Personality Traits Of Virgo

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Virgo is the sign of Independent people who give great attention to details in anything that they get involved in. With a methodical and highly organized approach to life, they don’t leave anything to chance rather they try to think it out in advance. They are not the people who make reckless decisions. The zodiac sign of Virgo commences on August 21st and continues until September 20th. It remains under the cusp of the previous sign until August 28th and comes in full strength only after that.

Virgos are generally successful in life and have a keen good intellect.  They have a well developed sense of speech and writing. People with strong character, they fulfill the symbolism of the virgin and are pure-hearted. But they are generally materialistic in their views of life and have a tendency to analyse and reason everything from their own way of thinking outwards.


With all the analytical capabilities Virgo achieve success in execution of all that they put their minds to. They have good judgement in all business matters and are usually not easily deceived. They always have focus for perfection and an eye for details making them excellent managers. Virgo people are not so much of originators and innovators but carry out the plans which others have failed to finish. They are rapid readers with wonderful memories making them excellent lawyers, debaters, writers and journalists.

Due to their nature to be kind towards humanity in general they make good doctors and nurses. Virgo are good literary critics and are quick to see weak points. They succeed well in business by their hard work and by remaining steady and persistent rather than from evolving new ideas. But because they are inclined to be conservative and follow their own ideas others may view them as selfish in close pursuit of their goals.


Virgo are always dedicated to their family and are proud of their upbringing. As a father they are perceived to be quite tough giving only required amount of freedom to their children and no more. Virgo mother is quite loving and caring but also quite demanding from her children. She is over protective and want to know her children’s whereabouts at all time. As children they are quite obedient and sincere. Virgo understand traditions and being kind at heart they are attentive to elderly and sick.


Methodical Virgo can wait a long time and are very discriminating about those with whom they associate. In a romantic relation their compatibility is based on their partner’s ability to give them love so they feel safe to open up. Virgo prefer a stable relation and rarely will have many sexual experiences as they are intensely virtuous and pure minded.

They are sensitive and emotional even when they don’t show it. If they are trapped in a bad and incompatible marriage conditions, they fall into ill health or get extremely despondent. Virgo take longer than other signs to open up but once they develop trust in a harmonious relation they are loyal to their partners till the end and even live on the wild side once in a while.

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Virgo usually have a lasting friendship with Taurus and Pisces. As they are loyal and reliable people usually look up to Virgo for friendship. They make excellent advisers and are very helpful towards their friends. Virgo are problem solvers who want to make life better for all people around them. At time people feel they are cold and distant because they are not very demonstrative about their emotions but the fact is they care a lot for their friends. Usually a reserved sign of zodiac with good friends they love to enjoy time and have a tendency to go a bit wild.


Virgo are health conscious and are less liable to diseases, yet the strange thing about them is that they are always imagining themselves to have every illness that they may happen to read about. As per their nature they are very refined in their taste as far as food is concerned. They are extremely sensitive to their surroundings, least in-harmony or annoyance affects their nervous system and upset their digestive organs. Virgo can literally worry themselves sick. They also have tendency to have chest trouble and neuritis in shoulder and arm.

For great health people belonging to this sun sign need sunlight and fresh air more than anyone else. Generally they retain their grace and youth through life in most easy and wonderful manner. However a caution for Virgo is that they should never drink alcohol, it will cause them more harm than any other sign.

Virgo Overview

Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Symbol: Maiden

Lucky Colors: pale shades and silvery, Beige

Lucky Number: 5, 14, 15, 23

Lucky Day: Wednesday

Lucky Stones: Emeralds, Diamonds and Pearls

Some Famous Personalities: Goethe, Queen Elizabeth-I, Sophia Loren, Michael Jackson, Narendra Modi, Paul Walker, Cameron Diaz, Mother Teresa

Positive Qualities: Loyal, Analytical, Meticulous, Reliable, Precise

Negative Qualities: Shy, Overly critical of self and others, Skeptical, Cold, Fussy

Virgo have a tendency to dwell too much on past because of which they over complicate things. They get stuck up so much in details that they become overly critical about matters which nobody else seem to care. They also have a tendency to indulge in drugs or drinks. They are capable of going to extremes in good and evil. If they make up their mind to achieve something they will be unstoppable. Virgo have unique ability to adapt themselves to almost any pursuit in life.

They have great respect for rank and position and are law abiding by nature. Being good organizers they are always in demand at work. Virgo are practical people in money matters. They are able to save money as they desist irrational spending and usually find practical solutions at low cost. They are always fond of harmony in surroundings and try to avoid conflict and confrontation.

Virgo are some of the most elegant people with excellent taste about their house, food and dressing.





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