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Bill Gates

Bill Gates was born on October 28, 1955 in Seattle, US. He along with Paul Allen co-founded Microsoft which is the world’s largest software company. Gates has remained one of the largest shareholder of Microsoft until recently. He was included in Forbes list of wealthiest people in the world and has remained at the top of the same for many long years. He has been responsible in making computers simple enough to operate for common people.

On education front Gates completed his schooling from Lakeside School in 1973 with merit and enrolled in Harvard College. He took great interest in computer science courses there before dropping out in two years and started Microsoft. Starting from offering a simple operating system for IBM, it went on to become largest company to provide operating systems to most of the hardware manufacturer.

In 1994 Gates started his philanthropic journey when he was hugely inspired by Andrew Carnegie and David Rockefeller’s work and created William H. Gates foundation by selling some of his Microsoft stocks. In 2000 he along with his wife created Bill & Melinda Gates foundation by combining all family foundations he held. It is said to be the wealthiest charitable organisation with assets running in to billions. Gates foundation is actively involved in developing world in various philanthropic endeavors and donate large amount in charities for scientific and welfare works.

We have listed below some of most important rules for success as given by Bill Gates:

1. Have Energy

To be successful you need to work against a variety of obstacles and to do so you must have tons of energy. You should have so much energy that you can overcome the feeling of risk that is associated with any business. Only Your drive will be able to take you to your final destinations.

2. Work Hard

There is simply no alternative to hard work. Bill Gates is himself known to be a very hard working person. He loved to stay up all night working. By his own admission he used to work up to 18-20 hours in the beginning and even when his company was well established with a number of engineers, he himself used to write codes on all important projects. People dream to be successful but those who taste success are those who work super hard to realize that dream. This is a world of ‘Doers’.

3. Create The Future

To look into the future and think of a product or strategy that is ahead of it’s time is the sure shot way to get a big boost in your work. Try to be innovative if you want to make a name for you. When you work on this path of course there are risks involved, but without risk there is no growth. Doing something that is being done by others will make you only living but if you create something new you not only create wealth but also a legacy. Get your creative juices flowing and look for the things or projects that will be able to add value to others. As Bill Gates says, “innovation is the real driver of progress.”

4. Enjoy What You Do

To have passion for the work you do is one of the most essential qualities to move ahead in business. If you don’t really enjoy what you do then at the first sign of difficulty you will leave the task. Only your passion will motivate you to keep up your efforts when no results are in sight. If you enjoy what you do, you no longer perceive it as a job but see it as a fun or fulfilling activity. With passion only you will be able to create a master piece.

5. Work With Smart People

It is said that if you are the smartest person among your group then it is time to change your group. If you want to succeed then get along and work with smart people. It is said that you are sum total of the five people you hang out with. The effect of smart people rub on to you and your whole life direction changes. When you are part of a group of achievers you strive for more and improve your own personal expectations.

6. Ask For Advice

You will benefit yourself a great deal if you develop a habit of asking for advice. This may save you huge efforts and time. Get role models, ask for support and then work hard on it with your own creativity. Always have people around you who know you and are able to correct you when you are wrong. A close circle of your well wishers and moral support will be great help in tough times.

7. Pick Great Team

Always be on look out for great partnerships. To be vastly successful you need to be good in hiring, the people who are smart, hard working, intelligent but most importantly are with integrity. It is huge bonus if you have around you the people whom you can trust in all kind of situations. Bill Gates suggests, if you induct good people then you need to just inform them of the job responsibility and not to worry about managing, they will efficiently complete their tasks themselves.

8. Never Procrastinate

In business people don’t like to work with those who procrastinate. In personal life you may be liked by some for doing work at the last moment, that may be your image but such things never make any reputation in business. Remember if you wait for situations to be perfect to start, you might never be able to start. So start immediately and make situations conducive to your work with consistent disciplined work. The perfect time to start something is always ‘Now’. If Gates found any of his subordinate procrastinating, he used to remark sarcastically, “I will do it over weekend.”

9. Have A Sense Of Humor

Job or business, at the end of day is a part of larger picture called life. Don’t loose your liveliness, sense of humor, compassion and gratitude for what you already have in the daily routine of your job. Live your life fully and enjoy your work.

Gates has been listed in magazines as the richest man in world for many years and also as most influential in 20th century. He has received honorary doctorates from many universities and is the recipient of many national and international awards. He has also authored two books ‘The Road Ahead’ and ‘Business @ the speed of Thought’. These golden rules can go a long way in making your life successful.

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