Decide Your Destiny

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A predetermined and inevitable course of events that is to happen in future or has happened to a person is Destiny. People say what is written in stars is your fate. The supreme power guides the events of our life. But if it is already decided can we do something about it? My view is yes. We may not change our final destiny but can definitely give it a direction for leading a life of purpose.

Most critical factor that helps us decide our destiny is our thoughts. We become what we think. Our feelings are the net result of what goes on in our mind and the things that we focus on. We humans are emotional creatures and whatever way we start thinking about a situation in our life, our feelings for that become more and more powerful. Our past experiences whether good or bad, impact our present thinking, which in turn shapes our future.

Depending on what we have experienced in our past, we start giving a meaning to what is happening. On facing setbacks if we think it is the end then we are destined to fail or else we take it as a new beginning and change the course of our life and others around us. Take the example of sixteenth president of the United States, Abraham Lincoln. He grew up in very poor circumstances with no formal education, failed in business, lost most of his elections in US  Congress and Senate, yet he did not allow his failures to overpower him and the meaning he gave to his setbacks was not demoralizing. He persisted on his path and finally made a spectacular comeback when he was elected. Such are the people who give a new direction not only to their own but to the destiny of the entire world.

One person could see the positive side of the situation, another could see only the negatives. On failing, you either start thinking that life is punishing you or make a change of approach and attempt again. The way you give wings to your thoughts is the way your destiny is decided. As the saying goes, “Ask and it will be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you.”

It all depends on you, what you are going to do. Are you going to give up or move forward. The choice you make will make you or break you. If you decide not to go full way forward and listen to your fears then you will never reach your full potential and will always live in regret. Instead if you listen to your heart and condition your mind, even Universe will conspire to make it happen. More doors will open for you than you could imagine. When you move in the direction of what your heart says, you connect to a greater source and feel boundless energy.

Whatever you do, follow your heart. May be your heart already knows what is best for you. You are here to win, nobody is created without purpose. Connect to that bigger purpose, move away from negativity, have faith in your maker and go on to make your own destiny.


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