Setting Powerful Personal Goals

Goals Setting

Setting powerful personal goals gives direction to your life. They make your imagination and vision more tangible, gives you motivation to achieve the same and fills you with confidence. Goal setting is just a plan for future result or possible outcome that you visualize today but if properly done this can become a burning desire that can give whole new direction and meaning to what you do in life.

Most people don’t set goals because either they are scared to put in the labor required to fulfill it or they are very casual about it and underestimate the power of effective goal setting. Whatever be the case they are missing out on this ultimate power as they don’t know the direction to which they need to work. Our brains require clear instructions that are tangible and you can do this by converting your wishes into goals with well laid out plans.

Create A Big Picture

Pool all your thoughts into a journal about the things you want to do or achieve in your life. Remember you have to write down these in your own handwriting as writing gives shape to what is just a vision so far. You are converting intangible into tangible. You are going to create your destiny. Write all whatever comes to your mind. Don’t use generic terms like I want to earn more rather be specific like I want to earn ‘X’ amount per month. Don’t write I want to loose weight rather write I want to reduce 5 Kg in 3 months. Your goals should be clear, specific and measurable.

“Setting goals is the first step in turning the invisible into visible.”– Tony robbins

Set Big Goals

While writing be very enthusiastic and don’t try to rationalize what you can achieve or not. Plan will come later. It is required that you set really big goals because if you set small puny goals, they won’t have the power to motivate you. As David Schwartz said “Think little Goals and expect little achievements. Think big Goals and win big Success.” Your goals should have power to make you jump out of the bed in morning.

Write your goals for different categories like

Personal Goals: Where you want to be, what qualities you require in yourself as a person. It could be your health goals or some place you want to go. How you want to develop your relations, what you want to study or may be want to get rid of some vices you have.

Career Goals: Where you want to reach, what you want to achieve or may be a second career option. How much money you want to earn or whether you want to retire early.

Possessions Goals: Things that you want to possess. Write all the things you have ever wished for. It may be weird or seem out of reach at present but if it is in your heart write it down.

Spiritual Goals: How you want to contribute to the society, what legacy you want to leave. To connect with your creator and know the real you. What mark you will leave on the planet before you leave.

Put A Timeline

Once you have written all these things put a timeline to it’s completion. Until you set a deadline to each task, your ‘goals list’ will remain a ‘wish list’. Mark various things as per time for completion like one year, three years, five years or twenty years from now.

“A dream is just a dream. A goal is a dream with a plan and a deadline.”– Harvey Mackay

Know Your ‘Why’

Next step will be the most crucial part of the whole goal setting exercise. Below every goal write your reasons. Your reasons or ‘why’ you want to achieve something will decide your drive and determination to complete that task. Write with passion because ultimately your emotions only will give power to these goals. If you don’t feel passionately and find that your reason to complete this goal are not strong enough then revisit the first step and set different and more powerful goals.

Write A Plan

Now for each goal set a plan, write it down even when you don’t understand clearly how you will do it. A broad guideline will be developed on which you start taking action immediately. The key word here is immediately. Don’t wait for some perfect time or situation to start working on the plan, that procrastination will kill the whole thing. Start in a way as it comes to your mind and thereafter remain committed to your goal but flexible in your approach.

Work Consistently With Discipline

Action is a magical thing once you start working your capacity and mental sphere grows and with the constant feedback and review you can tweak your approach and finally achieve what you wanted. As they say if your plan doesn’t work change the plan but never the goal. Work hard with consistency and discipline, and nothing will stop you from achieving your Goals.

Read Your Goals Daily

It is very important that you keep feeding your brain positively about your goals. Keep your goals list at a place where you can read them daily, may be in your journal on your work desk or on your pin-up board. It is vital that they remain visible and you read them daily as that will activate your subconscious mind and will always keep you on track. At night think what you have done today to move closer to your goal. Celebrate when you reach some milestones to get the feeling of achievement. This will motivate you further for your final goal.

Goal setting will make you realize what you really want in life. It will separate the important from insignificant and irrelevant things. Make it a point to keep reviewing your goals from time to time and always keep stretching yourself. Always set your long term goals prior to short term goals.

Goals have the power to transform your life. When you start on this path and even miss some of the goals you will still be a much advanced and improved version of yourself.

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Morning Rituals To Kick Start Your Day

Morning ritual

Well begun is half done, goes an old saying and it assumes great significance when we use it in context of beginning of a new day. Your energy levels and productivity is greatly affected by the kind of start you give to your day. Your morning routine has the power to make or break the complete day.

Many people begin their day in a very casual, unplanned and rushed manner. This lead to rollover of the previous day’s chaos and stress on to the new day. Instead you need to take it as a whole new opportunity to correct what didn’t went right the previous day. I have found that developing a morning ritual that we diligently follow daily, do wonders to our efficiency and mood through the day. Everybody will have their own routine but following are some of the common rituals that we can practice to give a kick start to our day:

Get Up Early

Develop the habit to get up early by 5 A.M. It is very calm at this time and you will be able to get much more done when there are no distractions. You will have ample time at your hand to plan your complete day in advance. Drink a glass of warm water with lemon to wake up your internal organs. You may also add honey to it for enhanced taste and additional benefit of weight loss.


Exercise first thing in the morning to keep your body in fit shape. If you are not inclined to strenuous exercises, start with some simple stretching to improve your circulation and get rid of morning rigidity. A simple walk or jog in the park even if it be for half an hour will be good for your heart. Beside the obvious physical benefits when you work out, there is a release of few neurotransmitters like dopamine and serotonin in your brain which gives you feeling of elation and happiness. Take your spouse or a friend along with you. This will make you more disciplined for your routine and at the same time will be good time for personal bonding.


After the physical exercises give the nourishment to your soul. Meditate in the morning calm for sometime. Meditation for 15-20 minutes daily will be a very fulfilling experience that prepare you for the coming challenges of the day. While you meditate try to focus on your breathing. If your thoughts go astray, don’t worry and just remain aware of your breathing. Pray for a short while and see your stress dissolve.

Good Breakfast

A good healthy breakfast goes a long way in making your day great. You may be in a rush for your work but take time out for the first meal of the day and always keep in mind that there are many reasons Why You Should Never Skip Breakfast. Your body is low on energy as it has gone without food for 10-12 hours and the physical exertion of work out in the morning. Breakfast provide for depleting reserves of energy and increases alertness and metabolism.

Having a healthy breakfast is beneficial in fighting against obesity, diabetes and heart disease prevention as well as improving memory functions.

Revisit Your Goals

Before you step out take time out to revisit your both short term term and long term goals list. Your goals provide for the direction where you are headed. They are the light house to steer your ship in the coming storm of the day. Going through your To-Do list will allow you to plan your day to be best utilized in the most productive way. At the outset pick your must do items for the day and start from them only. Long term goals will keep you motivated through the day.

Remind yourself of your wins and achievements. As New York Times bestselling author of Having it All and mindset expert, John Assaraf says that he along with list of his goals, also keep a list of his past achievements that serves the purpose of reinforcing his belief in himself and his capabilities. It gives a boost to your confidence.

Start With Why

Remind yourself about the purpose behind what you are targeting. Start your day by reaffirming your ‘why’. Be creative in the morning when you are fresh, look for some fresh ideas and visualize other ways to achieve your goals.


Morning is the best time if you do some reading. Read some positive, inspirational books that will add to your knowledge as well as inspire you to do something valuable. If you read for only 20 minutes in the morning, it is equivalent to reading 20 pages of 200 books in an year. Just imagine what change this may bring in you. Develop a habit of writing a journal about your thoughts and ideas in the morning when you are inspired and creative juices are flowing.

Dress Smart

Most people get to know you first by your external appearance. For great confidence and increased appreciation by others take good care of yourself. Look sharp and good by grooming and wearing smart clothes and accessories. Keep in mind that it is not just about making some fashion statement but also how you view yourself.

Stay Away From Social Media

Social media today has become a big distraction for people and causes loss of most productive hours. If you want to make your mornings efficient then stay away from social media or unproductive works like checking emails. These should be done only after the most important tasks of the day have been completed.

Listen To Audio Books

While travelling to work make it a habit to listen to audio books in your car. This will be quite informative and nourishing for your mind. On an average if you travel 2 hours in your car then this habit alone will provide you an over 550 hours of learning in an year.

Listed above are some of the habits and rituals that I follow daily to make my mornings positive and inspiring. A good start to the day causes a surge of energy and resultant productivity at work. At the same time I feel more calm and healthy due to my morning rituals.

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Eliminate Negative Emotions

Negative Emotions

What drives you? Have you ever given a thought on this? I believe our emotions are the primary driving force behind our behavior. Our feelings decide how we conduct ourselves, because depending on the most dominant emotions we are experiencing, our energy surges or diminishes. The same person who is overflowing with abundant energy due to positive emotions can be devoid of energy and drive when under the influence of negative emotions.

We are what we think and with our thinking we make our world, so in order to make our life beautiful, it is imperative that we develop positive thinking. Though all kinds of thoughts can take birth, we can train our brains to let only positive thoughts and emotions to take root. For increasing the quality of your life make conscious efforts to nip in bud the following negative emotions:

1. Fear

Fear is a very common emotion and can range from a less intense feeling of panic to dread to very intense terror. Fear in itself is a survival technique employed by the brain to avoid anticipated unpleasant situations. This is very much required feeling to prevent people from getting into dangerous situations and potential harm. It gives an indication to us to be more cautious.

You don’t have to ignore fear but unreasonable amount of fear will also prevent you from taking up challenges that are required for growth. Accept this feeling and prepare for the steps you need to take to deal with this situation effectively. Have faith and remember as Tony Robbins says “Most fears in life rarely come to fruition”.

2. Anger

Anger is a completely normal human emotion of annoyance or displeasure that is used as a protective mechanism to cover up fear or sadness. From a lower intensity irritation it may be as intense as rage. If fear would make a danger seem bigger than it actually is, anger does the opposite. It will make danger smaller and actions less risky and may lead to reckless behaviors.

You get angry when you want to stop the threatening behavior from outside or feel that your rules or standards are not being followed by others. By being angry you want to communicate to others about this violation and this aggression may at times be helpful if others have knowingly done the wrongs.

But you need to remember uncontrolled anger negatively affects the personal and social equations. You need to understand that what is violation of your personal standards could be perfectly normal for the other person or they might not have done it deliberately. Try to convey your feelings calmly and may be many would understand your view.

3. Frustration

Frustration is the feeling of being upset due to various roadblocks and difficulties in life. When we are unable to change or achieve something, circumstances that keep us away from our success despite our continuous efforts tend to make us frustrated.

Frustration is simply a more intense negative emotion than dissatisfaction which is very much required for personal growth. If we are complacent and satisfied about our current position in life then it will be a deterrent to improvements and growth.

When frustrated realize that this feeling is indicating to you that you need to change your ways to get results. Brainstorm, change your approach and take help of others who have already achieved what you want to achieve. Many a time we just need to step back and see all the possibilities from a different perspective  and we will be able to find solution to our challenges.

4. Sadness

At some point of time in our lives, we all experience the feeling of sadness. Failures, pain, disappointments and losses, all make us sad. Feeling of sadness tells us that what we were really going after will probably be never achieved, and now it is a time that we changed our goals. In such situations you need to keep in mind that if something is delayed, it doesn’t mean that it is denied.

Sadness is an important emotion that reminds us what matters to us. We realize the value of our goal and the pain that is associated when it is not fulfilled. We need to learn from the situation, chart a new route to achieve our goal or may be set an all-together new and higher goal.

A very big warning bell that is needed to be sounded out here is to differentiate sadness and depression. Depression is the most severe stage of sadness with associated feeling of being helpless and with nothing to look forward in life.

5. Loneliness

Loneliness is one of the worst negative feelings. This is the feeling that makes you feel alone and separate from others. It indicates that nobody cares for you. Loneliness is worst than severe poverty. You probably are missing your friends and have no company to share your achievements with.

Just change your thought pattern and see that there are caring people all around. Think carefully whether you are alone or lonely. Simplest steps that you can take to change your status is that you need to open up, reach out and connect with others around you.

At last we need to remember that all emotions are normal, healthy and required. These negative emotions make us more alive and make all our relations, achievements and possessions valuable. To deal with such negative emotions, it is required that we lower their intensity. Start thinking, ‘it’s just that you are in a state of bad mood and that these feelings are temporary’. To correct bad mood see: 8 Ways to improve your Mood

Offer your brain empowering messages about your emotions and change yourself. Start accepting your emotions consciously and realize that it is not very desirable to contradict any feelings. Remember when you suppress your negative emotions you lose the appreciation of your emotions of love, passion or desire. You need to value these so called negative feelings and at the same time not to dwell on them and feel victimized.

Finally keep in mind that emotions are like waves, they come and go back. Keep a check on them and they will provide beauty and meaning to life but if left unchecked they can be destructive. In the end YOU ARE THE MASTER.

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Personality Traits Of Pisces


Pisces by nature are generous and are great respecter of customs and traditions. They have a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study. Pisces absorb knowledge especially about history, travel and research quite easily. The zodiac sign of Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign. It commences on February 20th and remain in strength until March 20th. From February 20th till February 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of previous sign and comes into full strength only after that.

Pisces have a general dislike of dependence on others that is why they are usually cautious and at time over anxious about money matters and future. The ruling planet Neptune makes these people more intuitive then others and with artistic bend of mind.


People born under Pisces sign are very persistent and generally rise up to position of trust and responsibility. They are problem solver and make good researchers. But their primary traits make them more suitable and natural in creative fields. They are born performers. They become very good artists, musician or earn fame in literary world. Leadership positions though are not for them because they lack self discipline and self confidence. Pisces require encouragement for fulfilling their great potential and if they find purpose they can rise to occasion like no other sign.

Pisces have a dual element to their nature. Though they are extremely gifted in creative fields most of them will find easy way out and become lazy. In their heart they don’t give much importance to money but still quite often they will go back on promises. On one hand they could be inclined to gratify their sense of luxury and be self indulgent, on the other they could be very miserly. But they need to exercise caution to not let their negative side dominate otherwise they could be quite reckless with money and may be addicted to drugs or drinks.


This is a compassionate sign. Pisces in general are caring. Because of their creative nature they are very expressive and would want their family members to be the same. People close to them should take care about their sensitive nature otherwise they can turn moody and can get hurt easily by others. Most vital for them in all relationship is heart to heart communication.


Beside being very compassionate and caring, Pisces are also very faithful. They possess great fidelity and loyalty. They are usually very gentle but at some time may become quite obsessive. They don’t take kindly to rejection. When in a relation they will be deeply connected with their partner and the superficial flings are not for them. They will be caring and generous lover who like to shower their loved ones with gifts. A dominant partner will be better suited for them because that will keep them rooted and away from their habit of getting involved in vices.


Pisces have a great loyalty to friends. They are easy going and adapt easily to others. Due to their inherent quality of understanding they get to know what their friends need. At such times they will stand rock solid with their friends and will help them to best of their abilities. They feel so attached with the problems their friends are facing that at times they themselves get into troubles in the process of helping them. Pisces are socially popular, exciting and caring. They don’t get involved in arguments and friendship with them can be very fulfilling. Their most enduring friendship is with people of Cancer zodiac.


Pisces usually have delicate health. They may suffer from nerves problems, insomnia and despondency. Because of their dual nature of remaining dreamy and sensitive, they are prone to addictions and bad eating habits. Health problems of poor circulation and anemia are common to Pisces. Intestinal problems are also very common to them. They may take care of their health if they keep control on their emotions. They are inclined to brood over health matters and perceive the problems bigger than they actually are. For best health and spirit they should live in bright, sunny, dry climate and take their exercises seriously.

Pisces Overview

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Fish

Lucky Colours: Mauve, Violet and Purple

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Stones: Agates, Sapphires, Emeralds

Some Famous Personalities:  Joseph Jefferson, George Pullman, Michael Angelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Justin Bieber

Positive Qualities: Compassionate, Intuitive, Loyal, Artistic and Imaginative.

Negative Qualities: Emotional, Escapist, Unmotivated, Unreliable and Fearful.

Pisces are generally fond of sea and water and can make excellent sea captain and sailors. They may be good in dealing with shipping and trade with other countries. They also have a unique mystical side to their nature. They are superstitious and occult believers. One of the biggest limitation in Pisces is their sensitiveness. This may get them distracted from their path and make some grave errors and fall in the trap of self pity. They may get addicted to drinks or gambling. If they overcome this emotional side then there is no position in life that they could not achieve.

Friendly Pisces are very selfless and have a great strength of character. They need an anchor, a guiding person in their life who can keep them rooted and motivate to utilize their inherent intuitive nature and imagination in positive and productive manner.

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How To Earn More


Who does not want to earn more? May be for your shopping that you have always secretly wished for or to cover up your shortfall in routine expenses, a little extra cash is something which is always very desirable. But many a times people get scared and develop a tunnel vision and a meek approach whereby they just focus on cutting down their expenses rather than looking at the prospects of boosting their earnings. If you give it a serious thought earning extra may not be very difficult. You can earn extra cash by various methods and below is a brief list of the same that we have compiled:

By Working more

To work more is one of the simplest thing which comes to mind when you think of earning more. You can simply put in extra hours at your own work place or work part time at some other place, both way you stand to earn a decent amount of extra money. Talk to your boss if he has some extra work for you at office that you could complete to earn some fast cash.

For part time work opportunities these days there are many websites and apps that are devoted only to this. If you have some skill, it may be put to use for earning extra money. There are some works which can be easily done part time according to your available free time like becoming a tutor or a baby sitter or a care giver to the elderly.

You can also take the help of your friends to know various opportunities that may be available in their circle. To work freelance, there are many great opportunities. More the knowledge required for completion of task, more is the earning potential.

But ultimately there is a limit to working more as you have only a limited time and beyond that you won’t be able to work without having some adverse effects on your health and social life. Put on your thinking cap and start looking for other options. For your reference in such conditions continue reading below for other ways to earn more.

By Selling You stuff

Selling your product is an excellent way to earn more. Today with the advent of online shopping portals you can sell your stuff easily and at a good margin. Your time involvement and investment is also limited. If you are good at art and craft or painting then you can sell your stuff directly to the buyers at fraction of the cost. Same way if you can write some books, it is so easy these days to get published in electronic form and earn some extra cash.

Then there are some websites that deal in your used stuff also. You can generate some handsome amount if you have your old books, jewellery, gadgets or other stuff that you have not used in months and don’t intend to do in near future also.

By Renting Out

From an extra space in your house to an extra vacant seat in your car, you can always rent these. If you are travelling by your car alone then log on to the apps available online which will help you find a journey partner. This will help you to generate some extra cash and the resultant car pooling can be good for fighting pollution. If you are living in a big house then rent out the unused portions. You can also get roommates to share your room to earn extra money.

If you have a car that is used only occasionally then you can hire a driver and enroll with the cab service provider. This way your car will be used for generating cash and it will be converted from a liability to an earning asset.

Equipment rental is another frontier to earn serious money. From music players to projectors to small scientific machines and instruments, everything is in demand and thus can easily be rented by creating advertisements through local newspaper or websites.

Do you have a great collection of movies or may be even formal clothes, the rental market is open for you.

By Saving More

Now there is an old saying that “money saved is money earned” and how true. On one hand when you save your money by avoiding some purchase or expense, you decrease the requirement for earning that money. At time you can save a substantial amount if you decide to shop for lesser known brands compared to the expensive top brands. Keep in mind if you research well and devote some time you will find many options which are comparable on quality but are much more economical.

More importantly on the other side the amount that you save by not spending or spending more judiciously, can be utilized as investment and will in turn earn you more money.

Start the habit of savings early and put the funds in some investment instrument after due diligence. Use the power of compounding in your favour and see your money grow over a period of time. Einstein once said that compounding is the eighth wonder of the world. If you continue with the process you can grow your investments into a big pool of fund that can earn you more money than even your full time working. Start your stream of passive income and be financially free.

And lastly you can save on the amount of interest that you pay on your loans if you close them by paying off with savings or shifting to some other financial institution with lower interest rates.

Even if you are having limited resources keep in mind that the first step to increasing anything is to increase awareness. It is said that it is not resources but resourcefulness that is more important. Look around you for hidden opportunities, be curious all the time because you don’t know when you will stumble upon a bright prospect. Create your own opportunities by being conscious and with strict discipline. If you develop a strong desire you will be able to find some avenues to earn more, and as it happens sometimes, significantly MORE.

Success Rules By John Maxwell


John C. Maxwell is an American motivational speaker and author to many bestselling books on leadership. Some of his most famous books are ‘The 21 irrefutable laws of leadership’, ‘The 15 invaluable laws of growth’ and ‘5 levels of leadership’. He served as pastor for many years before making a shift in his career to be more devoted in public speaking. We have listed below some of his most valuable lessons:

1. To Value Today

As John puts it, success in anything is more of a daily thing. It is decided by the daily agenda you follow. Keep in mind that today matters. Decision making and managing that decision daily are altogether different things. It is good that you visualize tomorrow, that offcourse is your goal but important thing is to value today. Consider what efforts you put in daily that take you toward your goal. Your daily schedule will decide whether you are repairing yesterday’s mistakes or preparing for moving towards your goals. Remember your every step is a progressive realization of your goal. You work all life to become overnight success

2. Attitude is difference marker

Many people say that attitude is everything but John says that it is important but not everything. He believes that attitude basically is the difference marker between two people with equal capabilities and caliber. It is the main thing when competence is equal.

3. Work Smart

You have two different aspect of your personality. One aspect is in the area of choices in which you can make big difference by working on them. For example attitude, you can change massively in this area just by changing your choice to improve. In such areas it is better to work on your weaknesses. But the other aspect of your personality where your growth will be slow even when you make big efforts like in giftedness, you need to work on your strengths.

4. Make Trade-Offs

John says that at every step of your life, you need to trade-off something. You need to give something to receive something better or of your liking. As you move higher and become more successful you will need to have higher trade-offs. You will need to trade-off your comfort for growth, office hours for family time and so on. You have to give up in order to go up.

5. Add Value To People

Adding value to people can be the best contribution that a leader can give. One should become a leader for this rather than for just getting a position in hierarchy. To add value to people you are required to make yourself more valuable. Always keep learning and increase  your capabilities because you can’t give what you don’t have. Best leaders will get to know their people and relate through them what they value.

6. Lead By Example

To be successful and a leader in your circle you need to lead by example. If people see that you do what you preach, then they surely will follow you. People do what they see and not what they are told. They want to see that if any difficulties come their leader stand in front and face them first. They want you to guide them and give strength to the organization. If a leader doesn’t do so there will be loss of morale and enthusiasm in team.

7. Ask More Questions

There are few bosses who want to give the impression that they know everything and are in command on every issue. But a true leader is pretty good at asking questions. Your vision increases when you seek answers to these questions. You  will be learning a lot once you start asking more intelligent questions. If you don’t ask questions, there will be no new ideas.  Be very curious and remain on path to learning

8. Now Is The Time

Understand the importance of being in present, don’t procrastinate and never leave a task that you start unfinished. Your goals may be difficult to achieve but leaving them midway will hurt you for long time to come. Don’t settle for comfort to avoid the rigors of today. When challenge arises, face it and never sell your mission for comfort. Don’t fail to realize the importance of present because you will never get back the wasted time.

9. Connect And Communicate

For success in personal and professional life the skill of effective communication will always give you a very decisive edge. You should Communicate to Connect. The most significant requirements in a leader are vision, consensus, charisma and trustworthiness. All these are qualities that give you ability to identify and relate to people and increase your influence with them. Getting along with people and connecting with them is the one must have skill if you want to be a good leader.

10. Find Your Purpose

Finding your ‘why’ and knowing your purpose is very important because the knowledge of purpose gives you immense confidence and become your anchor. It is said that those who have a strong ‘why’ will definitely get to their goals. Any task that is worth doing will have it’s own share of hurdles and only those who are driven with a strong sense of purpose will be able to overcome them.

11. Self Discipline

Nobody can overlook the importance of self discipline. All the qualities described above will be wasted if the leader doesn’t have self discipline. As Elbert Hubbard said, “Self-discipline is the ability to make yourself what you should do, when you should do it, whether you feel like it or not”. Just do it.

12. Find Mentors

Nobody has all the knowledge. Find mentors, those who have already traveled that path prior to you. The guidance you will receive from them will save you years in learning by yourself. There is no shortage of knowledge rather a shortage of people who want to be educated. John advises, “One of the greatest values of mentors is the ability to see ahead what others cannot see and to help them navigate a course to their destination.”

Follow these few golden rules for success and happiness in your life.

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8 Things You Must Give Up


To be successful in life we make so much of efforts in our own personal development. But most of the time we keep our focus on the qualities and skills that we need to acquire and ignore that a very important self improvement philosophy is to cut down on our negative qualities that we might not even notice. The baggage of these negative traits or experiences prevents us from reaching the pinnacle of success that each of us can achieve.

With very little efforts we can remove these things from our life but the first step towards this is to take note of these negative baggage of ours. Once we thoroughly learn these, getting rid of them will not be very difficult.

1. Give Up Excuses

Biggest gift that you can give yourself is to eliminate the excuses from your life. Cut them out and move towards success, always take full responsibility of every aspect of your life. Most people fall back on excuses may be of difficult circumstances, their upbringing or other hardships that they faced. But the crux of the matter is that they don’t have any significance. Life is not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. Your challenges that you may view as excuses can turn into your strongest motivation, just by changing the way you see them. Take responsibility, work hard and design your destiny.

2. Give Up Self-Doubt

Self doubt is one of the biggest enemy you may be carrying inside you. Your fear of failure, that you are not cut out for the upcoming challenge will render you impotent even before you start your journey. Nobody is perfect and the biggest learning comes when you get involved to do the task at hand. Does the small child, who is taking his first steps, thinks in his head, whether he can learn walking or not. The capabilities you have will reveal them to you only when you start on the task. Remember in a foggy night keep walking and the road will emerge.

3. Give Up Fear Of Failure / Success

Let’s accept the fact that fear is only an illusion. We create fear in our mind and it can get converted into a very big obstacle in our path to glory. Failure as such may turn into your greatest teacher and make you try even harder next time. Most often people think there is fear of failure, I will say people fear success also. Some people fear that success will create a divide between them and their people. But if someone is close to you and really thinks well of you then he or she will never feel insecure with your success and rather motivate you to reach greater heights.

4. Give Up Procrastination

As they say journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. Learn this philosophy, this is extremely powerful and will take you long way ahead. Most of the people keep waiting for a perfect opportunity to start, they will wait endlessly for that perfect business offer, or that day when they will start on their fitness regimen. Whereas the successful people have a very contrasting approach. They have a tendency to start and make the opportunities perfect. They will learn on the job and create more resources to help them complete the work. Always keep in mind that the most difficult part of doing something is to start, once you commence the task, you will get a number of ways to complete it.

5. Give Up People Pleasing

Most people want to get the other’s affirmation on their point of view so in general they try to please all. There is a always a possibility that people, being as diverse as they are, will have different opinions and you will not be able to please all of them every time. This is perfectly normal and you should not fret over it. Don’t waste your energy in pleasing everyone rather remain authentic and true to your vision and you will see most of them start  understanding you. At the end of the day there will always be some ‘haters’, just don’t give them too much of importance and carry on with your tasks.

6. Give Up Negative Thinking

We are only physical manifestation of our thoughts. Indulging in negative thinking can be the biggest roadblock in your journey of life. When you give importance to negative thoughts, you will make a mountain out of a hill mole. You start looking at the problems bigger than they are and loose your confidence in tackling them. Negative thinking will severely reduce your optimism and hope for the future and in that state of mind you will take very inappropriate decisions. This in turn impact your productivity negatively.

Another closely related thing to negative thinking is your indulging in negative self-talk where you start doubting your own capabilities. Stay away from these things if you want to be successful.

7. Give Up Judging Others

Another negative trait found in many people is the propensity to judge others. We don’t have any idea about the struggles others might be going through and still we judge them based on our own perspectives. Biggest problem about judging others is that we don’t give them the opportunity to explain their point and make up an opinion about them or their work solely based on our own stand point. When we judge people, we close our eyes not only to the wonderful gifts they might have been endowed with, but also to our own shortcomings.

8. Give Up On Negative People In Your Circle

We are most influenced by our peers and social circle. For success in life you need to be good at networking and making connections. But keep in mind that you also need to keep a close eye on the negative people who get into your circle. It is said that if you are the most successful person in your group, time is ripe that you change your group. The effect of qualities that your peers possess will rub on to you. Now it is up to you what you want to attract, positive and progressive qualities or the degrading ones.

With slight alteration in our views and by taking care to minimize or better still remove these few things we can grow into the individual, we have always desired, and to our complete potential.

Hope you liked the article.


How To Have A Winning Attitude


You are the only person who will determine the outcome of your life. Whether you carry on in your life with a positive attitude, with hope for the future or with a negative attitude of complain, self doubt or hopelessness, it is entirely up to you. See yourself at peace with yourself, visualize your success even when you are striving towards it. As Zig Ziglar said, “If you don’t see yourself as a winner, then you cannot perform as a winner.”

For success in business or life one requires a lot of hard work and dedication, but for me a positive and winning attitude is the most important requirement. When temporary failures and obstacles comes our way only with a strong positive mental attitude we will be able to march forward towards success and the majority will succumb to the difficulties and loose site of their goals. To reach the pinnacle of success in you life, starting today develop these qualities and attitude of winners:

1. Ask Powerful Questions

When hard times comes many people start wondering and get in a downward spiral of self pity and start questioning, why it is happening to them, why after all efforts they are unable to get what they want. Winners on the other hand ask different questions, what are the short comings in my efforts, what more can I do to achieve my goals, how can I improve  it further and when they ask such constructive and powerful questions, they come across new ways to get what they desire.

2. Take Responsibility

You will agree that most of the times majority will point the reason of failure towards outside . They will blame everything from bad season to weak economy, from high competition to unethical practices. But the winners have the attitude of accepting failure. They will take it as their responsibility. Once you stop whining about the reasons about which you can not do anything, you start looking for solutions. That is the path to success.

3. Focus on long term goals

Let’s accept the fact that no business or for that matter, the conditions in life remain constant or move in single direction. There will be time when you will be facing difficult circumstances and go off track. An important point to remember here is that you need to focus on your long term goals even when facing short term hiccups. If you focus on long term and work on solutions according to the larger vision surely you will be able to make amends and will not be side tracked. Vince Lombardi once said,“It’s easy to have faith in yourself and have discipline when you’re a winner, when you’re number one. What you got to have is faith and discipline when you are not a winner.”

4. Be a life long learner

In today’s competitive world the half life of any profession is not more than 3-4 years, meaning it requires continuous learning and innovation in the way you perform your functions. Fact is that 80% of people stop learning anything new after they get into their profession. Learn from every opportunity. Learning even a single new skill will offer so much of advantage to you that you may not even imagine right now. Don’t waste your time in unnecessary chit-chats or social networks, join some related course or go to a seminar and sharpen your saw. Winners have a habit of continuous learning and will possess bigger libraries than bigger TVs.

5. Learn to take risks

Many people are so averse to taking risk that they forfeit their chance of growth. They fear failures without realizing that there is no bigger teacher in life than failures. Taking calculated risks is a winner’s attitude that can take you a long way.

6. Always be Enthusiastic

To have a great positive outlook for the future is definitely a winner’s attitude. Many people surround themselves with negativity because of their failures of the past. They lack optimism in their vision and once someone loose hope for the future, they will never be able to achieve anything of consequence. To do our tasks with great enthusiasm with a belief that we will achieve our goals, and looking at the future with optimism is an attitude that only winners possess.

7. Appreciate the intangible

In the daily grind of things people start relating success with money or position alone. It is very important for you to notice the intangibles like peace in life, your health and family. People with the winning attitude realize that life is not all about money making and they understand what their real assets are.

8. See the gain, not the pain

Winners will always have a strong laser like focus on their goals and the gains that they are after, and they will leave no stone un-turned to design their destiny. On the other hand majority will get frightened with the sheer amount of hard work they need to put up to reach the top and will slip into mediocrity. There simply is no substitute of hard work. To stand up to the challenges and discipline of consistent hard work is a winner’s attitude.

James Allen in his book ‘As a man thinketh’ has gone in detail how our thoughts affect us. It is said we become what we think. So to be a winner in life we require to think as a winner. With full faith in our capabilities, a laser like focus and determination we should continue on the path of progress and success.


Personality Traits Of Aquarius


The eleventh house or the zodiac sign of Aquarius commences on January 21st and remain in strength until February 19th. From January 21st till  January 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of the previous sign and comes into full strength only after that. It is known as the house of dreamers and friendship. Aquarius born are shy and quiet but they are very energetic. People born under this sign are humanitarians and remain quite active for social cause. They readily give to relieve distress of others.

The ruling planet Uranus give these people great intuitive skills but may also give them some eccentric side. They love to socialize and are pretty good at networking. They love to be surrounded with people and are devoted friends. At the same time they read character instinctively and thereby can ‘see through’ people easily.


They are very good reasoners and have a scientific turn of mind. They have great vision and imagination. These qualities allow them to become great inventors, scientists, researchers or to be good in the field of business and finance. Because of intellectual bend of mind they are successful in debate and have great interest in public meetings.

Aquarius people require their freedom at work and they want their work atmosphere to be intellectually engaging where they could have satisfaction of application of their abilities. They typically are not suitable for a routine 9 to 5 job. If there is no mental stimulation they are not motivated at the job.

But because of their being oversensitive and temperamental nature they are inclined in normal circumstances to let opportunities slip by or realize when it is too late. In general they are more successful for others than they are for themselves.


Aquarius are free spirited and they get tremendous stress if they do not get adequate space and liberty. In family relations Aquarius person will be quite frank with their children and give them complete freedom. Same way with the older generation they will be quite sincere,  but will demand their fair share of freedom and equality. They are not very demonstrative in affection but from the inside they are very faithful.


Relation for Aquarius is as much a mental thing as much it is physical. Intellectual stimulation keep them interested. They are very honest and sincere in relation. If you are in love with an Aquarius person then it is important that you take interest in their pastimes and interests. Do not push the relation and allow it to mature over time. Aquarius develop trust slowly over time that is why till they don’t feel comfortable they may seem just cold and detached.


Aquarius have a unique social charm and have a lot of friends. In general they are amiable and cheery. Because of their nature to help others, they will always stand by their friends in the time of need. Aquarius friends are extremely faithful and compassionate. From the outside most of the times they seem quite frank and jovial but inside they are quite oversensitive and many a time they feel lonely in life. They get comfortable and compatible with people born under the sun signs of Gemini or Libra.


They many a time overlook health, remaining concerned with what the world requires of them. They should take time out to fulfill their emotional needs. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles. They are prone to have arthritis and have weak bone structure. They need to take care against fractures or other bone injuries. They suffer most from stomach, often through the nerves of the stomach. Aquarius may also suffer with bad circulation issues and the resultant problems like hypertension, peripheral artery diseases or heart diseases.


Aquarius Overview

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Symbol: Water glyph (The water bearer)

Lucky Colours: Light Blue and Grey

Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Stones: Saffires, Pink Topazes

Some Famous Personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin

Positive Qualities: Leadership skills, Scientific temperament, Cooperative, Faithful.

Negative Qualities: Inconsistent, Detached, Eccentric, Unemotional.

Aquarius see world as full of possibilities. They believe in innovation and intellect of people. They have pleasant personality and have a large social circle. They have good vision to see into the future and to do the deep thinking, so required, they relish there alone time. But Aquarius can also be very sensitive and thus rarely get attached to their relationships. They are rebellious in nature and remain uncompromising for their freedom and liberty. Frequent change is not to their liking and they prefer the company of people who are intelligent and witty just like them.

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader


“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, YOU ARE A LEADER” – John Quincy Adams

Leadership is social influence on the people that motivates them to put their efforts in achieving common goal. It is setting a vision for growth, empowering people and increasing their worth. Leadership is not a position or a title, it comes to those who choose to help their people and do things that help all those who are involved.

One could be a leader at work or in neighborhood, for the country or his family. What people can not see in themselves a real leader will make them believe that they have it. If you have been wondering whether you have what it takes to be a leader or not, read on our take on a true leader and his qualities.

Position Is Management

In company or businesses, people usually think they have become a leader when they start by getting a position in hierarchy by promotion. But they need to understand that they have become only a positional leader because of their title. This is only management and not leadership. At this level of gaining positional leadership people follow them because they have to. At this level the subordinates will be giving the least amount of energy and commitment.

Understand Your People

If you are at this place take care that to go up the ladder of leadership you need to start developing relationship with your subordinates. You will need to understand them well by listening to them and their concern. You will be required to closely observe them and learn about them. Only then you will be able to truly represent them and be genuinely liked by them. Lot many people are not likable by staff because they feel that just because they hold a higher designation or office, they are automatically superior to others.

Develop Relations

You need to understand that all leaders are particularly good at developing relations and relations can be developed only when we give respect to others and gain their confidence in us. No relation is possible without a sense of trust. To develop trust believe in them, their capabilities and competence. Once you listen to them, their difficulties and their opinions you will be better placed to understand them. Learn from this and get close to your people and soon they will start feeling more committed to you.

Make Them Feel Secured

A very important requirement of leader is to make their people feel secured under his wings. People are able to contribute only when they have full sense of security. Leaders are those who stand with their team during adversity and more importantly face it first. Leaders need to protect their people and make them feel that they belong to common group. They need to be more like a tour guide who show you the way and tell what lies ahead rather than behaving like a travel agent who sends you to places where he himself might not have gone. Leaders don’t cross the finish line first, they take their team along.

Take Responsibility and Give Credit

If there are any any difficulties or challenges a true leader will stand first in line. People follow, as they see and not what they are told. Leaders need to lead by example. When people see the commitment you are having they give their all to the purpose. It is said that ‘an army of sheep led by a lion can defeat an army of lions led by a sheep.’ On having a great leader among them people become highly energetic and give maximum contribution. This is the level from which you start getting high production and results. You develop momentum. Problems solve at this level because momentum is a leader’s best friend. It allow you to break through all barriers which were earlier not possible.

The leaders get privilege in all things but they need to understand their responsibility that they are here to serve. Pass on the credit of achievements to your team. This will increase their morale like anything. True leader will be last to take credit because he understand that leadership comes from moral authority and not from position. Leader need to have support of his people and a deep conscience. Remember you are because of your people, so enjoy their respect and allow them to take credit.

Define Purpose And Vision Clearly

Another very important role of the leader is to clearly define the purpose. When the vision of the company, it’s values and the goals are clear to people and they themselves are involved in it, they feel they are the part of whole process. This sense of ownership will unleash their talent and creativity. Their resourcefulness will be much better utilized.

Develop Other Leaders

A primary task for a leader is to develop other leaders. There is nothing as bad as an unsecured leader who fears from developing other people thinking his importance will decrease. A true leader is one who recruit other people, train them well, equip them even better and then in true spirit of leadership pass on the mantle to them.

For most of the people leadership is only hierarchical position, a position of authority or simply a designation that they use for organizing other’s efforts. But for true leaders it is the chance and a choice to serve people, empowering them, maximizing their potentials, creating new landmarks and most importantly produce great results by developing great teams. Leadership is a lifelong journey of learning and experiencing, and for me the sole end purpose is to gain other’s RESPECT. 

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