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Pisces by nature are generous and are great respecter of customs and traditions. They have a capacity of natural understanding which is not obtained from books or study. Pisces absorb knowledge especially about history, travel and research quite easily. The zodiac sign of Pisces is the twelfth astrological sign. It commences on February 20th and remain in strength until March 20th. From February 20th till February 28th it remains overlapped by the cusp of previous sign and comes into full strength only after that.

Pisces have a general dislike of dependence on others that is why they are usually cautious and at time over anxious about money matters and future. The ruling planet Neptune makes these people more intuitive then others and with artistic bend of mind.


People born under Pisces sign are very persistent and generally rise up to position of trust and responsibility. They are problem solver and make good researchers. But their primary traits make them more suitable and natural in creative fields. They are born performers. They become very good artists, musician or earn fame in literary world. Leadership positions though are not for them because they lack self discipline and self confidence. Pisces require encouragement for fulfilling their great potential and if they find purpose they can rise to occasion like no other sign.

Pisces have a dual element to their nature. Though they are extremely gifted in creative fields most of them will find easy way out and become lazy. In their heart they don’t give much importance to money but still quite often they will go back on promises. On one hand they could be inclined to gratify their sense of luxury and be self indulgent, on the other they could be very miserly. But they need to exercise caution to not let their negative side dominate otherwise they could be quite reckless with money and may be addicted to drugs or drinks.


This is a compassionate sign. Pisces in general are caring. Because of their creative nature they are very expressive and would want their family members to be the same. People close to them should take care about their sensitive nature otherwise they can turn moody and can get hurt easily by others. Most vital for them in all relationship is heart to heart communication.


Beside being very compassionate and caring, Pisces are also very faithful. They possess great fidelity and loyalty. They are usually very gentle but at some time may become quite obsessive. They don’t take kindly to rejection. When in a relation they will be deeply connected with their partner and the superficial flings are not for them. They will be caring and generous lover who like to shower their loved ones with gifts. A dominant partner will be better suited for them because that will keep them rooted and away from their habit of getting involved in vices.


Pisces have a great loyalty to friends. They are easy going and adapt easily to others. Due to their inherent quality of understanding they get to know what their friends need. At such times they will stand rock solid with their friends and will help them to best of their abilities. They feel so attached with the problems their friends are facing that at times they themselves get into troubles in the process of helping them. Pisces are socially popular, exciting and caring. They don’t get involved in arguments and friendship with them can be very fulfilling. Their most enduring friendship is with people of Cancer zodiac.


Pisces usually have delicate health. They may suffer from nerves problems, insomnia and despondency. Because of their dual nature of remaining dreamy and sensitive, they are prone to addictions and bad eating habits. Health problems of poor circulation and anemia are common to Pisces. Intestinal problems are also very common to them. They may take care of their health if they keep control on their emotions. They are inclined to brood over health matters and perceive the problems bigger than they actually are. For best health and spirit they should live in bright, sunny, dry climate and take their exercises seriously.

Pisces Overview

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Neptune

Symbol: Fish

Lucky Colours: Mauve, Violet and Purple

Lucky Numbers: 3, 9, 12, 15, 18, 24

Lucky Day: Thursday

Lucky Stones: Agates, Sapphires, Emeralds

Some Famous Personalities:  Joseph Jefferson, George Pullman, Michael Angelo, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs, Rihanna, Justin Bieber

Positive Qualities: Compassionate, Intuitive, Loyal, Artistic and Imaginative.

Negative Qualities: Emotional, Escapist, Unmotivated, Unreliable and Fearful.

Pisces are generally fond of sea and water and can make excellent sea captain and sailors. They may be good in dealing with shipping and trade with other countries. They also have a unique mystical side to their nature. They are superstitious and occult believers. One of the biggest limitation in Pisces is their sensitiveness. This may get them distracted from their path and make some grave errors and fall in the trap of self pity. They may get addicted to drinks or gambling. If they overcome this emotional side then there is no position in life that they could not achieve.

Friendly Pisces are very selfless and have a great strength of character. They need an anchor, a guiding person in their life who can keep them rooted and motivate to utilize their inherent intuitive nature and imagination in positive and productive manner.

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