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Aquarius Love

Known as the house of dreamers and friendship, Aquarius born are shy and quiet but very energetic. They have deep feelings but are not very articulate and expressive about their emotions. They don’t rush into the relationship and tend to keep their lover at arm’s length. This may be their way to protect their feelings but it gives the other person mixed signals.

One of the most independent signs of the zodiac, Aquarius is a loner and quite unpredictable on top of that. They have conflicting character that not everybody is able to understand. Aquarius are free spirited and they get tremendous stress if they do not get adequate space and liberty. They love their freedom so they hesitate to settle down into traditional domestic bliss. Relationship for Aquarius is as much a mental thing as much it is physical. For them love is about meeting of minds and the ability of two people to get together when times are turbulent. Friendship has to be the key component of any romantic relationships for them.

Aquarius see world as full of possibilities. They believe in innovation and intellect of people. They have pleasant personality and have a large social circle. They have good vision to see into the future and to do the deep thinking, so required, they relish there alone time. But Aquarius can also be very sensitive and thus rarely get attached to their relationships. Only intellectual stimulation keep them interested.

The ruling planet Uranus give these people great intuitive skills but may also give them some eccentric side. They have a wide circle of friends. Aquarius love to socialize and are pretty good at networking. They love to be surrounded with people and are devoted friends. At the same time they read character instinctively and thereby can see through people easily. Due to this they are not in a hurry to settle into a relationship and at time even treat their suitors with apathy. They prefer the company of people who are intelligent and witty just like them. If you are in love with an Aquarius person then it is important that you take interest in their pastimes and interests. Do not push the relation and allow it to mature over time. Aquarius develop trust slowly over time that is why till they don’t feel comfortable they may seem just cold and detached.

Aquarius are not very articulate about their emotions but their mind is often bubbling with new ideas to do something unconventional and different. They would express their love by bringing originality to romance by buying gifts or with some interesting weekend get away.

Aquarius have a liberal attitude to sex and sexuality. They love the change and challenge the traditional ways even in the domain of love. They are not averse to affairs and one night stands. But once they find their heart’s desire, they tend to be quite faithful and possessive.


From the outside most of the times they seem quite frank and jovial but inside they are quite oversensitive and many a time they feel lonely in life. They get comfortable and compatible with people born under the sun signs of Gemini who themselves love variety and are unpredictable. Another good mate can be Libra having just like them the common trait of love for the physical beauty. A relationship with Leo can be fulfilling with mutual respect for the partners.

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