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January people belong to the zodiac sign of Capricorn which is from December 21st to January 20th and cusp of incoming sign Aquarius. The power oriented constellation of Capricorn has planet of tough lessons and wisdom, Saturn as it’s ruling planet. The astrological symbol for them is Goat.

People born under this sign have a strong mental force and have great motivation to succeed. This is the most goal oriented sign of the zodiac and they take everything from career to personal relations as a serious business. Nothing comes to them easily but like the goat slowly and against all odds they climb towards the peak.


January people are great thinkers and make natural heads of business organisations. They are ambitious so either they will lead the group or not be it’s part at all. Capricorns are fiercely independent and normally shoulder the burden alone. They are workaholics and extremely focused on their professional goals. They could single handedly complete any job and because of their extreme capabilities find it difficult to trust others easily. Though they are quite bossy but because they have good understanding of interpersonal relations, they continue to remain quite popular in their circle.

Capricorn have a strong architectural or mathematical ability, because of this they are quite adept in investing. They have a strong affinity for material and financial stability.

Owing to their organizational skills, patience and hard working nature they are suitable for any career but ideal career choices for Capricorn could be either in computers, electronics, banking, finance or managerial consultant.


They have a very strong sense of responsibility right from their childhood. They are keen to own up their responsibilities and fulfill the aspirations of people. If you belong to this sign then you are the ‘rock’ that your family relies on. Capricorn person is extremely protective of his family and friends. They have a warm heart not only for own people but in general towards other’s sufferings. January people are inclined to give liberally to charities.


Love is very important to Capricorn and it is all about bonds, responsibility and stability. They have a soft and gentle side to them hidden inside a hard and stern outer look. They take their own time to open up and show their passion and charm. They are self made, highly ambitious, attracted to power and success and may marry into wealth. They rarely go into some flirtatious relationships.


Capricorn worship intellectual and clever people. They are person of action, not words and make compassionate friends who willingly tackle other’s problems. A Capricorn will remain very sympathetic, caring and helpful to his friends. They get along nicely with people under the signs of Cancer and Virgo.

January people love party and adventure. They crack jokes at the drop of a hat and their sense of humor is a class apart. Capricorn men are among the wittiest people around and they know how to make others happy.


January people tend towards longevity and they seem to defy old age. They retain remarkably youthful appearance and seems to get younger by the day. On health front Capricorn is linked to the skeleton and bones, the knees, joints, skin and scalp. They generally seem to suffer from indigestion, joints and bones problems, tooth decay. If you belong to this sun sign then consume a diet which is high in protein and calcium to keep your skin, bones and teeth in perfect condition.

Capricorn Overview

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Saturn

Symbol: Goat

Lucky Colours: All tones of grey, violet and purple

Lucky Number: 2, 4 and 8

Lucky Day: Saturday

Some Famous Personalities: Rudyard Kipling, Stephen Hawking, Muhammad Ali, Benjamin Franklin, Swami Vivekanand, Jim Carrey, Richard Nixon, Oprah Winfrey

Positive Qualities: Wise, Cautious, Positive, Ambitious, Resourceful

Negative Qualities and Traits: Jealous, Selfish, Dictatorial, Discontent, Prone to depression.

Capricorn are very ambitious people and they tend to get what they want because they are very patient and good planners. They like to remain in control of their surroundings as well as their relations. They are hesitant in showing their emotions and opens to others only after taking their time. If you are born under this sun sign then in a nutshell you are responsible, patient, ambitious, resourceful and a loyal person.

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