Love Life Of Capricorn

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Capricorn Love

One of the most goal oriented sign of the zodiac, Capricorn take everything as a serious business, and for them personal relations are no different. They are careful with their affections and take a long time to open up, before showing their passion and charm. Capricorn in their heart knows that nothing comes to them easily, so once they have decided on their partner, they are extremely determined and with the persistence of a goat they climb towards the peak slowly and work to woo their chosen one.

Capricorn have a very strong sense of responsibility right from their childhood so for them, Love also is all about bond and trustworthiness. It is very important to them and their primary requisite in relationship is stability. They most often go for a long term relationship and cherish the trait of loyalty in their partner. They care a lot about their partner and would do anything to protect their loved ones from harm.

Guided by their element, Earth, Capricorn are rooted and traditionalists in general. They have respect for age, culture and success. They avoid taking risk and want to stick to tried and tested ways and people. Most often they will marry the person whom they have known the longest. They don’t go after the flashiest person in the party rather they look for someone who is intelligent and serious. They are homely people who don’t open up to anybody easily. On most occasions, it will be their partners who will make the first move.

Highly ambitious and self made, the Capricorn are status conscious and are attracted by rich and successful people. More often than not, they marry into wealth and power. They prefer the qualities of intelligence and character in their partner rather than looks. Capricorn are so much goal oriented that they want a partner who will share their goals and help them achieve success.

Capricorn many a times delay settling into a permanent relationship as they are very ambitious. People born under this sign have a strong mental force and have great motivation to succeed. They don’t like to commit till they get what they want to achieve professionally. They are practical people and very calculative. They believe that the financial and professional stability is the foundation of steady relationship. Their goal is to remain in control of everything from their surroundings, to career as well as their relations.

Capricorn is often seen as cold and unemotional but they do have a soft and gentle side to them, hidden inside that hard and stern outer look. But this gentle side will become visible only to those who gain access to their inner circle. Moreover this control on their emotions is a positive, in a way that they don’t have a bad temper and are usually not moody. Capricorn is not an extrovert and fun person to be with, but he is not a boring person either. They are delightfully charming, knowledgeable and intelligent. They are ruled by Saturn and may have a wild streak underneath their hard exterior. Quite often they are adventurous lovers in the bedroom.

Capricorn people are extremely protective of their family and friends, and have a warm heart not only for own people but in general towards other’s sufferings. They will remain very sympathetic, caring and helpful to others. Keen to own up their responsibilities and fulfill the aspirations of their loved ones, people belonging to this sign are the ‘rock’, that their family relies on. Capricorn desires to command respect and never try to dominate their partner. They are loyal and dependable, who rarely go into some kind of flirtatious relationships or one night stands.

Capricorn have a cool head with immense patience. With these inner strength, they try to hold steady the relation in the face of any crisis. Due to this they have compatibility with host of other zodiac signs, but they get along nicely with people under the signs of Cancer and Virgo. They also have more than decent compatibility with Aries and Libra.

Capricorn want to be winners in all they do and same holds true for their romantic relations. They find it difficult to cope up with a heartbreak though it may not be visible on their face. They can hold a grudge for long. A very important lesson for them to learn is to let go, relax and be selfless in love.

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