5 Questions To Answer Before Starting A New Career

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Some jobs are a big drain on you, they simply cannot be repaired. Whether you have lost the drive or you simply feel unfulfilled in the job or business you currently have, may be it is time to think about something new. If you feel embarrassed to talk about your work with others or if you can’t imagine to be at the same place few years or decades down the line, it is the time to make a move for the second inning.

Let’s admit many a time we make some bad decisions, but it is never too late to correct those mistakes. I have seen people feel embarrassed  to acknowledge their mistakes resulting in their being stuck at the dead-end jobs. But if they accept these and start on a new journey, they will definitely be able to avoid a situation of continue living their mistakes and hating their life for next 10 or 20 years.

Yes it is a very difficult decision to leave the known territory and start something new, but it will definitely increase the chances of finding something that you really love.

It gets even more difficult if you have to make such a move in your midlife. You have responsibilities on you, your situation is complicated but the biggest obstacle is that it is emotionally difficult for you. You fear the consequences, whether you will be able to make it big or just end up being a laughing stuff for the others.

Well it may just be time to stop hearing to the noises and start hearing to your heart. What you love to do is most often actually your strength.

According to the Gallup studies that has surveyed more than 10 million people worldwide on the topic of employee engagement, studies indicate that people who focus on their strengths are six times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general.¹

But before you think you are ready to make a move, it is important to have some serious introspection. You don’t want to be in the same state of despair again. Before you take the leap, start with some brainstorming:

What do you want to accomplish?

Identify your core beliefs and true love, so that you don’t change from your current job to another job that you hate equally bad. This could be severely detrimental for your confidence and self esteem. Most of the people find it difficult to specify in very clear terms about their real passions, so take your time in identifying your true beliefs. Be absolutely clear about what you are looking forward to in the new job before making any further move.

Are you prepared to take the hit?

Any thing that you start or the career-change process will not make a smooth sailing. The whole situation will evolve slowly. There will be new obstacles in your path that you had never thought of before. You may be required to take a cut in the salary, your friends and family may not support you or you may lose some of the status you currently enjoy. Are you prepared to take the hits on your face with chin up. If not, think again, you may be better off in the current job than any new venture. Only if you move to a job that you are really passionate about, you will be able to face the difficulties.

Do you have the skills?

The marketplace today is very competitive and if you take a plunge without assessing whether you have the necessary skills that are required in your new job, it will sure turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Invest in knowledge first, take some online or evening course while continuing in the current job. This will make you skill-ready for the coming challenges.

What value can you add?

World is filled with mediocre performers, if you also work like them then making it big will remain only a dream. Think deeply about the value you can add that the current players are not offering. whether it be speed of delivery or better quality product at the same cost, you should be absolutely clear the manner in which you will be able to add value to everything you do. Think about improved customer service or the convenience you can deliver.

Do you take on a partner or go solo?

You would want to have a feeling of security if you go in the new career along with some partner or have a mentor. There are benefits of different ideas, contacts, work division and accountability when you have a partner or a team. You will gain new perspectives and gain valuable advice. A mentor can help you get necessary knowledge and skills required and help advance your career. However this partnership should be based on mutual trust and respect, and also be a win-win proposition for both parties.

It is never perfect at the start

You won’t get all the answers in the beginning and it is almost a given fact that you will screw up somewhat at the start. It is not possible to be perfect in unknown, but you can always course-correct and find the right track for you. While it is important that you don’t take a crucial step of career-change blindly, it is equally important not to get too busy with analyzing and making the situations perfect to jump in. Trust me nobody achieved perfection with thinking alone. Have faith and take the leap, your destiny may well be calling you.

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