5 Questions To Answer Before Starting A New Career



Some jobs are a big drain on you, they simply cannot be repaired. Whether you have lost the drive or you simply feel unfulfilled in the job or business you currently have, may be it is time to think about something new. If you feel embarrassed to talk about your work with others or if you can’t imagine to be at the same place few years or decades down the line, it is the time to make a move for the second inning.

Let’s admit many a time we make some bad decisions, but it is never too late to correct those mistakes. I have seen people feel embarrassed  to acknowledge their mistakes resulting in their being stuck at the dead-end jobs. But if they accept these and start on a new journey, they will definitely be able to avoid a situation of continue living their mistakes and hating their life for next 10 or 20 years.

Yes it is a very difficult decision to leave the known territory and start something new, but it will definitely increase the chances of finding something that you really love.

It gets even more difficult if you have to make such a move in your midlife. You have responsibilities on you, your situation is complicated but the biggest obstacle is that it is emotionally difficult for you. You fear the consequences, whether you will be able to make it big or just end up being a laughing stuff for the others.

Well it may just be time to stop hearing to the noises and start hearing to your heart. What you love to do is most often actually your strength.

According to the Gallup studies that has surveyed more than 10 million people worldwide on the topic of employee engagement, studies indicate that people who focus on their strengths are six times as likely to report having an excellent quality of life in general.¹

But before you think you are ready to make a move, it is important to have some serious introspection. You don’t want to be in the same state of despair again. Before you take the leap, start with some brainstorming:

What do you want to accomplish?

Identify your core beliefs and true love, so that you don’t change from your current job to another job that you hate equally bad. This could be severely detrimental for your confidence and self esteem. Most of the people find it difficult to specify in very clear terms about their real passions, so take your time in identifying your true beliefs. Be absolutely clear about what you are looking forward to in the new job before making any further move.

Are you prepared to take the hit?

Any thing that you start or the career-change process will not make a smooth sailing. The whole situation will evolve slowly. There will be new obstacles in your path that you had never thought of before. You may be required to take a cut in the salary, your friends and family may not support you or you may lose some of the status you currently enjoy. Are you prepared to take the hits on your face with chin up. If not, think again, you may be better off in the current job than any new venture. Only if you move to a job that you are really passionate about, you will be able to face the difficulties.

Do you have the skills?

The marketplace today is very competitive and if you take a plunge without assessing whether you have the necessary skills that are required in your new job, it will sure turn out to be a recipe for disaster. Invest in knowledge first, take some online or evening course while continuing in the current job. This will make you skill-ready for the coming challenges.

What value can you add?

World is filled with mediocre performers, if you also work like them then making it big will remain only a dream. Think deeply about the value you can add that the current players are not offering. whether it be speed of delivery or better quality product at the same cost, you should be absolutely clear the manner in which you will be able to add value to everything you do. Think about improved customer service or the convenience you can deliver.

Do you take on a partner or go solo?

You would want to have a feeling of security if you go in the new career along with some partner or have a mentor. There are benefits of different ideas, contacts, work division and accountability when you have a partner or a team. You will gain new perspectives and gain valuable advice. A mentor can help you get necessary knowledge and skills required and help advance your career. However this partnership should be based on mutual trust and respect, and also be a win-win proposition for both parties.

It is never perfect at the start

You won’t get all the answers in the beginning and it is almost a given fact that you will screw up somewhat at the start. It is not possible to be perfect in unknown, but you can always course-correct and find the right track for you. While it is important that you don’t take a crucial step of career-change blindly, it is equally important not to get too busy with analyzing and making the situations perfect to jump in. Trust me nobody achieved perfection with thinking alone. Have faith and take the leap, your destiny may well be calling you.

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10 Ways To Make Employees Productive


In order to succeed, productivity remains the lifeblood of any company. If you could figure out how to make your employees more productive and efficient then you can significantly increase the profits of your company and may well become a major player in your category. It is very difficult to make employees productive and efficient but in today’s work environment when meeting deadlines and getting work done are extremely critical, it is very necessary and prudent to give enhanced attention to this area.

To keep your employees motivated, happy and at peak state for enhanced productivity and boosting performance take care of these few things:

1. Lead From The Front

People will follow you quite naturally if you have the personality that inspires them. For a motivated and inspired team, leader has to be charismatic. As a leader you should be able to show them a clear vision of where you want to go. Try to develop a culture that is collaborative and values each team member. It is vital that your team sees that you live the life you preach. Lead from the front and you will be amazed how the productivity can take a quantum jump. Be a visionary, show them the way and then quietly step aside and let them accomplish the tasks on their own.

2. Set Clear Goals

Most of the times employees are able to achieve remarkable things when they have clear goals to focus on. It is said, ‘you get what you focus on.’ Just take care that the goals for your employees are specific, measurable and with a timeline attached to it. The goals that you set for them should be realistic. They should not be too low that they don’t inspire them, at the same time they should not be too high that people think them to be too stiff and don’t find them attainable.

3. Make Them Feel Important

Take good care of your employees. As entrepreneur Richard Branson says, “Clients do not come first, employees come first. If you take care of your employees, they will take care of clients.” When you take genuine interest in their interests and personal lives, they feel more like part of the big family and when employees are happy, they in turn will make all efforts to make company productive.

4. Make Them Feel Secure On The Job

Yes, it is one of the most neglected aspect of the corporate culture these days when profits for the shareholders are more important than the job security to own employees. But it is to be understood that the employees who feel secured and comfortable in their job; who know they have the back of their leaders are far more productive and innovative in their work. It is better to select candidates after due diligence rather than hiring and firing casually to the detriment of the company.

5. Acknowledge Good Efforts

The most productive employees are those who are happy and motivated. One of the most effective way to encourage your employees for their efforts is to acknowledge them and do it early. Once workers feel they are appreciated they will work with enhanced vigor. For rewarding people you may publicly recognize them or provide some financial incentive or a raise. Remember that deep down everyone wants to be appreciated and feel important and a true leader knows How To Motivate Your Employees. When you satisfy this need of the people, they develop a strong bond with the company and work with much more enthusiasm and conviction, which in turn leads to higher productivity and efficiency at the work place.

6. Focus On Ongoing Training

One of the strongest desire in all people is to grow and progress. Offer your employees the opportunities to improve their skills and capabilities by arranging coaching, courses, and workshops. This will also help the company as employees become more talented which brings more efficiency in working. Many organization tend to save on the expenses by not looking into this vital aspect of skill development, but this could backfire and make the workforce redundant over long period of time.

7. Give Feedback

For enhancing productivity it is important to give timely feedback. Develop a culture of periodic performance review, through which you can provide information to your employees about what they are doing right and what needs to be corrected. Keep the communication two way where you also ask your people about the areas where you can help. Show them that you are also open to critical feedback and value the opinion of your people.

8. Say No To Favoritism

Never ever let your employees think that they are not treated equally. A leader who has his favorites in the team will soon have a team which will be split on personal levels and soon it will reflect poorly on the productivity front.

9. Offer Them Life Balance

In today’s fast paced life everybody is stressed and if the office offers the employees an atmosphere or work conditions where they can find respite from such pressure, they are sure going to love it. Allow your employees some fixed number of days to work from home or flexible hours. Offer child care facilities and maternity benefits for the female staff. These steps have been proven to decrease absenteeism and improve productivity.

10. Equip Your Office Right

Comfortable and pleasant atmosphere, correct supplies and decent everyday work equipment are some of the basic necessity that you need to take care of, to optimize the productivity of your office. Do not give your team any excuse to be inefficient. If the work atmosphere is airy, well lit and fresh, it creates a feeling of joy in the team. Output of such people is definitely going to be far better compared to others who work in some substandard office.

Only those employees go the extra mile for their customers and company who feel they are essential part of the team. When they are treated well, valued for their talents and given chances for growth, people get into an entirely different frame of positive mindset. This naturally helps to increase employee retention and increased efficiency in the company.

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How To Make Employees Accountable


One of the most important aspect of management is to hold its employees accountable. If you are unable to hold employees accountable then be prepared to have a stagnancy in your business. For higher productivity in any organization responsibility has to be shared between all employees. Employees who are accountable will deliver on the commitments and those who are not will give excuses.

Task of a leader is clearly to hold his people accountable without resorting to aggressive methods that reduces motivation and further decreases performance. Keep in mind that most of the people want to remain responsible and achieve their goals. But many a times organizations gets trapped in the culture of mediocrity and most often it starts from the top. If the bosses tolerate poor results, it starts breeding the culture where employees lose their sense of accountability.

If you want your employees to be accountable take care of these few things:

1. Hire The Right People

Accountability starts and ends with the talent of the people we hire. Right from the beginning do not accept the culture of mediocrity and hire only the people with the best talents and skills. At the same time management will do them good if they don’t allow mediocrity in their senior employees too. If the new employee sees that everyone else at the job is working to best of their potential and are held accountable, they adjust to the environment accordingly. On the other hand the new employee who comes bubbling with enthusiasm and energy will quickly fizzle out if the culture of the organization do not reward merit of its people.

2. Define Expectations Clearly

It is known to all that communication is the key to productive workforce. Spell clearly to your employees, what are your expectations from them. When employees have a well defined job profile, their productivity takes a quantum jump. It is advisable that you get these expectations documented. Make it a two way conversation and let people write them down themselves so that they get full clarity. Ask them to give their own strategies and how they will judge their success. It will be useful if you make them understand how their responsibilities are in line with the corporate goals. When held accountable to specific and measurable performance employee motivation and productivity increases.

3. Supervise Regularly

Out of sight is out of mind, and it holds true for enhancing employee accountability too. If you don’t supervise regularly, not only your employees, but you also will lose sight of the goals. It is advisable to keep an eye on your employees on a consistent basis. Allow enough freedom to your employees that they make their own decisions in the areas that affect their work. Don’t define how you want a task to be completed but define what and why that is significant to the company. You need to be productivity focused while still allowing enough breathing space to your people that they enjoy their work and don’t suffer burnout. Don’t attempt to micro manage their affairs.


4. Reminders And Follow-Up

A good leader is like a gyroscope that is useful for maintaining orientation and direction. Whenever you find some of your employees are going astray, it is time for you to intervene. This require a lot of patience and practice. Remind them about the final outcome that is required and how they need to correct their behavior. It helps if you incorporate these reminders and follow-ups into a system. Periodic performance reviews are essential for increasing employee efficiency.

At the same time it is equally important that you make it clear that you also are willing to grow and change with them. Any critical feedback that you receive regarding yourself, should merit equal attention. Let your employees know that their opinion matters. Ask them how you could help them get to their goals. This culture of open dialogue and feed back will help the company in increasing accountability and continued development of the workforce.

5. Be Transparent

To maintain accountability in the team, leaders are required to be transparent about the responsibilities, success and shortcomings. Use data and analytics to hold your employees accountable. Workers should know clearly that they are judged against solid measurable data rather on the whims of bosses. A business that relies on analytics and intelligence always breed the culture of accountability.

6. Disciplinary Actions

There are situations when despite giving adequate opportunities, support and feedback there are some employees who do not correct their behavior. Disciplinary actions become necessary against such unproductive employees, though this needs to be the last resort for a great leader. When taking such an action, take care that you reprimand the employee for their unproductive or faulty behavior and do not say something against them personally.

An organization with the culture of accountability makes clear to its people the consequences of not being up to the prescribed standards. Disciplinary actions become necessary in many cases and you as a leader are required to make the company policy in such conditions very clear, so that people know that they are being penalized because they have failed to follow company norms. Once the norms are in place it is equally important that you don’t just announce but implement them too. For high efficiency get rid of lethargy in the employees and show that you are serious about the outcomes. Remember many a time it is not the people who we hire but people whom we don’t fire cause biggest damage to business.

These all steps work together to enhance the culture of accountability in the company. You as a leader must ensure that you follow all these to avoid a situation where team feels demotivated instead empower your employees so that they think themselves as the integral part of the company and take all the responsibilities for the desired outcome.

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6 Pillars of Successful Business


All successful businesses are based on the solid foundations of age old principles. New ideas, commitment, attitude and perseverance are all very important for the success and growth of the organizations. In the context of the challenges faced today, we need to shun the easy steps and short cuts. Today is the time for us to reinvent ourselves. For a successful and sustainable business we need to bring our focus to the core principles. We have listed here some important pillars of the business that you can take care of:

1. The Leader

Any business that goes on and become big and successful owes a lot to the man on top. Great leaders are rare and any company which is blessed to have a great leader at the top will succeed for sure. A leader is the visionary who sees in the future and gives a direction to his company. He is the one who create the big picture. The fundamentals and the values that company follows irrespective of the conditions and circumstances are the brain child of the leader. He is the one person who ensures that these set of values are not to be compromised at any cost.

He guides his team and develop success mindset in them. Leader has to be honest who is fully transparent in his actions and practices. The trust a great leader is able to generate in his people is the main driving force in the growth of the business. A leader who is firm, honest, visionary and lead by example is the great motivation for the employees who are prepared to give their sweat and blood to the organization. Do You Have What It Takes To Be A Leader

2. The Manager

A leader is one who is visionary but for the day to day working any business require to have the services of a good manager; A person who is responsible for the actual implementation of the strategies and vision as decided by the leader. The manager is the action man but he is more often concerned with the short term priorities of the company. He is required to oversee or administer the operations he and his team is responsible for.

A good manager should understand that he is measured more by his ability to get work done by the team than by doing the work himself. He is required to have the skills of genuinely praising the deserving person and effectively reprimanding their behavior (not the individual) if it is not aligned to the vision and policies of the company. He should have the necessary skill of delegation important work to his staff and then follow up on a regular basis to ensure time bound completion of the tasks. Delegation helps manager to leverage his resources and devote more of his time depending on the importance of work. Best managers are always proactive and have clarity of goals. They possess the essential 3 Qualities of an Effective Manager

3. Customers

Customers are the back bone of any organization. A business that does not take good care of its customers is doomed for failure. Keep in mind that it is all about them. For any company to be successful it has to see with the view point of its customers. Their needs and values have to be most important and it should be ensured that those requirements are met at very reasonable cost point. Stand out from the crowd and tell your customer clearly how your company is distinctly better in meeting their demands.

Every organization has its own customer base which has the capacity to make or break the company. It is always advisable to stick to your existing customers and think in terms of their satisfaction more before reaching out to the new customers and markets. Customers are most loyal to the businesses with which they can relate individually.

4. Treasury

Finance is the extremely important resource for any company to survive and grow. The strong treasury is the backbone for any organization. When finances are concerned remember bottom line or the profits are more important than the top line or the turnover. As the famous quote goes, ‘turnover is vanity, profit is sanity but cash is actual king.’ The liquidity or the cash position gives the company a tremendous edge as they are able to take advantage of any new opportunity that comes their way. If a business is not cash rich it will not be able to grow with these new opportunities.

A good business leader has the sense that they are not seduced by just the numbers but they keep a strict vigil on the actual profits and liquidity. Cash flow implications of any deal has to be very carefully worked on before starting and getting struck later in the cash crunch.

5. The Team

The team or the foot soldiers of the company who actually do the tasks are another vital pillar for the company. It is said that there is a difference between building a team and creating teamwork. A successful business will keep big focus on developing good teamwork. The team members should have the sense of unity and enthusiasm to make good of the opportunities that comes their way. When individual team members see themselves a part of a bigger unit they are able to create synergy where the sum is greater than the parts. When properly managed teamwork has the capacity to bring out the best in individual team members and increase the strength of the organization.

A good business ensures that its team members are taken good care of and they feel like family. A bonding has to be developed for higher productivity and response from the individuals. To develop this camaraderie and keep the team motivated, leaders need to make them feel secure in their job. Team members when they believe that they have the back of their management they get creative and their capacity to work with higher output increases.

6. Consultants

Another vital pillar for any business is the consultants it hires. Most of the time the managers of the company have a single way to look at the problems at hand. When a company hires outside consultants it brings in a fresh perspective to the table. The professionalism and competitiveness is increased.

Many a time there are some specific challenges and situations in the business for which there are no qualified people on the company’s payroll. At such time solution can be best provided by outside consultants. Also these professionals can give their expert opinions on the various ideas that are organically created in the organization itself. Management consultants can provide information and opinions that may be critical to the success.

Businesses in this age are constantly changing and the business owners have to remain totally alert to the these requirements, but if these few segments or the pillars are taken good care of, then success and sustainability of organizations is very much ensured.

How To Motivate Your Employees


Motivating your employees can be one of the biggest input you can provide in your company to increase productivity. It is a well known fact that the work force that is motivated and driven is more productive than those who go around doing their jobs in a routine manner. Every day people are exposed to various negative influences and failures, making it vital for the management to keep the morale of the staff high and utilize various motivational methods regularly. Keep your workers happy and results will always be achieved.

It is not difficult to motivate your people if you follow these steps:

Have A Two Way Communication

It is very easy to give the directions and demand results, but a true leader will ensure that the communication channel is not one way. It is vital that you let your employees feel that they are important; that they are heard. When you try to understand them and seek their opinion they feel they are valued and important part of organization. This sense of belonging motivates employees to work at a higher level of productivity.

Be With Them

If you lead by example, it will be having a very positive effect on the working of your people. When they see you working hard along with them and being excited about the job, they themselves will be motivated and will give more energies to their work.

Make Them Feel Significant

Remember people work primarily for themselves and their families. Their job must be fulfilling so that they feel that their talents and capabilities are being put to proper use and they are growing into better person. They should not be overloaded with work for which they need to compromise with their family time like regularly taking work to home.

Provide Incentives

Monetary benefits like incentives have always been great morale booster. Provide incentives to the employees who have done truly outstanding work. It is not necessary that these incentives be expensive but even your genuine appreciation in the form of small gifts or a handwritten note will go a long way. It will be doubly effective if you show your appreciation in front of other staff members.

Give Them Independence

Your employees feel motivated when they understand that you have faith on their abilities. As the founder of Nike, Phil Knight said tell your people what to do, not how to do and let them amaze you with the results. Instead of interfering in their job and telling them how you would have completed this task, it is better if you give your staff independence to complete the job in their own manner. It may turn out to be even better than your expectations.

Celebrate Their Wins

When you celebrate the wins of your people it is highly motivating for yourself as well as for your team. They feel driven when they see you have acknowledged their achievements and are happy for them. They bond with you more. It also give them some time to relax and recharge for the next assignment.

Treat Them Like You Want To Be Treated

One of the most motivating things in an organization is when you treat your employees in a manner you yourself want to be treated. Don’t be too hard on them for some temporary failure if you would not like yourself to be dealt with severely had you been doing the same job at the first place. Recognize and give credit to them for their smaller achievements also as you would like for yourself. In short put yourself in their shoes and then decide.

Have Worthwhile Goals

No amount of efforts will work to motivate your people if you don’t provide them with a long term vision and clear cut goals. Your goals should be clear like bull’s eye backed up with reasonable plans to achieve them. Everyone feels motivated in a powerful manner when they see progress being made in moving towards their goals. Long term vision will provide your staff with purpose and a sense of fulfillment on achieving their goals. Being bound by a common higher purpose is a highly motivating factor.

Encourage Creativity

If you encourage creativity in your organization by giving your people freedom to do tasks in their own way, they will come out with innovative ways to complete the job. They will share the resources, find new ways to use them more frugally or judiciously. They will feel themselves to be important part of the company. Encouraging creativity of your employees can turn out to be a win-win situation. On one hand it will motivate the employees, on the other hand it will benefit the company by developing a culture of mutual trust. Remember culture and values can substitute for money and resources.

Create Friendly Work Atmosphere

Your office should be having a comfortable and friendly work environment as your employees spend a significant part of their day there. Pleasant atmosphere will lead to increase in their productivity. Look after the comfort of your people by providing comfortable furniture, food or beverages and even flexible work hours if that is possible. A friendly work environment is a great motivator.

Provide Appropriate Resources

As a leader it is your responsibility that you provide the necessary resources to your team. They may be good at their work but their final outcome can be marred due to non availability of the appropriate resources. Keep in mind that no army will be able to win a war against a strong enemy in the absence of a suitable armory.

Motivating your employees is not a challenge if you seriously look into these things. Apart this just keep in mind that it is all about the relationship that you develop with your team. take out some time from your busy schedule and spend some time with your employees and know their difficulties, their ambitions, get the feed back. All these will help you to develop a stronger relationship with your employees. Not only this will help in you knowing what makes your people work, but your staff also will be motivated knowing that they are valued, respected and trusted by you.

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How To Develop A Millionaire Mindset

Millionmaire Mindset

Everybody wants to be rich with tons of money and live a life of complete financial independence, but not many are able to reach their goals. So what actually affects the final outcome and how one can create a rich life for themselves and their loved ones? Fact is that you can control your financial destiny if you could develop a right mindset, a millionaire mindset as I would say.

First you need to understand that financial independence is your ability to live on the income of your own personal resources. You are independent when you are in a position where you can choose what you want to do rather than what you have to do in order to pay your bills and other expenses. Just think about how much money you will require to live in this manner and then write it down. Now think what value you will bring in the job to get such amount of money because in life there is nothing for free, you always need to pay the cost.

To train your mind and develop the rich mindset try to inculcate these positive habits:

1. Positive and Growth Attitude

Develop a long term vision and time perspective. People who succeed are the people who don’t think short term. They are ready to spend years to develop skills that will make them more competent and help them make wonderful living and move rapidly up. They always delay gratification in short term. If you ever want to become a millionaire, first you have to think like them. Have a growth mentality and always do things with a long term time perspective.

2. Read More Books

We can not always control various negative thoughts that inadvertently come to our mind but we can always control with what to saturate our mind. Positive and inspirational books can help do it with the positive things and can overpower any negative thoughts. Books will help to solve our problems. Libraries are the gold mines where you can get the wealth of information that can make you leader in your chosen field, remember leaders are readers. Take care not to study miscellaneous things, but only the things that give you specialized knowledge and edge. Reading books for just 30 minutes each day will change you in most positive manner imaginable.

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3. Information

This is the age when you have access to all the information in the world at the touch of a button. Access to information gives a tremendous advantage in your pursuit to success but keep in mind that knowledge in itself is not power but a potential power. The information that is applied in a disciplined manner can make a huge impact in your life.

4. Network

It is said that if you are the smartest in person in your group then it is time to change your group. You are no better than your five closest friends, look at them and think where they are leading you. Are they helping you grow? Be with people who can stretch your limits and grow you. Have a network of friends who have achieved what you are working for, because that is so inspiring and by some strange way their success rubs on to you. Get along with best individuals so that you can learn and grow.

5. Dedication

For any worthwhile success one of the most important requirement is that of dedication to your work. Never be casual because you will not achieve what you want. Develop the attitude to do whatever is required, as they say, ‘work till you faint.’

6. Learn The System

Learn the system to succeed. Keep in mind that success is not something you achieve doing random things but it require you to be methodical and systematic. As in all other fields creating wealth also requires a system, but thankfully that is learnable. Get along with the people who have been there, learn from the people who have achieved.

7. Be Energetic

Have you ever seen a successful person who is dull and lethargic? If you want to be an achiever, get fired up, always remain hungry. Hungry for what you want to have, hungry for what you want to be. If you want to have what others don’t have, you have to be willing to do what others don’t do. Have a strategy and the energy to do what is required.

8. Manage Your Time

Managing time means managing yourself. One of the most important quality of the successful people is to prioritize things, to clearly identify what is important. Develop a habit to write a list of important things required to be done everyday, then start with them and don’t do anything else before completing the list. Everybody has same 24 hours in a day but what you do with those hours is more important.

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9. Set Goals

Even the most accomplished archer will not be able to do anything if the target is not defined. If you don’t have goals, you don’t have the direction to go to. Develop a habit to set goals and then more importantly create a plan of actions to achieve those goals. Don’t give too much time, maintain an element of stretch. Always write down your goals and plan of action because a dull pencil is better than a sharp mind.

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10. Invest Before Spending

To invest before spending is the philosophy of wealthy people while most people can not resist the temptation of the immediate gratification and spend their money for the things they need today than saving for the rainy day. Develop the habit to invest before spending for the financial independence that you so desire.

If you want to be rich start thinking like wealthy people. We all know that economy is a major thing in anybody’s life and for actual peace of mind and prosperity we shall endeavor to make money work for us. People say that money is root of all evil, but actually it’s not the money but the love for money which is the root of all evil. Surely money can work for you and provide for all the opportunities for success but for that to happen you need to develop these habits and have a millionaire mindset.

Commit To Growth

Growth commitment

We all have far greater potential in us then our current level of achievements. Everyone can grow into that person who they dream to be but very few take a step towards the path of growth. It is very unfortunate that most people will live the life of mediocrity by fearing pain of change rather than deciding to grow and leaving their mark on this world.

Nothing worthwhile is ever achieved by anyone without paying the price for it. If you are looking for pearls you need to dive into the depths of ocean, superficial efforts won’t yield results. Diamond is simply carbon that has endured the pressure over time. Some people though hope for miracles that they will achieve their goals and their desires will be fulfilled automatically. But they need to understand that miracles don’t happen, they are made by people who work continuously with discipline for their progress. You need to Embrace Discomfort for Growth

You get most fulfillment when you progress. The feeling you get on seeing yourself improving is the most satisfying one. To make your future better ‘now’ is the time when you need to invest in your growth plan. As John Maxwell says “growth is only guarantee that tomorrow is going to be better.”

Everybody hopes for a better future. It is one of the most positive feeling that gives you support in most difficult of situations, but you need to work on your plans to realize your goals. Everybody hopes but only those who work continuously for their dreams get results. So in order to reach your goals, to grow into a person who you desire to be, you need to start working on yourself because you will grow only when you decide, only when you take first steps toward it. Don’t assume that you will grow with time. Remember growth can not be accidental, it has to be deliberate, it has to be intentional. You need to resolve that you will grow into a better person by working for it.

John says that you need to ask yourself question that what are you doing to develop yourself. If you are not taking any intentional steps for making you a better version of yourself then nothing is going to happen on it’s own. You need to develop yourself first because that is vital for your own success, at the same time you will not be able to contribute to others because you can not give what you don’t have. By taking first steps toward growth you lay the foundation of your future. Another thing that you need to be conscious of is to see that you do something to develop others also. This will be your biggest contribution to others, that will give you feeling of fulfillment as there is multiplication of talent and good ideas.


To make your own personal growth plan start with clear cut defined goals. Mark out the areas that you want to grow in and write them in your journal. It is said that you get what you focus on. Once you are clear about your objectives and area of growth next step would be to start immediately. Having a role model can be of great help. To follow someone who has already achieved what you desire is one of the shortest and quickest way to get started. Study your role model deeply and analyze what has worked for them. But remain analytical also at the same time, as what has worked for them may not work equally well for you. Be consistent in moving towards your goal but at the same time remain flexible about your approach.

Make friends with books. Wealth of knowledge is at your disposal. People pour their lifetime wisdom when they write a book, you may be able to save years by just reading them. Books have the power to mold your mind. As William Faulkner said “Read, read, read. Read everything – trash, classics, good and bad, and see how they do it. Just like a carpenter who works as an apprentice and studies the master. Read! you’ll absorb it.” Develop the habit of reading daily for at least half an hour on the topics where you want to develop your skill and within two years you can be a master in it.

Share your growth plan with someone close to you. It is said that when we declare something to others, we become more conscious about it and do not deviate easily from decided path. At the same time they will be able to analyze our progress and give us their viewpoint. Even better would be if you get along with someone who is also striving for growth in same areas as you. This way healthy competition will keep you on your toes.

Starting immediately is of vital importance. Don’t wait for some perfect plan, you will improve your plan en-route if you keep reviewing your progress and have a flexibility of approach. To reflect on how you are moving ahead is also very significant. Develop the habit of writing a journal about your plan and progress. See the weaker areas where you need to do more and adjust accordingly. This will be a big help to prevent you from going off-track.


Finally it is not enough to learn something, action is of even greater importance. World belong to those who are ‘doers.’ Keep in mind an imperfect plan acted upon efficiently is far superior to a perfect plan on which no action is taken. Practice daily what you have learned and modify to suit your plan.

In summary, your personal growth plan should be:

  • Decide that you want to grow, have a firm resolve.
  • Have clear defined goals.
  • Follow a role model.
  • Study about skill you want to develop.
  • Share your plan.
  • Start immediately, don’t procrastinate.
  • Review your performance.
  • Keep acting in continuous disciplined manner.

In the end your elevation from a mediocre level or from being a commoner to a higher level justifying your full potential is very much possible and it starts the moment YOU decide to grow.

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