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Everyone communicates to express or exchange information, ideas or thought. Good communication skills are essential in all aspects of life whether they be family or business relations. As world renowned leadership expert John Maxwell says Everyone Communicates, Few Connect. He says connecting is “The ability to identify and relate with people in a way that increases your influence with them.” 

For effective communication you need to connect with the person and make him feel special and if you are able to connect effectively with others then you can reach your full potential.

Effective communication is a learnable skill, which help in personal, professional and family relationships. Here is our list of some to do’s to improve your communication skills.

1. Focus on others

If you want to have a meaningful connection then remember it is all about others. You need to develop the attitude and habit that you give priority to the needs and requirements of the other person. Try to know what you can do for them. Lot many times we see that people, especially those in sales focus entirely on their product and the center of their presentation is they themselves. If you talk about yourself then nobody will be interested instead to develop a rapport, be a good listener and genuinely take interest. More you get to know about the other person more you will be able to offer them best of your service as per their liking.

As Dale Carnegie said “You can make more friends in two months by becoming interested in other people than you can in two years by trying to get other people interested in you.”

2. Be Genuine

Take genuine interest in their family, work or hobbies and the person will open up like never before and you will be able to connect with them. But most important point is to be really genuine because people are able to differentiate between true and fake appreciation and interest. You will be able to have bonding if the other person sees you warm and friendly.

3. Be Helpful

Don’t think about what I can get, think about what I can give. As an old saying goes help people get what they want and they will help get what you want. We humans are emotional creatures and have a sense of returning favors. So if you do any favor to someone they will be more than happy to help you. Highest form of maturity is when we realize that we are here to serve and help others.

4. Connecting requires energy

Connection always require energy, if you don’t bring liveliness and energy to the presentation, people won’t feel anything. If you wish to connect with someone then know about them, it helps if you have information about them. Invest time beforehand in learning what really matters to them.

5. Look for common ground

For connecting with people you need to find a common ground and then work for your mutual benefits. Common ground means finding common values and benefits. Work to create win-win situations, because if people feel they are not at same level as you then they will become defensive and close their mind to your views.

6. Body Language

Communication is not all verbal but the positive and confident body language also convey your message. A genuine and bright smile will open more doors than any amount of convincing.

As you acquire these skills you will see that developing communication skills help you enhance your personal and professional relations and help lead a fulfilling life.

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