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Action oriented, self confident, impressive and with a desire to be loved and admired, Leo are born leaders. They have a magnetic personality that makes them difficult to resist. This is the sign of people who may be called as the heart force of the humanity. The zodiac sign of Leo commences on July 21st and continues until August 20th. It remains under the cusp of the previous sign of Cancer from July 21st to July 28th and comes in full strength only after that.

Leo has the ability and inkling to get above common herd of humanity, they dislike not being treated like a king or queen. They are attracted to strong personalities and will forgive any fault in the people they like so long they have individuality and purpose. Leo are usually overflowing with sympathy and are very generous in nature. They are extremely independent and do not like being controlled or dictated by others. Tenacity of purpose and will power makes them able to achieve anything they set their eyes on.


Leo have incredible power to inspire others and have great leadership abilities. They are at the top of their game when they are working for themselves. This is the sign of achievers as they are always high on enthusiasm and confidence. They do not take orders easily. If they are your employees, do so respectfully. Governed by sun Leo are naturally suited to something that is challenging and put them in leadership positions. They will make great soldiers, leaders in finance and public men. Leo also have excellent communication skills that can make media, event planning and public relations as great career choices. Being creative in nature they also make good artists.

Leo must always be actively employed in doing things that they enjoy. If these ambitious people are kept out of action they will turn despondent and morbid. On the other hand when they get a purpose in life they will let no difficulty or defeat come in way of their reaching the goal. The lions are extremely patient and when they put their mind on something, they always get it in spite of all obstacles and difficulties.


One of the most generous signs, they always crave for love. They are very warm but will not be very demonstrative about their emotions. They prefer the hard outer shell then to be visibly compassionate. As parents Leo allow their children to blossom on their own and are generally not over protective. They keep a balanced approach and remain a motivational force for their family. Even Leo children value their independence and do not accept parent’s command every time. They usually convince others to let them do what they wish.


Leo is a fire sign that shows in their passion. In the affairs of heart they are loyal, fun, energetic and warm, but at the same time their dominating nature can put their partner in tricky situations. They tend to take leadership position in all relations. Leo want to have strong and intellectual personalities as their partner. Once in love they will forgive any fault in their partner. Being flamboyant and with excellent social skills they can be involved in multiple romantic relations.

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Leo are very generous in nature and they will defend a friend in the face of million foes. They are the dependable ones when their friends are in need. The lion will go out of his way to help his people. The only things that can break their great hearts are disloyalty and deceit. Leo tend to have lasting friendship with people of their own sun sign, Aries or with Sagittarius. But it is not easy to be friends with a Leo as it require high energy and intellect to keep them interested.


Generally strong and healthy, Leo may suffer from heart problems or palpitation. Pain in head and ears are also common health problems encountered by them. Leo also rules spinal cord and they need to watch out their posture from the early age, which if neglected can result in severe back problems.

Leo Overview

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun

Symbol: Lion

Lucky Colors: All shades of Yellow, Orange, Pale Green

Lucky Number: 1, 3, 10, 22

Lucky Day: Sunday

Lucky Stones: Topaz, Amber and Ruby

Some Famous Personalities: Neil Armstrong, Alexander Fleming, Napoleon, Barack Obama, Jennifer Lopez, Roger Federer, Narayana Murthy, Muhammad Ali

Positive Qualities: Generous, Leadership, Warmth, Energetic, Creative

Negative Qualities: Stubborn, Dominating, Egoistic, Possessive

Leo is the fifth house of zodiac and second of the fire triplicity. It is a sign that signifies power, leadership and creativity. They are intensely proud and want to retain their independence on all costs. They are generally lucky in money matters, but above all things they crave love the most, but unfortunately this is the one thing they seldom get. Leo are themselves truthful and honest, but often get terribly deceived and due to that have tendency to become bitter, severe and over-critical.

They can be arrogant and expect admiration from others. At time they could be stubborn and don’t understand the other’s point of view. They are kind and warm from inside but are not demonstrative. Most of the people are unable to see behind this veil and think them to be cold as a result they don’t get connected with others and usually feel lonely and isolated.


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