Personality Traits Of Sagittarius

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Deeply immersed in philosophy and religion, Sagittarius are the truth seekers. They are curious and energetic. They have a burning desire to find out the meaning of life. The zodiac sign of Sagittarius commences on November 21st and continues until December 20th. It remains under cusp of the previous sign until November 28th and comes in full strength only after that.

Sagittarius is symbolically represented by half horse, half man, the man part shooting an arrow from a bow. This is also true of their nature as they have both human and animal qualities. They become very ruthless when they feel they have been wronged. They have a duality in their character like they could be idealistic in one situation and inconsistent in another.

Sagittarius born are divided into two distinct classes. One have extremely high ideals of life. They have great business acumen, but can never confine themselves to any one line. Even if they are  successful in one line of work, they will just as quickly throw their heart and soul into some entirely new study or line of work. Whereas people of the second class have the habit of being a fierce critic of every one else’s effort for good and their petty meanness in all matter that concern money. These people are eaten up with selfish ambition. They are also hypocrites and religious bigots of the world class.


Sagittarius with their intense concentration and will power are usually successful in whatever they do. Being a fire sign they have boundless energy that make them great workers who never seem to tire until they drop with fatigue. They are executive, fearless and determined in all they undertake. Sagittarius born are goal oriented people. They will concentrate all their attention on whatever they are doing at the moment and thus prove themselves as an asset to any organization.

Their curiosity and enthusiasm make them love travelling and meeting new people. This make them good travel agents, politicians and researchers. They are optimists and love taking risks to win something big in life. They make good bosses in a way that they are extremely clever and it is hard to fool them as they are already thinking many steps ahead. Sagittarius born are creative with inquisitive mind, making them great writers and philosophers. They are mostly devoted to music and make brilliant musicians.

On the flip side Sagittarius are inclined to go to extremes in all things and make sudden decisions or change their mind rapidly. This make them extremely inconsistent. They are also very restless and impatient. Another drawback is that they are tactless and will speak whatever comes to their mind without giving a thought to the consequences making them vulnerable at the positions requiring diplomacy.


Sagittarius born are family oriented and responsible. But because of them being arrogant, too decisive and too outspoken in their speech, they are often misjudged in their criticism, and make bitter enemies. As a father they are not very strict with their children rather they themselves become child like. They allow their children to pursue whatever they like as they themselves like freedom. Sagittarius mother is rather lenient and showers children with great love. As children these people are very innocent and with a soft heart.


As a partner Sagittarius are fun loving and with a great sense of humor. They are sincere and devoted. Once they commit to a relationship, they are true to it and remain totally loyal. But being inquisitive and restless they struggle to find happiness and fulfillment in relationships. Though they don’t stray outside marriage, they always have a longing for more in their married life.

Men of this sign nearly always marry on impulse and regret it afterwards. Their partner should learn to give them freedom and share more of their quest to find meaning of life. Women born in this sign are wild, independent and outgoing. They want their partner to be intellectual and expressive. Sagittarius women love to make their husbands successful and will sacrifice everything to accomplish that. They have intense love of home and even when unhappily married they make the best of a bad bargain.


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Sagittarius people are spontaneous and their enthusiasm is contagious. They are always surrounded by friends as their energy is a great magnet. You won’t find a dull moment in the company of a Sagittarius friend. They don’t like deception as they themselves are loyal and honest, but they don’t hold grudges too.

They are generous and encouraging. They are always there for the people they love but hardly ever they will interfere in their affairs and are generally not possessive or jealous. But because they are not too emotional, they are perceived as cold. Sagittarius have some of the most lasting friendships with people belonging to the sun signs of Aries and Leo.


Sagittarius rules the hips, thighs and liver. They suffer from rheumatism and pain of sciatica. The delicacy of throat and lungs and skin troubles is also common. They are inclined to excessive consumption of rich food and drinks, this may make their liver sensitive. In later years they may suffer from problems of nervous system.

Sagittarius Overview

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Symbol: Archer (Half human half horse)

Lucky Colors: All shades of Violet and Mauve.

Lucky Numbers: 3, 7, 9, 12

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Stones: Amethysts and Sapphires.

Some Famous Personalities: Winston Churchill, Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Brad Pitt, Bruce Lee, Raj Kapoor, Miley Cyrus, Taylor Swift

Positive Qualities: Generous, Idealistic, Intellectual, Cheerful, Optimistic

Negative Qualities: Very Impatient, Tactless, Inconsistent, Inflexible

The ninth sign of zodiac, Sagittarius is the fire sign. It gives it’s native boundless energy and enthusiasm. Ruled by Jupiter, Lord of Fortune and Expansion, these people are freedom loving. They are always seeking knowledge and remain in pursuit of adventure and new ideas. Sagittarius born are brutally truthful who deeply resent deception. People born in this sign even when successful should never cease to be actively employed because inactivity for them would mean despondency and an early decay.

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