Love Life Of Pisces

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Pisces Love

With a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study, Pisces are intuitive and understand the meaning and truths of life better than others. They are very selfless and have a great strength of character. The ruling planet Neptune makes these people more intuitive then others and with artistic bend of mind.

Being a water sign they strive to have deep emotional bonds and empathy towards others. They tend to be dreamy, romantic and very passionate, but their approach to love can at time be very contradictory. Pisces love to be in love and can have unreasonable expectations seeking security from their partner. At the same time their freedom is dear to them and they have a general dislike of dependence on others. This nature of their’s can greatly puzzle their partner.

This is a compassionate sign. Pisces in general are caring. Because of their creative nature they are very expressive and would want their family members to be the same. People close to them should take care about their sensitive nature otherwise they can turn moody and can get hurt easily by others. Most vital for them in all relationship is heart to heart communication.

Pisces can be pretty poor in judgement and in life they may find it hard to decide whom to trust and believe. This may leave them quite vulnerable and they may be victimized. It is better if they assert themselves and ask their partner directly about their needs.

In their relations, Pisces are very faithful. They possess great fidelity and loyalty because love for them can never be about self. It is about devotion and submission to one’s partner. They are usually very gentle but at some time may become quite obsessive. A romantic relation for them has to have spiritual depth. They don’t take kindly to rejection. When in a relation they will be deeply connected with their partner and will never be superficial with them. They will be caring and generous lover who like to shower their loved ones with gifts. For them love is all about giving rather than receiving. Pisces people always want to maintain harmonious relations and for this they can adjust and forgive.

They tend to avoid arguments so usually they are the submissive partner. In love they often ends up imitating the values, style and even beliefs of their partner. They desire a partner who can protect their vulnerabilities and never manipulate them. One of the biggest limitation in Pisces is their sensitiveness. This may get them distracted from their path and make some grave errors and fall in the trap of self pity or some addiction to drinks or gambling. A dominant partner is better suited for them because that will keep them rooted and away from their habit of getting involved in vices, which they are quite prone to, when they suffer some setbacks.

When it comes to sex Pisces can be the master of seduction, but for them it goes beyond being a physical thing but more of a connection between two souls. Their passion takes a jump with the proximity they feel with their partner. Role playing, romance and imagination are the enjoyable experiences for them.

Pisces have a great loyalty to their partner. They are easy going and adapt easily to others. Due to their inherent quality of understanding they get to know what their partner need. During difficult times they will stand rock solid with their partner and will help them to best of their abilities. They feel so attached with the problems their lover is facing that at times they themselves get into troubles in the process of helping them.

Because of their dual nature of remaining dreamy and sensitive, they are prone to addictions and bad eating habits. They are highly driven by emotions and often find it difficult to hide or control their emotions. They can have some sudden burst of emotions of anger or happiness. Their biggest fear is that of being rejected or alone. Pisces need an anchor, a guiding person in their life who can keep them rooted and motivate to utilize their inherent intuitive nature and imagination in positive and productive manner.

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