8 Things You Must Give Up

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To be successful in life we make so much of efforts in our own personal development. But most of the time we keep our focus on the qualities and skills that we need to acquire and ignore that a very important self improvement philosophy is to cut down on our negative qualities that we might not even notice. The baggage of these negative traits or experiences prevents us from reaching the pinnacle of success that each of us can achieve.

With very little efforts we can remove these things from our life but the first step towards this is to take note of these negative baggage of ours. Once we thoroughly learn these, getting rid of them will not be very difficult.

1. Give Up Excuses

Biggest gift that you can give yourself is to eliminate the excuses from your life. Cut them out and move towards success, always take full responsibility of every aspect of your life. Most people fall back on excuses may be of difficult circumstances, their upbringing or other hardships that they faced. But the crux of the matter is that they don’t have any significance. Life is not about resources, it’s about resourcefulness. Your challenges that you may view as excuses can turn into your strongest motivation, just by changing the way you see them. Take responsibility, work hard and design your destiny.

2. Give Up Self-Doubt

Self doubt is one of the biggest enemy you may be carrying inside you. Your fear of failure, that you are not cut out for the upcoming challenge will render you impotent even before you start your journey. Nobody is perfect and the biggest learning comes when you get involved to do the task at hand. Does the small child, who is taking his first steps, thinks in his head, whether he can learn walking or not. The capabilities you have will reveal them to you only when you start on the task. Remember in a foggy night keep walking and the road will emerge.

3. Give Up Fear Of Failure / Success

Let’s accept the fact that fear is only an illusion. We create fear in our mind and it can get converted into a very big obstacle in our path to glory. Failure as such may turn into your greatest teacher and make you try even harder next time. Most often people think there is fear of failure, I will say people fear success also. Some people fear that success will create a divide between them and their people. But if someone is close to you and really thinks well of you then he or she will never feel insecure with your success and rather motivate you to reach greater heights.

4. Give Up Procrastination

As they say journey of a thousand mile starts with the first step. Learn this philosophy, this is extremely powerful and will take you long way ahead. Most of the people keep waiting for a perfect opportunity to start, they will wait endlessly for that perfect business offer, or that day when they will start on their fitness regimen. Whereas the successful people have a very contrasting approach. They have a tendency to start and make the opportunities perfect. They will learn on the job and create more resources to help them complete the work. Always keep in mind that the most difficult part of doing something is to start, once you commence the task, you will get a number of ways to complete it.

5. Give Up People Pleasing

Most people want to get the other’s affirmation on their point of view so in general they try to please all. There is a always a possibility that people, being as diverse as they are, will have different opinions and you will not be able to please all of them every time. This is perfectly normal and you should not fret over it. Don’t waste your energy in pleasing everyone rather remain authentic and true to your vision and you will see most of them start  understanding you. At the end of the day there will always be some ‘haters’, just don’t give them too much of importance and carry on with your tasks.

6. Give Up Negative Thinking

We are only physical manifestation of our thoughts. Indulging in negative thinking can be the biggest roadblock in your journey of life. When you give importance to negative thoughts, you will make a mountain out of a hill mole. You start looking at the problems bigger than they are and loose your confidence in tackling them. Negative thinking will severely reduce your optimism and hope for the future and in that state of mind you will take very inappropriate decisions. This in turn impact your productivity negatively.

Another closely related thing to negative thinking is your indulging in negative self-talk where you start doubting your own capabilities. Stay away from these things if you want to be successful.

7. Give Up Judging Others

Another negative trait found in many people is the propensity to judge others. We don’t have any idea about the struggles others might be going through and still we judge them based on our own perspectives. Biggest problem about judging others is that we don’t give them the opportunity to explain their point and make up an opinion about them or their work solely based on our own stand point. When we judge people, we close our eyes not only to the wonderful gifts they might have been endowed with, but also to our own shortcomings.

8. Give Up On Negative People In Your Circle

We are most influenced by our peers and social circle. For success in life you need to be good at networking and making connections. But keep in mind that you also need to keep a close eye on the negative people who get into your circle. It is said that if you are the most successful person in your group, time is ripe that you change your group. The effect of qualities that your peers possess will rub on to you. Now it is up to you what you want to attract, positive and progressive qualities or the degrading ones.

With slight alteration in our views and by taking care to minimize or better still remove these few things we can grow into the individual, we have always desired, and to our complete potential.

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