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The eleventh house or the zodiac sign of Aquarius commences on January 21st and remain in strength until February 19th. From January 21st till  January 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of the previous sign and comes into full strength only after that. It is known as the house of dreamers and friendship. Aquarius born are shy and quiet but they are very energetic. People born under this sign are humanitarians and remain quite active for social cause. They readily give to relieve distress of others.

The ruling planet Uranus give these people great intuitive skills but may also give them some eccentric side. They love to socialize and are pretty good at networking. They love to be surrounded with people and are devoted friends. At the same time they read character instinctively and thereby can ‘see through’ people easily.


They are very good reasoners and have a scientific turn of mind. They have great vision and imagination. These qualities allow them to become great inventors, scientists, researchers or to be good in the field of business and finance. Because of intellectual bend of mind they are successful in debate and have great interest in public meetings.

Aquarius people require their freedom at work and they want their work atmosphere to be intellectually engaging where they could have satisfaction of application of their abilities. They typically are not suitable for a routine 9 to 5 job. If there is no mental stimulation they are not motivated at the job.

But because of their being oversensitive and temperamental nature they are inclined in normal circumstances to let opportunities slip by or realize when it is too late. In general they are more successful for others than they are for themselves.


Aquarius are free spirited and they get tremendous stress if they do not get adequate space and liberty. In family relations Aquarius person will be quite frank with their children and give them complete freedom. Same way with the older generation they will be quite sincere,  but will demand their fair share of freedom and equality. They are not very demonstrative in affection but from the inside they are very faithful.


Relation for Aquarius is as much a mental thing as much it is physical. Intellectual stimulation keep them interested. They are very honest and sincere in relation. If you are in love with an Aquarius person then it is important that you take interest in their pastimes and interests. Do not push the relation and allow it to mature over time. Aquarius develop trust slowly over time that is why till they don’t feel comfortable they may seem just cold and detached.


Aquarius have a unique social charm and have a lot of friends. In general they are amiable and cheery. Because of their nature to help others, they will always stand by their friends in the time of need. Aquarius friends are extremely faithful and compassionate. From the outside most of the times they seem quite frank and jovial but inside they are quite oversensitive and many a time they feel lonely in life. They get comfortable and compatible with people born under the sun signs of Gemini or Libra.


They many a time overlook health, remaining concerned with what the world requires of them. They should take time out to fulfill their emotional needs. Aquarius rules the calves and ankles. They are prone to have arthritis and have weak bone structure. They need to take care against fractures or other bone injuries. They suffer most from stomach, often through the nerves of the stomach. Aquarius may also suffer with bad circulation issues and the resultant problems like hypertension, peripheral artery diseases or heart diseases.


Aquarius Overview

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Uranus, Saturn

Symbol: Water glyph (The water bearer)

Lucky Colours: Light Blue and Grey

Lucky Number: 4, 7, 11, 22, 29

Lucky Day: Saturday

Lucky Stones: Saffires, Pink Topazes

Some Famous Personalities: Abraham Lincoln, Bob Marley, Oprah Winfrey, Cristiano Ronaldo, Michael Jordan, Thomas Edison, Charles Darwin

Positive Qualities: Leadership skills, Scientific temperament, Cooperative, Faithful.

Negative Qualities: Inconsistent, Detached, Eccentric, Unemotional.

Aquarius see world as full of possibilities. They believe in innovation and intellect of people. They have pleasant personality and have a large social circle. They have good vision to see into the future and to do the deep thinking, so required, they relish there alone time. But Aquarius can also be very sensitive and thus rarely get attached to their relationships. They are rebellious in nature and remain uncompromising for their freedom and liberty. Frequent change is not to their liking and they prefer the company of people who are intelligent and witty just like them.

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