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Represented in symbolism as ‘The Balance’, Libra is the sign of people who are peaceful, balanced and fair. They are some of the most level headed and practical people. Libra has two sides to them as represented by the balancing scale but it is in a way different from Gemini, that they want to analyze all things before making up their mind. The zodiac sign of Libra commences on September 21st and continues until October 20th. It remains under the cusp of the previous sign until September 28th and comes in full strength only after that.

Libra are keen minded people who are inspired by interesting books, discussions and intelligent people. They hate being alone and always look to make partnerships. They are social people who make excellent hosts and hostesses and can organize a get together at the drop of a hat. Libra people are positive and decisive in their thoughts and actions. They also have great foresight and intuition which is seen as best when they are acting on first impressions.


Libra people have an intelligent mind, because of their intellect they can judge things very carefully. They are strongly endowed with the desire to reason out everything. They have great reverence for knowledge and can spend their lifetime in study and research. Libra wants harmony in all aspects of their life so partnership or working in teams is ideal and very natural for them. The ruling planet Venus makes them interested in art, music and beautiful places. Creative careers as actors or directors are much suited to them.

Libra are often psychic, having curious presentiments and make devout spiritualists, theosophists and occultists. They are also often successful as speculators. Their inherent quality of justice makes them good student of law. Libra born make good name as lawyers and judges. The sharp mind help make Librans excellent doctors. This is the sign of some of the most diplomatic people making them good diplomats and ambassadors. By nature they have little regard for money and as a rule because of their habits of indecisiveness and self-doubt they usually have great ups and down in career.


Libra born are compassionate and one of the most charming and social of all the zodiac signs. They go after the balance in all relationships. As a father he will be loving but will not compromise on discipline. They are usually very attached to their family but their nature of balance make them not to be demonstrative about it. Libra mother is caring and constantly thinks about the future of her children. Children under this sign are very charming and obedient. Libra love to spend time with their family as they dislike being alone.


For Libra people maintaining peace and happiness in all relations is important. They have deep sense of fairness and justice and expects the same from their partner. Libra born are expressive and creative. They are charming, intelligent and solution oriented. Their natural charm can disarm their partner making them incredibly attractive to others. Their natural appeal can make them extremely seductive. They are extremely supportive of their mate’s happiness.

On the flip side Libra are superficial in nature and they usually go after physical beauty. They will take a long time before committing to a relation as they are indecisive but once committed they are loyal to the relation and casual flings are not for them. Libra people because of duality can be very contradicting. They may also come across as manipulative which may spook their partner. This duality makes life somewhat tricky and they themselves are seldom happy in marriage.

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Libra people are social, lovable and flexible. They have a large circle of friends and are quite sought after. Possessed with intuitive mind they are excellent problem solvers. Libra person will be loyal and will go out of his way to help his friends. They are the unifying force in the group as they always want peace and happiness and have mastered the art of relationships. Libra seems to understand relations better than any other sign. They usually have lasting friendships and union with other Air signs, Aquarius and Gemini.


As a rule they enjoy good health. The ruling planet Venus holds sway over skin, hairs, veins. Libra rules the excretory organs and can suffer from the problems of kidney. They also suffer most from nerves and depression of spirits. Structurally Libra rules the lumbar vertebrae and may experience pain in the back. Severe headaches are also common to them.

Libra Overview

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: The Balance

Lucky Colors: All shades of blue, violet, purple and mauve.

Lucky Number: 4, 6, 13, 24

Lucky Day: Friday

Lucky Stones: Opal and Pearl

Some Famous Personalities: Julius Caesar, Mahatma Gandhi, Oscar Wilde, Martin Luther, Eminem, Vladimir Putin, Will Smith, Amitabh Bachchan, A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Positive Qualities: Just, Tactful, Romantic, Balanced, Peace Loving, Intellectual

Negative Qualities: Superficial, Detached, Unreliable, Manipulative, Indecisive

Always trying to balancing and keeping everyone happy, Libra get stressed up. Due to this they may be extremely difficult to be predicted and may suffer mood swings. Full of enthusiasm, Libra can turn totally uninterested at the next moment. They have logical minds and a fair sense of judgement but just because they want to please all they tend to be very indecisive.

When the positive traits are dominant kind and gentle Libra can handle any difficult or awkward situation with grace and poise. They are chilled and laid back. But under the spell of their negative qualities they may become very self indulgent and selfish.

The seventh house of the zodiac is the sign of most balanced, easy going and intuitive people in most circumstances, but in difficult situation they often appear to be a mass of contradictions. 

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