening is another key element to effective communication. When you listen you make the other person feel important and they develop trust in you. Trust is the most important cornerstone of personal relations.

When you listen attentively, it increases the self esteem of the other person. They realize how much importance you are giving them. Careful listening also helps you to focus and concentrate your mind on the topic being discussed otherwise your mind will be running in thousand directions.

5. Non Verbal Communication

Non Verbal Communication like your positive body language and eye contact also makes your communication very effective. When you make eye contact with the other person it reflects your confidence and genuineness to them. You come across as more warm and friendly person and strike a good rapport.

Good communication remain a key to success in life, work and relations.  Some people are born good communicator and it is a great asset to them. If you are not very good at communicating remember it is a learnable skill and you must work on this craft as no other skill can be as helpful as effective communication skill. It will increase your social circle of influence and will take you to great heights of success in life.

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