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Taurus people are noted for their determination and perseverance in all areas of life. Their ruling planet is Venus, which make them sensual in nature and good at art. The second sign of zodiac, Taurus is the sign of patience, reliability and caring. It commences on April 20th and continues until May 20th. It remain under the cusp of the previous sign from April 20th to April 27th and comes in full strength after that.

Taurus has the curious power of dominating others and are often called stiff-necked and obstinate. They are very unyielding in determination and have a tremendous physical and mental power of endurance. The ‘Bull’ can pass through enormous strains of fatigue, working in the areas where they are enthusiastic. It’s a sign of earth and is very stable and rooted. Taurus is very reliable, practical, polite and down to earth.

Bulls have a penchant for acquiring materialistic things. They are generally well dressed, look good and are usually considered richer than they really are. They also make wonderful hosts and hostesses.


Because of their determination and patience they are the dependable ones in the office. They have good business intuition with which they rise up the ladder and make excellent directors. They are good with finances that make them good employee in banks and financial institutions. Taurus have an innate sense of harmony, rhythm and color. They have an artistic streak in them and often gain success in music, poetry, literary works and art.

With there traits of persistence and hard work they make excellent public servants or heads in business, but they are governed by their sensation and because of their love for pleasure they are unable to make best use of their gifts. They are aggressive in nature and get angry quickly, this may affect there professional relations. A Taurus boss is no nonsense authority figure who at time is even feared by his employees. Another negative for them is that they tend to be lazy so they are best suited for the jobs which can keep them excited, in that case they will work with great determination and focus.


Taurus are generous to the last degree and will make any sacrifice for person they care for. They are very straight forward and honest with people. Playing games in relations is not their cup of tea. As a father they are quite traditionalist and give little space to their children. They want their children to imbibe values and see the world from their viewpoint. Taurus mother will be very possessive and could at time be imposing her thoughts and values on her children.

Their negative traits of being stubborn and lazy may adversely affect their relations to some extent. They can get angry quite quickly that may cause some concern among family members. But deep in the heart they will always be very loyal and caring.


Taurus have a conservative approach towards their relations, they don’t rush into things. For their own benefit they should not marry early. When choosing partner they remain rooted to traditions and want to form bond with someone from similar social backgrounds. Reliability is one of key concern for them in their partner because they themselves are very loyal and they want a rock solid relationship. When in love they are most yielding and pliable.

But Taurus can be easily misled by their emotions or sensations. They are jealous in disposition and can act violently if their values are ignored. They are not very good at dealing with stress, so when tense they can drive their partners crazy. It is advised that they should decide on any important thing when they are alone, as they may be swayed too easily by other’s opinions.


Taurus make most faithful loyal friends and their most lasting friendships are with Virgo and Aquarius people. They will be a pillar of strength for their friends in need. Due to their nature they take their own time to develop faith on someone and their circle of friends in whom they can confide will always be small, but for these people they will be prepared to do just about anything. Taurus is the one, you can count on no matter what the matter is.


These people have splendid constitution and are the real bulls with great stamina and endurance. Due to their love for everything materialistic and sensuous they love to have rich food and wine and may over indulge in it. This may lead to their gaining weight and getting associated problems. The bulls usually suffer from health problems related to the throat, nasal cavities and upper part of lungs. They need to be wary of skeletal system problems like rheumatism.

Taurus Overview

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Venus

Symbol: Bull

Lucky Colors: All shades of Blue, Earth Tones

Lucky Numbers: 6, 15, 24, 33

Lucky day: Friday

Lucky Stones: Emeralds, Turquoises

Some Famous Personalities: Harry S. Truman, Queen Victoria, Mark Zuckerberg, Bing Crosby, Leonardo Da Vinci, David Beckham, William Shakespeare

Positive Qualities: Generous, Dependable, Patient, Ambitious, Sensual

Negative Qualities: Stubborn, Self Indulgent, Lazy, Jealous, Materialistic

Taurus is one of the most practical sign of the zodiac. They are strong, powerful and determined. Being an earth sign they are highly rooted and always love to be on familiar grounds. They don’t like change and experimenting or innovation are not cut out for them. In relations they are conservative but dependable that is why people look up to them as they can take good care of relations. Their liking to go by the book and traditions make them stubborn and if anyone close to them do not follow that, they get angry.

Bulls by nature are materialistic and have a love for the riches but they are not lavish spenders. They will always save for the rainy day. Taurus will be able to rise high up the success ladder and do very well in relationships if they can control there emotions of aggression and anger.

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